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In order to design a simple, effective and attractive mobile website, there are a few ingredients that we need to add into the mix.
MoFuse is a service that lets you convert basically any site with a RSS feed, to a mobile site hosted by it. Designers, who work with mobile devices, face a common problem: figuring out what screen size to actually design for. In this article you will be introduced to seven fundamental steps that, if followed, will help you avoid the pitfalls that have caused many other mobile sites to fail. Bhanu AhluwaliaBhanu Ahluwalia is a graduate in Computer Science and a social media enthusiast from India.
But, some of these resources and practices are close to 6 years old such as the tip from Mike Industries. The most important you can do to ensure the success of a mobile website is to code your webpage correctly.
If you start coding a webpage from scratch or using a template, you should create a source code compatible with XHTML. One of the general rules in mobile development is to provide always text alternatives for non-text content. Thank you for share this info and reflect about this topic and trend in programming languages. I designed in the past some webs with table and we found very hard to adapt to all the browsers. You do amazing work spreading these contents to help manage our businesses and improve our marketing strategies.
Mobile browsers are optimized so as to display Web content most effectively for small screens on portable devices. This easy-to-follow tutorial shows how to write HTML code for a dropdown menu that converts cleanly to mobile screen sizes.
This tutorial gives the scripts you need to create fluid images and videos that easily transfer from large monitors to small mobile devices.
Learn how to create elastic HTML5 videos, elastic object and Iframe embedded videos, and how to create fixed width and elastic videos in CSS and HTML. Learn how to use HTML5 and CSS3 media queries to create a design that is cross-browser responsive. This SmashingMagazine tutorial gives an excellent overview of responsive web design along with tips and coding needed to implement it.
Simple things like using relative measurements instead of fixed widths for your site can make your code more flexible and renderable on mobile devices. If you’re going to create several mobile sites, this article will get you started on knowing what you need to crank out high-quality designs. This incredible tutorial from SmashingMagazine shows how to add CSS3 stylesheets for mobile devices to your actual website coding.

Code your site from scratch or update your existing site to work with mobile devices using this detailed tutorial from SmashingMagazine. You can create a normal mobile website, or you can create a fantastically awesome mobile website. A lot of your front end features and interactivity is taken care of by your WordPress theme.
You can also run your theme through WordPress-specific tools like or use Theme Authenticity Checker to whet your themes on the grounds of security, performance, and responsiveness. High-res images and huge, clunky videos will eat up requests and pump up your page size like a beast, so either avoid those entirely or barring that, optimize them (see #3 below). Your WordPress front end should have easily tappable interface elements – menu, back-forward and pagination buttons, lightboxes, form fields, etc. Compression (file size reduction without affecting viewing quality) is always great for speed, but absolutely mandatory to optimize your site for mobiles.
WordPress Image Editor (core features in 4.5 and further) will also help you strip useless ‘file info’ from image files and achieve as much as ? of original image file size.
2 seconds or less – that’s your page load time goal for all pages on your WordPress website.
To get cracking, first find out exactly how deep in it you actually are with website performance testing tools like Google PageSpeed Insights or Pingdom.
Performance, User Experience, and Responsiveness – these three are essential (interrelated too!) ingredients of a great, mobile friendly WordPress website.
Tracey Jones is an expert WordPress developer having long years of experience in working with various web development technologies. Today’s phone set has the capability to browse the web, listen to songs, watch videos or even download any required information.
One of my goals for 2011 is to take a stab at developing a mobile version of my site, and these should definitely be useful.
The code affects the loading speed of your website, how it is shown on mobile browsers and which features are enabled on mobile devices. XHTML presents a set of rigid coding standards and, thus, it is best to make sure that a site will work properly on most browsers and mobile devices. Many mobile phones are able to interpret simple table-based designs, but embedded specification in the page created an extra amount of code that could slow the loading time. Mobile browser software must be small and efficient to accommodate the low memory capacity and low-bandwidth of wireless handheld devices. In other words, learn how to make your website look great, no matter if visitors are using a mobile device or a PC. This article gives plenty of helpful basic tips, perfect for those who are new to mobile web design. If your WordPress website can’t deliver a responsive, mobile-friendly experience to those visitors, you can say goodbye to a huge chunk of your traffic, potential leads, subsequent business, and even SERP ranks for mobile users.

Fortunately, almost every good theme currently on the market can be counted upon to be responsive and mobile-friendly. If the content and design shifts fluidly to fit the resized windows without the need for excessive scrolling in all directions, your theme is responsive.
Your content makes your website worth anything, and you have to pay it due consideration especially for mobile users. Use plugins like EWWW Image Optimizer to compress your images during uploads on WordPress media library. ImageMagick (available with WordPress core) also has some awesome tools for reformatting and image editing. Currently, she is working for a leading custom WordPress development company – HireWPGeeks Ltd..
This is the main reason why many companies have considered rebuilding their sites to make them mobile compatible. The web page code specifications included in the table width, height of the cells, and other attributes of the grid. In more complex pages table-based designs could include tables within tables (nested tables). Each type of content has its own alternative when the file can not be downloaded, but we should always have an alternative text (ALT) to describe the content.
I have to thank the excellent work you do with your items and ask you to follow setting this guide of advices. Furthermore on Internet world people look for their own benefit and there are few places where selfless service. Typically they were stripped-down web browsers, but as of 2006 some mobile browsers can handle more recent technologies like CSS 2.1, JavaScript, and Ajax. Pay special attention to pagespeed scored for your home page (first thing most visitors will see). This is perfect for the cases where the download is blocked and and the website needs to display the alternate text.
Nested tables are known to cause problems when websites are viewed on mobile devices, because they may be misinterpreted or may not be interpreted at all.
In a perfect context all pages with text elements and no images or scripts would be interpreted perfectly on mobile. You can also look into external video hosting (Vimeo, Youtube, etc.) to reduce server load and improve performance.

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