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These easy-to-make cardboard lollipops are sure to sweeten up the playroom, top your next birthday cake, and more! February is a great time to make adorable handmade crafts with your kids, nieces or nephews.
Another great Valentine’s kid craft that you could take to school are butterfly lollipop holders.
Start by cutting out a circle from your cardboard (use a protractor or trace around a bowl to create a perfect circle). Insert the pointy side of your wooden skewer into the edge of the cardboard circle (going along with the corrugation).
Just put the party details on the back of the sucker, wrap it in cellophane, add a ribbon or twist-tie and present to your guests.

Whether you’re making cards, a drawing, or just a cute decorative object, I guarantee everyone will have a blast making fun Valentine’s Day crafts for kids!
You could even create “a school” of these sweet fish and give one to each kid in your child’s class, and make a bigger fish for the teacher, too! Cut out four hearts – one large heart for the fish’s body, one for the tail, one for the fin, and one for the lips. If you have some extra glitter laying around at home, you can make your love fish extra special by making it sparkle! Draw tiny hearts onto white paper, the larger hearts onto pink and everything else onto the red. Use your marker or pencil to write “to” and “from” on the wings, or whatever Valentine’s message you’d like.

My sister is an elementary school teacher and that would be such a cute idea for her class.
Just put some glue on your fins…this could be done in a design using a gluestick if you like, or just randomly applied. Next sprinkle some glitter wherever you placed your glue, and you instantly have sparkly scales!

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