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I am so lucky to have tons of bloggers read my site, and one of my favorite things to hear from you guys is that you have learned a lot from my blogging tips!
Thank you to Bridget from the blog Being Bridget for teaching me how to make these collages! I would also feel fine giving the price of my collaborations, but I am not really sure how that would help people. You have no idea how much that means to me that you read my blog and give me these sweet comments! Not only can you export your presentation as a PPT, PDF or series of JPGs, you can even export it as a QuickTime video, either as a self-playing video with a set number of seconds between each slide or as a slideshow recording that you make yourself, pacing the presentation as you see fit. You might be thinking of presenting on your iPad, and if you have videos in your presentation then these File options are a must: Reduce File Size and Optimize Movies for iOS.
Choose one of the 44 pre-installed themes, then drag your mouse over the slide to view the slide designs. Pick a design for the opening slide from the Masters drop-down menu at the top of the interface. Replace the placeholder text by clicking the mouse in the text box, selecting the text and then typing.
Add new slides by hitting the ‘+’ icon at the top of the interface, then select the design of the slide using the Masters drop-down menu. Add a transition between each slide by opening the Slide Inspector and choosing from the ‘Effect’ drop- down menu. Check the progress of your slideshow at any time by hitting the Play button on the top left of the interface. Our provides the latest breaking apple news, reviews, tutorials and downloads online and our fan page is the best place to communicate with other iCreate fans. When it comes to creating incredible presentations with Keynote, nobody does it better than Apple. KISS stands for ‘keep it simple, stupid’ – a phrase that sums up Apple’s approach to keynotes.
To add an effect to any slide, click on it once, bring up the Inspector window then click on the Build tab.
I always choose the white presentation theme, and when I open it I delete all of the text boxes, so that I have a blank space to work with. After you drag and drop to fit the size of the photo you want, you are ready for comments, numbers, and arrows. Type what you want to say, and then edit the text using the paintbrush (text must be highlighted).

Now, you will want to make the arrow as small as possible by dragging the white squares, and then maneuver it to attach to the end of your curve!
I just finished my first keynote collage that will go live Wednesday ?? I’m ready for my advanced tutorial now!! Thank you so much for the tips – I am so excited to start using Keynote for my blog!! I would love to learn more about your pricing for collaborations however I would not expect you to publish that information ha-ha nor consider that request! Even though I am a blogger myself you are certainly one of the blogs that I follow frequently and aspire to be. You might be looking for the best way to create a hard copy of your slides, so you can rehearse using them, or you might be looking to collaborate with someone who is using that other well-known presentation app. We’re going to run through all these options for you, so you can focus on your presentation without worrying about the logistics. Tick to include presenter notes and skipped slides as desired, and maximise the image quality before you export. Headlines and bullet points run on to an additional line, as if the ppt version of Hoefler Text font was just slightly wider than the Mac one. In this tutorial, we’re going to demonstrate how to use one of the 44 pre-installed themes to create a beautiful photographic slideshow to show off your images. Then select the image you want from iPhoto; drag and drop it onto the image you want to replace.
Tap ‘Edit Mask’ and then hold the cursor onto the image to move it around inside the frame. It has released almost every major product backed by animated text, images and video played out by its flagship presentation software, so it comes as no surprise that it knows a thing or two about creating beautiful slides that really help to get your messages across. Set the description’s effect, find it in Build Order and select Automatically with Build 1.
This drops each character in the text off the bottom of the slide – it’s a great way to show price reductions. I have already done a collage post for beginners here, so this would be for the intermediate blogger.
You need to get rid of the background on ALL of your photos, in order to fit more on each collage.
Also, if you click the paintbrush, you will also hide the page layout tab (you won’t need this). I always leave a little room for comments, because you can talk about what you love from each item!

When you click SHAPE (green box) at the top of Keynote, you can see a bunch of shapes of arrows. I’ve been using Insta Alpha in keynote to remove the background in my photos for collages. I am going to try to do a couple of these tutorials each month so I will definitely keep those in mind. You can export all or just a range of your slides, and can opt to add separate images for each stage of your Build animations. Simply follow the steps to replace the placeholder images and text and then add your own using the media panel, adding images from iPhoto or Aperture and even music from iTunes and video clips. Fortunately for us, hours and hours of Apple’s special events have left us with more than a few clues as to how we can make great slideshows in Keynote and we’ve shared some of those tricks and tips for amazing presentations. If there’s one thing that’s obvious from watching any of Apple’s Keynote presentations, it’s that it keeps things simple. Today I will be teaching you exactly how to make a collage using Keynote, so that your collages can look just as clean and professional as mine!1. You can easily add all your numbers doing this as well, and just copying and pasting each number! Instead of just saying what I charge, it may be more helpful to give instructions on what to consider and think about when pricing out your collaborations.
Learn how to apply one of the many transitions to make your presentation really captivating. It make take some maneuvering, but you can put your photos all in a row, or allow some room for comments & arrows. The straight arrow is self explanatory, so I will teach you what to do with the curved line. My plan is to find a font that survives the conversion better, but it might not be as pretty. You won’t need to dedicate hours to this project – all this can easily be completed in under ten minutes. Here is one I did the other day, just by dragging and dropping the photos into the slide (keep reading for comments and arrow training)! I usually save all of my products into one folder on my desktop so that they are in the same place when I am ready.

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