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If you want to bring some surprise and happiness for your lovely daughter, it is a good option for young mother to follow how to make ribbon bows for hair clips. In the post we’ll show you the way creating a pearl bow hair ornaments as your new hair adornments.
When she was a newborn, my daughter-in-law would buy baby hair bows to match all her outfits, but it wasn’t long before she realized just how expensive hair bows really are. So, she set out to learn how to MAKE baby hair bows so she could save money AND get the bows exactly as she wanted them.
She also took this little course about making baby tutus.  Oh wow, are they ever cute – especially with the matching hair bows!

If you’re up for making bows for girls that are a bit more fancy, there is also this really amazing training on making boutique-style hair bows.
Boutique hair bows can be tricky so it’s really worth the time to learn from good training instead of bee-bopping all over the internet trying to figure it out. These are the styles of baby boutique hair bows my daughter-in-law can now make since she took that course. As you can see from these pictures, she learned to make all kinds of baby hair bows – all by just following the easy instructions the course gave her.
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Turn over to fold the two sides outward with you left finger; use your right fingers to twine the threads around the folded middle several times and make a knot.

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