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Never mind baubles and gems, you can have a natural selection of adornments when you make jewelry out of deer antlers.
Since antler pieces are heavy and thick, choose a heavy-duty beading cord or wire as well as a heavy-duty clasp. Jewelry mounts, clasps, beads, cord and beading wire are all sold at craft stores or you can find them online.
If the natural antler color does not suit you, feel free to stain or paint the pieces prior to stringing them on your piece or attaching them to the mounts. Antler earrings may be heavy, so watch they don’t pull your piercing holes into elongated, strange shapes. Learn how to make custom jewelry can offer a way to show your individual nature and style creatively.
Thirdly, in the 3th and 4th flowers, replace the Glass Pearl Bead that be crossed through with Rhinestone Bead. Hook the Brass Lobster Claw Clasp and Brass End Piece onto 2 Iron Bead Tips with Wire-Cutter Plier. The free jewelry making tutorial today is related to the issue of “how to make earrings at home with a bunch of eye pins and jump rings”.
Recycling plastic into crafts is a fun and eco-friendly alternative to tossing said plastic into the trashcan.
One of the most popular posts of all time on Dollar Store Crafts is a recycled bottle coin purse by Zitta Schnitt.
7th, when the outer circle is filled with beads, secure the other end to the aluminum wire and cut off excess length. This “how to make a wire necklace” journey comes to the end; I am working hard to make and share all free jewelry making projects with you. Flatware and silverware jewelry was really popular a few decades ago and people are still making such adornment today.
Know how to use a Dremel?  Jean over at Craftster goes over how to use one with various attachments to make a variety of spoon pendants. Shawn Wilson of Shaviq Designs has this video on how to make jewelry from silverware using wire work.

Deer antlers are rugged enough to stand up to any lifestyle yet still fashionable enough to dress up a variety of outfits. Unless you are a mighty giant, you are not going to string an entire deer antler around your neck as a pendant. Once you have your array of deer antler chunks, drill holes through the center of the round sausage-like pieces so you can string and bead them to your liking.
Cut your cord, beading wire or thread to the length of the piece you want to create, leaving an extra inch or two so you know you have enough.
You can use various beads for a bracelet or other jewelry items to match any outfit of any occasion. Peaches from Aunt Peaches made this fun melted plastic statement necklace with #6 plastic party cups she melted Shrinky-Dink style in her oven. Learn how to make a wire necklace with beads and in sunflower pattern; we bet you will love it!
Instead of welding the two forks together, either make holes for jump rings or bend the stem end over to house a jump ring.
Tammy Jones, the editor of Jewelry Making Daily has a Spoon Link Necklace tutorial which illustrates how to saw, prepare and finish the handles. You can make your own Christmas tree wall hanging, using your old costume jewelry or pieces from yard sales and thrifty stores. About 3 inches down from the points, or more if you want longer dangling pieces, begin to saw the antlers into pieces, much like sawing a sausage into round chunks. One can be made into a pendant by attaching a jewelry mount with a loop attached at the base of the antler piece and stringing a cord through. In this article, make your own bracelet by using some economic jewelry making supplies instead of buying quite costly items from shops.
She prefers the silver-plated vintage flatware for the look so she has to anneal the metal with a torch. If you are very bold, you can make the tips into a pair of earrings, also by attaching a jewelry mount at the tops of each and wiring to earring backs.
Once finished these processes, you will get a complete flower part for making your own bracelet.

These melted plastic pieces would also be pretty on earrings, or connected together like links. If you’d rather, you can use the points as beads on a full-fledged deer antler necklace, also by attaching a jewelry mount to the base of the points and stringing through a cord. You can intersperse beads, knots, antler points or other jewelry items between the antler pieces to create any type of effect you desire. Rather than jewelry mounts, you can also drill holes near the top of the pointed pieces to attach to your jewelry.
Once you’ve beaded the length of your wire, knot securely and attach the other end of the clasp. Find a nice piece of cardboard for the back, then glue the fabric to the board with spray glue. Then go around the edge with small pieces and fill in with small stones or what ever you have. Do not use super glue, it off gasses really badly once the glass is in place and will turn gold black.
I don't know if there are kits but I think a persons own imagination, a velvet backed picture frame or shadow box, and some junk jewelery makes it good to go. You can even drill holes in the backing and add some Christmas lights through the back, I use battery operated ones.Ad ReplyWas this helpful?Helpful? If you have a nice shape for a tree, whether it is the kind that have the points of the limbs straight down or pointed it, simply get a piece of thin board. If you have sets, like earrings, it's fun to place them on the same points on each side of the tree, or if your pieces are all different, you can put the larger ones in the middle and the smaller ones on the tips of the trees.
Take off the earring backs, pin backs, or anything that keeps the pieces from being as flat as they can be.Keep something magical for the star on top, or just make a glitter glue one by drawing the shape and filling it in. You place in picture frame with small lights inserted from back and hang as picture during Christmas.

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