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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Tweet120 Share17 Pin6 Share3 +15Total Shares 151In the past few weeks, I’ve been to a few conferences and seminars that had one thing in common: terrible presentation slides. The availability of software such as PowerPoint and Keynote coupled with their ease of use can give a false sense of security.
Regardless of the subject matter or venue, I always take plenty of time to make sure that my support visuals provide exceptional support to what I am presenting.
Because of that, I want to share 15 things that I consider when creating my slides that can help you create slides that will enhance, and not detract from, your presentations. There are some times when printing text on a slide for the audience to read is a good thing.
Scribbling and sketching your ideas on index cards will cut your computer creation down by a billion percent. If you get to the point where you can talk through your slides and visualize those slides in your head without having to use the preview feature, you’re almost there.
Good design will give your presentation visual appeal to complement your polished, well-rehearsed presenting skills. If you can’t afford to hire a designer to build all of your slides, you can hire someone to create templates that can be used by you and your colleagues to create your own presentations. Consider the time from the moment you walk to the presentation area to the time your presentation begins. A great way to present is to tell your audience everything you are going to tell them first.
Dedicating a slide to this will also give your audience an opportunity to prepare mentally if they are taking notes. To compensate for this type of undesirable effect, create your slides with a safe zone border that will not have any content in it. The last thing you want is to put your amazing logo on the lower right of every slide and then have it cut off either due to the projector or the screen.
Give a presentation the gift of immortality by publishing your slides online for your audience to review. Providing your slides allows your audience time to review your presentation in a different context and gives them the ability to absorb additional information that they may have missed. It also fosters a social component where your audience can reach out to you with additional questions or comments. I understand what you mean about them packing the words on one slide and then reading each slide anyway instead of just explaining what is said.
I also provide my slides to my students each week, but since they don’t have lots of text or exposition, they have to rely on their notes and brain power.
I did a certification course of Train the Trainer some years back and was given the challenge of presenting without powerpoint. I also worked as the CEO for some years of a company who brought speakers to Australia and New Zealand ( I am an Australian).
As an educator, I also like to not have words on my slides because then i can challenge my students to present back to me without having the words to cheat with. The best presentation I ever saw was at a conference for Dreamforce (Salesforce) and it was short and sweet.

The presenter only included the key points I needed to know and at the end, people were asking for copies of his slide. The 5-sided star shape looks quite cartoon-like and the pastel shades make it look like it was done through the block-printing process.
The template could be used for presentations on marine animals and the ocean, or as a backdrop to holiday photos. If you liked this PowerPoint Template we would appreciate you liking it on FaceBook or Tweeting it. You can browse all of our PowerPoint templates or select them by category or colour or by tag.
I’ve seen slides that have so much text packed onto them that they aren’t remotely useful.
This will give you the freedom to create your own content while being supported by strong design. This provides context for your audience and it prepares them for the narrative you are about to deliver. For example, if the first section of your presentation is about the mating cycle of manatees and the second section is about their habitat, you may want to consider having those words on the corresponding slides in a dedicated header area.
Most people create their slides on a computer where they can see the entire slide, but in practice when the slide is projected on a screen sometimes a small part of the slide is clipped. Yes, computers have become powerful enough to produce amazing visual effects, but those effects can also be distracting.
This has implications depending on the type of presentation or the sensitivity of the content. These follow ups can help you refine your presentation if it’s a presentation that you give with some level of frequency.
Now I know that a lot of people are just starting out online so it’s a process that we all have to learn I suppose. Great job so now we just have to make sure we don’t disappoint with our next presentation. I have not done any live presentations of recent times but I have done many over my career.
They had varied styles but many would teach 3 day workshops without power point and do it with flip charts.
The most common are orange, red, or yellow, though some may be white, blue, purple or green. Whether the subject matter of your presentation is apparel, penguins or financial data, poor slides can ruin even the most polished presenter. The purpose of a presentation is for you to present, not to give the audience an opportunity to catch up on their reading.  Every time your audience stops to read they disconnect from you. Many presentation environments such as PowerPoint and Keynote give you a preview screen with upcoming slides. When they perform at the sold out venue and get paid the big bucks, it’s only after performing their act over and over at hole-in-the-wall bars. Changes to that header area will be a visual cue to your audience that you are moving from section to section. This constant reminder will keep your audience engaged and will provide a thread that you can wrap your narrative around.

Sometimes, projectors are set up so they overlap the screen improperly and you lose some visual data on the edges.
I'm a web developer and founder of Rahvalor Interactive, a creative marketing services company based in Holmdel, New Jersey.
But man oh man, no one wants to sit through any presentation when it’s so darn boring. Afterwards, the person that was evaluating me told me that he was impressed that none of my slides had any text and that I used them to support my seminar. Thank you so much, as I had a few ideas written down, but now I see that what I have is not proper.
Yes, computers are great, but I am still and always will be a notebook person and use paper an pen before I put it on the screen.
It is the only way people understand what you’re talking about because we still are visual, but please make it provides value and not put me to sleep. They work together, but the presenter has to know how to make it work hand in hand or it ends up being a complete bore.
At a bare minimum a logo will do, but a better use of that time and space would be to have your name, the name of the presentation and some information that would be helpful to the audience.
Other times, projectors will project the contents with the edges missing because the projector is either damaged or old.
If your transition becomes the focal point, then you risk pulling the audience out of your narrative. When you read your slides, you are implying that you don’t know the content or aren’t prepared. Your email, phone number or Twitter name would be great to have on screen so that people can write it down while they are waiting. One of the tricks I like is to create a series of backgrounds that are seamless so that I can use “pull” and “push” transitions. My primary role is programming and development, and with 25 solid years of marketing experience behind me, I write, consult and develop strategy for our customers. You can have every bell and whistle imaginable, but if you are not prepared, your presentation is destined to crash and burn. These transitions are not obtrusive and the seamless backgrounds create the illusion that the audience is “moving” through the presentation. I'm also the CTO of Triberr and I teach web development at Manhattan College in New York City. Carol Lynn and I live near the coast in central New Jersey, less than an hour from the place of my birth – the island of Manhattan.
I'm also trying to build a flux capacitor, but that's not going as well as the other stuff I do.

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