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Providing sufficient color between foreground and background is important to many users, especially those with low vision and color blindness.A  Information may be misinterpreted when the color contrast is not sufficient for users to accurately read the content. There must be enhanced contrast between the foreground text and background colors, and images of text. Note: Text or images of text that are part of inactive user interface elements, part of a logo or brand name, are purely decorative, provide content that is not visible to anyone, or are part of a picture that does not contain significant visual content, are not required to meet specific color contrast ratios. The Master slide should be utilized to apply universal changes to color, font, headings, footers and images to all slides in a presentation.
Example 2 a€“ Hanging ornament outline in light gray on a gray background that is only a couple shades darker than the shape.
Example 3 a€“ Graphic with three depictions in a circle (black and white swirls, an earth and a camera on a tripod) that have black edges that blend into the black background.
Example 3 - Graphic with three depictions in a circle (black and white swirls, an earth and a camera on a tripod) that has a white glow or halo around the edge of the circle to make it stand out from the background.

Authors should take care to apply background colors and patterns that work with all the text in their presentation. On the Format tab, in the WordArt Styles pane there is a Text Effects menu option that will allow outlines, shadows, gradient color fills, reflections and glows to be applied to text. It helps with drawing attention, enhancing an experience and conveying valuable characteristics. This requirement applies to text over solid backgrounds, decorative backgrounds and images that contain text.
When there is less conflicting content it is easier to achieve appropriate contrast levels. If options from the Format Background dialog, found by activating the context menu of a slide, are used such as Gradient Fill the text colors on the slide need to have high contrast ratios against each portion of the gradient.
Authors need to take time to experiment with the options to produce an effect that will provide optimal contrast.

If multiple colors are used in either the foreground or background, the opposite layer needs to provide contrast to all the colors that are used. When complex background images, watermarks or colors must be used, provide a halo of sufficient size around the text to provide contrast for the foreground text color.
However, it is important to note that changes will not apply to individual slides that were created prior to making changes to the master slide.

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