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According to a MarketWatch article yesterday, the market for men’s makeup is really booming, as more and more guys get comfortable with cosmetic products and procedures. Fold all corners of your Minecraft mob characters cut-out template, tabs should always be folded inwards. Bring the remaining fabric from the back across any of the shoulder, making it fall to the front until it reaches the waist. How to Make a Bow and Arrow Bows and arrows were used centuries back for battle and it has also been associated with major icons such as Robin Hood and cupid. How to Make a Female Toga A toga was traditional attire that was easy to make and it began as a costume party, which had an emphasis on looking silly to be funny and there was no need for craft skills. How to Make a Styrofoam Cutter A Styrofoam cutter can be created using readily-available materials.
The Best Lego ArtLego isna€™t just for making those little toys that you see on the back of the boxes; it can be used for pretty much anything - from model villages to political satire. As always, if youa€™ve got art of your own to share then wea€™d recommend taking a look in bit-techa€™s Art and Photography forum and sharing some of your own creations.
Part of a series of Lego renditions of MC Eschera€™s work, this waterfall is a rather cunning optical illusion that gets increasingly baffling the more you look at it. In fact, the Lego version of Eschera€™s famous painting is even more astounding as ita€™s actually had to be realised in blocks rather than displayed on a canvas. Click the image for a closer look, then check out the source site to see what it looks like from a different angle, if you really can't figure out how this brain-bending effect was achieved. What better way to celebrate (or commiserate) the release of the new Predators film than with this beautifully gross bust of the iconic alien? Wea€™d love to see a motorised version with a moving mouth too - but once you step into that territory then why not look at making a Lego Terminator?
Harry insisted that if wea€™re going to show a Lego Predator model then wea€™ll have to balance it out with an Alien model a€“ wea€™ve gone with this equally stunning depiction of a Chestburster emerging from a puddle of viscera.

Okay, enough gross and bloody aliens a€“ ita€™s time for an impossibly cute robot with sad, nostalgic eyes. You really can use Lego to make anything, as this working model of the classic V8, 32-valve engine proves.
Plus, you can turn it on and use the fan to keep yourself cool during the long, hot summer a€“ provided you dona€™t mind the sound of all those bricks whirring away. Nathan Sawaya is a professional, full-time Lego artist who has made some of the most singularly impressive pieces wea€™ve ever seen. An exhibition of his work is currently touring throughout America too, so check out his site for more details. The Lego Testament is a scene-by-scene adaptation of the Christian Bible into Lego format, from Genesis to Revelations. The work is too big to fully show here, so wea€™ve just picked out our favourite passage a€“ Jacob wrestling God in the Old Testament. Do you think it’s cool for a guy to go beyond basic grooming into things like eyebrow sculpting, pedicures, and wearing powder?
The amount of fabric will depend on the desired length of the male toga and the height of the person.  Also, decide on the preferred color of the fabric.
To do this, one should decide to either cut the fabric into two equal parts or just fold it in two parts. This clothing item was also worn in ancient times by the Romans, which had origins from Etruscan. This is a special type of clay that is referred to as fimo and are created from plasticizer chemical and PVC plastic that makes the clay easy to mold and soft until the time it is cured.
Wea€™ve gathered up some of the most impressive examples of Lego being used as an art form and featured them below - click to enlarge.
Not only does the 'water' seem to be flowing uphill, but a look at the pillars reveals that they appear to overlap in places, creating an impossible aqueduct.

From the drops of fluorescent blood around the neck to the human skulls in the plinth, this model displays an extraordinary level of detail and, we think, would make for an awesome desk toy. The level of detail around the jaws is amazing, but somehow our favourite bit is the little trickle of blood thata€™s spilled over the base.
This Wall-E model is articulated enough that you can move his head and arms around a bit, as well as manipulate his hands. Ita€™s incredibly complex and hasna€™t been wired up to power anything, but it certainly makes for one of the most impressive desk toys wea€™ve ever seen.
His personal Lego collection consists of more than 1.5 million bricks a€“ so if there are 62 bricks per person on the planet then hea€™s holding on to more than his fair share!
Specifically, ita€™s the moment when God dislocates Jacoba€™s hip because he cannot overpower him. However, to make quality and impressive togas, purchase good quality fabric from the retail store. The remaining cloth can then be thrown around either shoulder depending on the person’s preference. Typically, the appropriate size of fabric to buy, depending on the draping, is about six yards. Folding and sewing the ends enables the cloth to remain nicely in place and not move from side to side.

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