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If you are planning to host a toga party, you would definitely want to know a possible way of making a toga yourself. Grab the sheet of cloth which you want to use for making the toga and hold it up at your waist, keeping the sheet’s long side parallel to the ground. Pin the short third of the sheet to the rest of the sheet after wrapping it around your waist once. Bring the long, loose end of the sheet of cloth you are using in front of your body by wrapping the other two thirds portion of the sheet around your waist. Take a hold of the loose end and properly wrap it around your chest and across the opposite shoulder. Wrap the second half of the cloth sheet around your back and then secure together the sheet’s top corner around your shoulder with pins.

Fortunately, making a toga at home is a very simple project and does not require anything but a sheet of cloth.
Divide the sheet into three equal portions, keeping one of the three portions towards your left and the other two portions towards your right. I have read many tutorials - like this one at SplitCoastStampers on how to make these out of paper. The first step in making bed sheet toga is choosing size that fit completely around your body with little room left over. In a couple of tries, you would be able to make the perfect toga and save yourself the trouble of visiting a local store. Divide the sheet into two equal portions, holding one at your front and the other at your back.

Cinch the sheet of cloth as neatly as possible at your waist and then use a piece of rope of a fancy ribbon to secure the sheet of cloth in place and prevent it from falling off of your body. So the other day, I was flipping through my piles (many, many piles) of magazines and catalogs, and I had an idea!
Got me so excited to try them out with my new Polymerized Cloth Technique and with a little tweaking to the technique it worked beautifully!
It would be best if colour of the ribbon you choose complements the colour of the sheet you are using for making the toga.

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