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Are you a post-college grad trying to make new friends in the real world and having a hard time? Mrs Hesz (left) said: 'It should be really easy to make more friends when you are a mother. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. When bystanders intervene correctly, studies find they can cut bullying more than half the time and within 10 seconds. Adults must be onboard with the approach and understand what bullying is and how to respond. The best news is that child advocates and parents can teach kids these same bystander skills. Teach students the crucial difference between “Tattling” and “Reporting” so they will know when they should step in because a child is bullied or when to step back and let two kids handle things for themselves because it’s just friendly teasing.
Also identify specific trusted adults children can go to and report bullying incidents if they do identify bullying. Tattling is when you trying to get kids IN trouble when they aren’t hurting themselves or other. Reporting is when you’re trying to help keep kids OUT of trouble because they may get hurt (or they are).
The next step is to teach students what bullying behaviors look like so they will know when they should step in and not when the behavior is mere teasing. You might also use literature or video clips to help students understand the definition of bullying. Bystanders often don’t intervene because they don’t want to make things worse or assume the victim doesn’t want help. Also, if a bystander befriends a victim, the act is more likely to get others to join the cause and stand up to the bully. The right diversion can draw peers from the scene, make them focus elsewhere, give the target a chance to get away, and may get the bully to move on.

Stress that directly confronting a bully is intimidating and it’s a rare kid who can, but there are ways to still stand up to cruelty.
Bystanders often don’t report bullying for fear of retaliation, so make sure they know which adults will support them, and ensure confidentiality. The right comments and behaviors can make peers stop, think, consider the consequences, and even move on. It makes my job so much easier when I have guests who are prepared to talk about the subject in a compelling and entertaining manner.
The feedback we have been getting as a result of your presentation has been extremely positive.
Grounded in solid research, her message has the potential to truly help parents help their children be more successful in school and in life.
While many people in public life decry the lack of character and moral development among our kids, few take this concern further, into the realm of practical steps to address the issue in the lives of real children and youth. Doing so empowers children with tools to stop cruelty, help victims, feel safer and reduce bullying.
They must know that the staff is serious about supporting them and will back them up and respond.
The trick is to match the techniques with what works best with the child’s temperament and comfort level and the particular situation. But research shows that if witnesses know a victim feels upset or wants help they are more likely to step in. You must stay cool, and never boo, clap, laugh, or insult, which could egg the bully on even more. It’s time to rethink our strategies and teach bystanders how to step in safely and speak out against peer cruelty.
Borba is an educational psychologist, parenting expert, TODAY show contributor and author of 22 books including Building Moral Intelligence: The Seven Essential Virtues that Teach Kids to Do the Right Thing or The Big Book of Parenting Solutions. As your enthusiasm and personality entered the picture, I believe my listeners really tied into your ideas.

We may now have another solid opportunity to engage our parents and the communities at large in positive ways and develop initiatives in the areas of citizenship and character development. Your workshop processes and strategies are excellent and are one reason we continue to include you in our program. You have demonstrated truly outstanding skills in your live seminars, reaching thousands of teachers who have, in turn reached tens of thousands of students.
Borba’s message the most timely, useful and motivating they have experienced during their teaching careers.
While Facebook gets a bad rap for being a digital time-waster, every so often it is also extremely useful for finding out old contacts or long-lost high school friends who may happen to be living in the same city as you are.Digital tools asides, you also can't go wrong with checking out local community classes, becoming a regular at your favorite neighborhood hangout, and simply being proactive when acquaintances or coworkers invite you to their social gatherings.Got your own tips for making new friends after college? I developed the techniques after reviewing dozens of studies on the “Bystander Effect” and have trained hundreds of educators in how to use them with students. The bully has more power (strength, status, or size) than the targeted child who cannot hold his own. Students also must learn how to assert themselves and say that speaking up to a bully is the hardest of the six Bully Buster Strategies. The US Army also invited me to teach these skills on our 18 of our bases in Europe and the Asian-Pacific.
It’s up to us to show students safe ways to do so, support and believe them, and then acknowledge their courageous efforts. She has appeared over 130 times on the TODAY show and is a frequent expert on national media including Dateline, The View, Dr. They work (so say the students and the school climate surveys) I’ll be sharing these in with educators in Washington DC at the upcoming School Safety Summits and the National Character Education Partnership Conference.

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