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As with most revenue-enhancing website features, job board software is available in many varieties, and before you choose, you should know what your options are and what each type’s advantages and disadvantages are.
On-premises job board software is software that you purchase and install on your own server.
Few things are more discouraging to the job seeker than finding an empty or near-empty job board. Hosted job board solutions like those offered by RealMatch are Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products which means they are cloud hosted.
Hosted job boards are the solution of choice among websites that want a powerful job board solution where another party does the heavy lifting.
RealMatch is the leading recruitment advertising technology platform specializing in performance-based recruitment advertising solutions for digital publishers and employers. It’s an excellent way to increase traffic, make your site stickier, and improve audience and revenue development. There are four basic options in job board software for your website: DIY job board software, plugin software, on-premises software, and hosted job board software.

The cost of these is typically from $100 to $200 annually depending on whether you want to add it to one site or multiple sites. You don’t have to download or install software on your own machines because it is hosted by the provider and you access it via the web.
RealMatch has the next generation in job site technology today, so you can add a custom job board to your site quickly and easily and start developing this important revenue stream as soon as possible. These plugins do allow for some customization to harmonize with your site’s design, and you can do things like create categories and job types. There are many advantages to hosted job boards besides the elimination of the hassles of hosting software on your own servers. You have to come up with a job listing template that looks nice, sell the listings yourself, and diligently keep up with which positions are filled and which are not.
While this solution can work for basic job board functions, you may or may not have access to new releases, and configuring the plugin for your site can be cumbersome. You may or may not have access to the source code if you want to customize the software beyond the configuration options it comes with.

Hosted job boards arrive already populated with listings, so you don’t have to worry about back-filling them. If you plan to include multiple job types, you will need a way to classify job ads to make them useful to site visitors.
Another advantage is that you don’t pay a big up-front fee like you would with an on-premises solution. The only advantage to the DIY job board is that you keep all the revenue from employers who decide to buy listings. Furthermore, the best hosted job boards allow easy customization so you can make your job board harmonize with your site design.

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