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Make sure you are sure about your choice because, at the end of the lesson you will chose which college you would like to select. These are just the basics, feel free to include any other information that is interesting and unique about your school.
To get started, click here to access the site we used yesterday, from here, find your school and use the links provided to find your schools official website. Day 3: Academics are not the only part of life in college, so today we are going to research other aspects of college.
Day 4 and 5 : Your research is complete and its time to create your presentation, you can either make a Powerpoint or Poster board to present your information. First, you must take all that wonderful information you have collected and create a Power Point presentation or Poster Board presentation that shows your classmates how amazing your college is. Second, your goal during your ten minute presentation is to give your classmates information that they would find interesting about your school and will help them decide which school they would like to attend. Tri-Fold presentation poster boards are a long-standing fixture of science fairs, trade shows, and business presentations across the country. As I prepare for my fourth year of tutoring, I will again be using these Latin Noun Declensions and Noun Cases flash cards that I created for Cycle 1.
I am soooooooooooo humbled to have heard from many of you inquiring about Cycle 1 copywork pages.
Read this previous post about how our family stumbled upon this marvelous little tool for aiding in memorizing the New Grammar for each cycle. And, I most sincerely apologize to those of you who have commented over the summer and asked various questions about copywork pages and Latin printables. It’s hard to believe my family just finished our THIRD year of Classical Conversations. If you are a new Classical Conversations family, don’t make the same mistakes that I did.
If you are venturing out as a new Classical Conversations tutor this next year, again, read last year’s post about lessons learned as a tutor year 1 vs.
And…I could go MUCH further into the song lyrics, but I don’t want to embarrass myself  and give you any inkling of how much of the song I actually remember! I drew this Olaf picture for use in my Classical Conversations class during Review Game time.
For those of you who are in Classical Conversations and are curious about how I used this as a Review Game, here’s what I did. I teach 3 and 4 year old Sunday School at our church, and those 2 rules had been effective in my Sunday School classroom. When my second year of Tutoring rolled around, I knew that I needed to make a plan and stick with it. I could NOT have made it through my first two years as a Classical Conversations Tutor without this handy, dandy Tri-Fold Dry Erase Board!
This was my second year in Classical Conversations and my second year as a Foundations tutor. Alas, I jumped into tutoring with all my might and, in general, our family had a positive experience despite, personally, doing many things wrongly.  Serving as a Foundations Tutor was a positive experience, but I was, also, my own worst enemy.
One of the greatest lessons that I had to learn as a Foundations was this- every piece of New Grammar introduced weekly in class does not require an explanation. One shift for me in Year 2 was an intentional effort to do the majority of my planning earlier in the week.
Also, to help with planning in advance, I highly recommend CC Connected for any tutor (and non-tutoring parents, too, honestly!) CC Connected is an online file sharing program. Another way to get ahead of the game as a Foundations Tutor is to use your summer to prepare! Our Classical Conversations Community had a Mom’s Night Out this past week, and many of the women present have just joined CC. For my family there were a few successes our first year; this led us to sign up for a second year of CC. I was not classically educated as a child, and I knew little about how to practically educate my sons according to the classical model. Also, if you have already purchased your Foundations Guide know that it is a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips!
Leigh Bortins also shares how her family breaks down their school day into 4, one hour segments.
When I first started homeschooling, I had idealized views of what a typical school day looked like. The beautiful addition of CC to our home school has allowed me to give myself grace in the midst of self-doubt. About MeI'm a wife to a church planter, mother to 3 rambunctious boys, and an Usborne Books & More consultant.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The summer workshop is an important experience in the Becoming America year.  It provides significant historical content and hands-on experience at key partner sites. This summer the Year 2 crew will be in New York City, visiting Ellis Island, the Lower East Side Tenement Museum, and the Museum of the City of New York during the week of August 16-19. The exact daily schedule is being finalized.  For information on the Year 1 Summer Workshop, visit the BA Wiki homepage and click on the daily icons. Poster board by William Donohue, Everett Public Schools, for Voices Rising Year 3 (2008-2009). Online versions of your lessons are being created and you should be asked for review of your lesson at the beginning of May.
The theme of year 2 is how immigrants fought for American citizenship, with a focus on the time period of 1840 -1912.  This is an exciting era that includes the growth of industrialization, big business and labor, urbanization, the Civil War, Gilded Age politics, and the rise of Progressivism. A stipend for successful completion of all project activities, PDPs, and graduate credits at a reduced rate from Suffolk University are available.
Lesson Planning Workshop 9 this week features designing and making presentation boards for the teacher participant sharing of lessons at the Showcase Event on May 17.
The Becoming America boards are a little different from Science Fair and National History Day exhibit boards, although similar design principals can be applied. The goal is to create a board that presents your lesson, especially its use of inquiry-learning, primary source documents, and historical insight. Completed boards will be due by May 6, 2010.  Your Director will arrange pick up of your completed board and the transportation of it to the Showcase Event site.
Spring is just around the corner… which means that we’re looking at the end of the year! So let’s make sure that we know when you are planning to implement your Becoming America lesson. Remember, you are going to be the experts who convince other students to come to your school. You will have to do a good job convincing your classmates that your college is the best college to attend, so make sure you are prepared and use your time wisely. You are going to use all the information and images you gathered to make your presentation attractive, easy to read and informative. Remember, all students will be voting on which school to attend so your job is to convince everyone that your school is the best. Now students, researchers, and business professionals can have their own custom professional-grade Tri-Fold presentation posters created with just a few clicks of the mouse.
Since this is our fourth year, this means this will be our first year REPEATING a cycle that we’ve done previously!

Somehow the notifications that I received when I received comments on my blog were turned off, and I literally found all of them tonight. With no words can I adequately articulate the blessing that Classical Conversations has been to the 5 Mosleys. Read last year’s post, and I hope to keep you out of some gutters where I found myself my first year. If you are not a Classical Conversations family, read the original post and know that you can use this same game at home with your kiddos to practice and review multiplication facts. Our CC Community has doubled in the 60 days that have transpired since first writing the post. I tremble when I think about our first year–all the pressure that I put on myself due to an incorrect understanding of the Classical Model, the extreme level of fatigue and burnout I felt at the conclusion of our first year. One memory from year 1 of being a Classical Conversations Tutor was that I had no real game plan for classroom management. However, I had no plan of action in place in the event that one of my kiddos in class failed to uphold one of the rules. For those of you who have Tutored previously, what Classroom Management advice would you offer to those who are first year Tutors?
Now that I have 2 years under my belt as a tutor, it is blatantly obvious to me what worked well and what did not. In an attempt to avert you from making my same mistakes, I thought I would put my conclusions down on paper on my blog praying all the while that they will be encouraging and helpful for someone embarking on serving as a Foundations tutor.
I had many of the moms tell me how their time at home was spent practicing songs, drawing their own stick figure cards for history statement and reviewing the hand motions from class.
I know this will be my propensity each week in class; I always desire to explain to my Abecedarians why, why, why.
CC participants from the world over upload their resources for the varioius cycles and New Grammar subjects here; it, truly, is amazing! It is, hands down, worth the monthly fee ($3 for tutors, $6 non-tutoring parents).
One of the other tutors in my community mentioned this to me during the summer prior to Year 1 of tutoring.
It has stretched me, given me the opportunity to be engaged with what my sons are learning in their CC classes, and allowed me the opportunity to learn a lot (that’s an understatement!). I hope and pray they will be encouraging to those of you preparing to start CC for the first time. We just finished our second year of Classical Conversations, and this is the first year that I’ve made it my aim to do an in-depth study of the classical model.
I learned about a Classical Notebook from Half A Hundred Acre Wood’s article last summer. In those visions of grandeur, my sons were joyous about each moment of each subject, they never complained about learning, and the 3 boys and I got along splendidly during each school day. Enjoy learning with your children and finding God in all things! Here’s another post from the archives that offers encouragement to those of you beginning Classical Conversations!
I'm a follower of Christ and a Southern gal who loves cooking from scratch, SEC football, reading biographies, and international travel. If you update the page yourself, please make sure you also email your Director and Project Evaluator Diane Schilder. Kaplan, Picture Maker - choosei»? from sub-menu abovePerspective is at the heart of good realistic drawing. There are seven of them, you will also be responsible for choosing the top three of your choice as well. Learning together and seeking to root all knowledge in Christ has stretched our hearts, minds and brought us much joy. Thankfully, I wound down year 3 as a tutor in the same vein as year 1, and I am not on the burn out, melt down train as I was my first year. Each station went through 2 or 3 different skip counting numbers, and then, we rotated to the different stations. Also, here’s a FABULOUS Usborne Lift The Flap Time Tables book that is another great way to review multiplication facts! I loved my little Abecedarians, and I guess I forgot that these little angels would have moments when they would disobey! I rarely gave thought to whether or not  my classroom activities were transferable to their homes. Honestly, before they told me, I knew that my Moms were reviewing with their children at home! However, in those moments of temptation to teach, I remind myself that the explanations and discussions I desire to have with them in Foundations will come during the later years of the Challenge program.
During Year 1, there were many Sunday nights when I kept the midnight oil (or later!) burning while I put the finishing touches on the week’s New Grammar, Fine Arts, Science Experiment, and Review Game. My CC Connected subscription has also helped me tackle planning multiple weeks in one sitting, which helped me in Year 2 curb my procrastinating habits of Year 1. I pray that God will use the role of CC tutor in your life to give you a greater understanding of who He is and all that He has created for His glory!
The consequences of those decisions my first year left me in a state of complete and utter burnout. Instead of taking our first year to soak up CC and to learn more about the classical model, I was intent on implementing it! Yes, you may feel like you are drinking from a fire hydrant, but take lots of deep breaths along the way as you immerse yourself in CC. I am just finishing Echo in Celebration (FREE download) and The Core both written by Classical Conversations founder Leigh Bortins. This 4, one hour segment approach was eye opening and invaluable to my family this past year. When they want to know more about a History Statement or an event on the Timeline Card, look on the back of the respective Timeline Card and read it to them. Just know that a successful Foundations year is not based on your child’s ability to explain each piece of New Grammar  in dissertation-like form. The Classical Notebook serves as a means of built-in review for the week’s New Grammar as well as handwriting practice, and it is an independent activity that my sons can accomplish.
Then, my visions of grandeur melded with reality, and school days transpired very differently. At the conclusion of our second year of Classical Conversations, about this exact same time one year ago, I wrote two posts summarizing my experience as a Classical Conversations Parent and Classical Conversations Tutor. For each question answered correctly, they got to add another snowman piece to their team’s Olaf.
Little Johnny pinches his neighbor. My response, “Little Johnny, was that being good to little Suzie when you pinched her? If they need to talk, I let them know that we can take turns, and to take turns talking, they will need to raise a hand until I call on them. When I started tutoring my first year, I wanted my CC class to be fun and memorable for the kids. I knew that one of Classical Conversations’ goals is for the tutor to train the parents in ways to implement the classical model at home.
In the words of my past 2 Tutor Trainers, who were both amazing, “As a Foundations tutor, you are the Drill Sergeant. My goal this past year was to not make that same mistake twice! ?? Year 2’s plan was to write the New Grammar for the upcoming week on my Tri-Fold Dry Erase Board by Thursday. However, since I scaled down my “glimmer and glam” approach to tutoring in Year 2, I am entering the summer looking towards Year 3 rejuvenated! This is was of the greatest gifts I’ve received as a tutor; I pray it will be for you as well!

The other beautiful component of Classical Conversations is repetition. Even though our first year was treacherous and exhausting, I knew that we would do CC again the following school year and most likely three years later when Cycle 1 rolled around again! I plotted our 4, one hour segments over the summer in preparation for the 2013-14 school year.
The root cause of this was my effort to find a book to read about every factoid that my sons were memorizing each week in New Grammar. All of these reasons had me “sold” on the idea of a Classical Notebook before ever using it!
This is helping hammer the memory pegs of the New Grammar even further into their little brains.
My intention was to have them finished in June, but then, my summer plans never seem to go according to schedule. My experience as a parent and tutor were as opposite as night and day when comparing year 1 and year 2. If you are starting Classical Conversations, I also HIGHLY recommend that you read Leigh’s book The Core over the summer. But, I digress…) This musical masterpiece, thank you, Disney, has been more palatable for them when compared to Vanilla Ice, and I can’t imagine why!
After reading my post last year, the marvelous Brandy Ferrell created a FREE PRINTABLE to share with everyone for the skip-count-cards.
Suzanne???” I tried taping him to the wall, and inevitably, he could only stay stuck for 30-60 minutes.
In May before our community launched in August, there were 3 families including mine signed up for CC.
In contrast, at Year 2’s conclusion, I felt joy and gratitude as I thought about my kiddos, their moms, and their accomplishments. For most of the children, this was their first year of school, and I wanted it to be forever etched in their brains…as an amazing experience!
By doing this work on Thursdays, it gave me a couple of days to mull over, think through the New Grammar and how I would teach it to my Abecedarians. Read this previous post on how I use it in class and how to make your own at home with little effort! These books will give you a breadth of understanding regarding the classical model and why CC is created and mapped out in its particular way.
For the sake of all that’s good in the world, please don’t make this same mistake as I did! I made documents for our Classical Notebook over the summer, and off we set on this new adventure.
Most school days are pleasant, even fun, but there are those days when our sinful flesh results in broken relationships where confession and repentance are required. Your file must be in a 3:4 aspect ratio for the tri-fold poster option to be available when you order. I made an exorbitant amount of mistakes my first year that I intentionally avoided our second year.
This will start your school year off well and give you greater insight into the Classical Model of education.
He seemed to always come crashing down in the middle of one of those magical, the-world-stopped-because-we-are-all-happily-learning moments, and that was all that was needed to get my 4 and 5 year olds (and their tutor) off focus for several minutes. I was the only one qualified to tutor since I had homeschooled at least a year, and when weighing the options of 1) Tutor and have a CC Community or 2) Not tutor and maybe, possibly, hopefully have a CC Community, I decided to tutor.
Honestly, though, year 1 as a tutor, I am quite confident that I was undercutting the parents’ motivation to try things at home. I made this error in judgement because of my lack of understanding about the classical model.
Our CC school year is over now, and I am happy to announce that the Classical Notebooks were fabulous! Every effort has been made here to present the principles of perspective in plain language and in the most understandable manner possible, with plenty of illustrations.i»?Copyright Frederic C. The activities and resources that I incorporated into class were too labor-intensive, and I’m sure that was intimidating to the parents.
The simplistic methods and activities in class empowered them to try those same things at home. He sustained me, restored me physically and mentally, and led us down a drastically different path for year 2 of CC. Our second year finished about three weeks ago, and I can summarize it with these words: joyous, exhilarating, and FUN! Your depth of wisdom, insight, and understanding will increase with each year (and with each week of CC your first year, for that matter!). Many of the expectations that I was placing on myself as a home school mom and my children, my students, were obliterated after reading these books.
The Foundations level of Classical Conversations is based on the Grammar stage of the classical model. After only a couple of weeks, my sons were in the routine of doing their Classical Notebook each day.
Take a few moments to review the New Grammar and then, go spend the rest of the day at the park! Let your CC year wash over you…and spend your first year knowing Him and making Him known.
So, this year I have hold punched the top and added a ribbon where I can hang him from the door knob in my classroom. I was elated and felt so humbled to see my classroom spilling over into the homes of my sweet Abecedarians! Yes, she is as amazing, humble, and fabulous as you gather when reading her blog!) When you find yourself wanting to explain in detail the week’s New Grammar, go back and read this article! Their favorite days were Wednesdays and Thursdays because they got to illustrate a Timeline card and the History statement. As Foundations tutors, we have a wonderful opportunity to further train and encourage the parents in the ways of the classical model. I assumed that my boys needed to completely understand every factoid that they learned during the 24 weeks of Foundations.
At the end of class each day, I had a sticker chart, and each child remaining on green or yellow would receive a sticker. The curriculum that I had already purchased to use for the 2013-14 school year prior to reading the article (like Apologia Astronomy!) I was forced to shelve. Also, I loved knowing that they were reviewing New Grammar while also cultivating discipline and self-control; the Classical Notebook required them to sit for an extended period of time at our school table.
Can you say, “Totally missing the point?!?!? My expectations of myself and what should happen during New Grammar were unreasonable and missed the mark! As I gear up over the summer for Year 3 of tutoring, I will continue in the ways of Year 2–intentionally seeking ways to encourage my parents in class. I decided that we’d go through the additional pieces during our non-CC weeks or during the summer. My boys are ages 8, 6, and 4 and no where close to the Dialectic stage; they are purely Grammar-ites these days.
Stoplight was a welcomed addition to my Abecedarian classroom this past year, and he will be joining me again this upcoming year. I love these sweet little kiddos and desired to model and demonstrate grace and love while also encouraging obedience.

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