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A friend of mine lost his job last December, around a week before Christmas, due to the company’s decision to cut costs. That was a really devastating experience for him, and another proof that having a job as your only source of income can be dangerous.
Anyway, I’m glad that my friend is now back on his feet, and busy applying for a new job.
He just updated his resume and I was at awe when I learned and saw that he made an infographic resume.
It’s usually used by people seeking work in creative industries such as web design, photography and art. To help you understand better what an infographic resume is, specially how it looks like, here are some examples below. However, doing one on your own, asking an artist friend, or hiring a graphic designer to make one for you is a better option; because it will make sure that your design is unique and relevant to your personality.
Lastly, remember that in the end, it’s your skills, talents and work experience that matters.
Base on what you share sir Fitz, I updated my CV and put a logo of my previous company and did little enhancements. I know somebody (not the guy in the post) who lost his job and hid it from his family… he pretended to go to work for almost a month. He came clean only after his wife called his office because she couldn’t reach his mobile phone, and she learned about what happened from his colleague.

But I’d recommend that you still prepare a traditional resume, because the HR department usually prefers to keep this version for their records. Because a resume is unique to each person, you may want to add additional sections in order to highlight something that makes you stand out as the right candidate for the particular job.
Decide in what combination you will list your education, work history, and other achievements. But more and more people, specially those working in social media, are using it to give their resume an extra boost of attention and recall.
Your colorful graphics can only take you as far as getting the attention of your potential employer. Since my previous and current company are global leader in their respective field and globally recognize brand, I believe it will give recall to every one who will read it. The focus in this format is on experience and a chronological list of roles you have performed. Regardless of whether you list your education first or second, it’s important to give recruiters details of what you studied. You may divide these into three individual sections in your functional resume, or you can consolidate the information into one section. Remember, your resume is an advertisement for you, so your best qualities should be listed first.
If your work history includes positions in more than one field, you should list your jobs under functional sub-headings, which categorize the skills you used at each particular one.

It should look organized, professional, and the graphics should represent the right information. Although that I have an ample knowledge about infographics via piktochart, I never knew it can be used as a resume. Your design should have the same dimension, and it’s best to use standard paper sizes.
This can be blocked into one section, or they can be distributed within the sub-headings of your resume that highlight specific skills. A combination resume is best for those who have specific skills and wish to highlight how they were acquired. The heading of your resume should include your name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address. Your name should be in 16-point bold type, and the rest of the heading in regular 12-point font.

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