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ConceptDraw® MINDMAP software provides all components for professional Mind Mapping and much more beyond the traditional mind mapping. Using ConceptDraw MINDMAP with Skype conference call - you can play and control the presentation's slide show on computers of Skype call participants. Here an example of project status report which can be subject of reporting the project status. Video tutorials related with ConceptDraw Mindmap includes - beginner, intermediate and advanced cources. This example demonstrates capability of professional mind mapping to create learning materials and use them for webinars or training classes. Also, as the art teacher many times students came seeking advice about how to make their board look better or stand out among the crowd.
Using the elements and principles of design, any student can make their presentation board a rockstar one.
My passion is to show how you can inspire and encourage your own child’s creativity and to connect with your child through hands-on learning and problem-solving with STEAM activities.

This video presentation was released last month and is generating a lot of buzz on the net. Regular visitors to Presentation Zen won't be surprised at the points raised - but the wider business and education worlds do need yet another book like this.
As a final step before posting your comment, enter the letters and numbers you see in the image below. It imports MS Office files and major mindmaping files such as MindJet Mindmanager and Freemind.
This example helps to learn how to create learning mind map presentation and show it via Skype.
My boys loved science fair so much last year, that this year with us homeschooling, they have asked if we can still do it. You can see the lower-rez version on YouTube below, or download the video in high resolution in various formats here on the Master Plan website. It provides rich exporting capabilities to generate MS Office documents, Project Management reports as well as create slide show for presentation, export it to MS PowerPoint or demonstrate via Skype to remote team.

Use this mindmap example for implementation of Remote Presentation for Skype solution from ConceptDraw Solution Park. Do not glue anything down on your board until you have everything laid out on the board. Double check you have all the information you need and how it will fit on your board. This may give you some ideas for combining your own (verbal) storytelling with text and images. I would rather see simple, strong statements presented effectively, with the bulk of the detailed information available elsewhere: then the audience can choose the parts most relevant to them for further work or study. Make the title large (possibly 150 pt but it depends on your title), you want that to be the first thing that people notice on your board.
I can imagine a presenter showing this video first and then beginning a longer presentation and discussion that goes deeper.

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