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The front-facing camera, which Apple has co-branded FaceTime to match their video and audio calling service, was introduced in 2010 with the iPhone 4.
Again, with good lighting, I'm not going to say there's a tremendous difference, though the iPod touch does show its age and relatively lower power levels the most. That means bigger pixels and a back illuminated sensor (BSI) that gets the wires out of the way and - your guessed it!
Grab one of these off-the-wall accessories and take your iPhone photography to the next level!

The iPhone 5 got a FaceTime HD camera, at just over a megapixel but with better 720p video.
The case is form fit and provides solid protection, and the holster lets you store the phone securely on your hip.
Unless there's something amiss with my device, that might be yet another example of the excellent image signal processor (ISP) in the iPhone 5s Apple A7 chipset. It's nothing to upgrade from an iPhone 5 for, but it's one more thing on the list of small improvements that add up to better devices.

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