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One of the most well-known qualities of the Rottweiler breed is that they make very good watch dogs, guard dogs, and even attack dogs.
Since Rottweilers have such an adaptive personality at a young age, they can essentially be any kind of dog the owner would like them to be with the proper training.
If you’d like your Rottweiler do be a watch dog, your best bet is to adopt a Rotti at a very early age. With precise training and a good knowledge of the Rotti breed, an owner can train the dog to be a protector of the household and family. Rottweilers have been used as guard dogs for celebrities, and in the police K-9 force for many years, which is probably the main reason the idea of them being strictly a vicious dog is instilled in so many minds.
When someone threatens this loyal bond between the Rotti and its owner, the dog is naturally going to attack whatever that threat happens to be, commonly an intruder in the household. Unfortunately, a lot of people hear this and assume that they can adopt a Rottweiler and the dog will automatically turn into a personal watch dog for them and their family. On the other hand, a Rottweiler with no real training will eventually decide that it needs to fend for itself and be its own leader and will turn into a more naturally aggressive dog.

Once the dog has grown past the puppy stage it may be a lot harder to train it to do anything specifically, but even more so to be a watch dog as that requires a very strong loyal bond typically only established in the puppy stage. There’s a big difference between an attack dog and a dog that is able to protect a family that it loves and is able to feel comfortable around.
Even though that idea is not true, they are still arguably one of the most effective guard dogs out of every breed. All dogs can grow to love an owner, and the same goes for Rottweilers and even to a further degree in some cases. For even more fun ideas, click through the links below, featuring some fun ideas from some of my bloggy friends!
The problem with this assumption is that is simply is not true, a Rotti needs to be trained to become a good guard dog, it doesn’t just happen automatically over a period of time.
Helping the Rottweiler identify an attacker is the most important thing an owner can do in this process, this way the dog wont mistake friendly guests and uninvited ones. The reason they are such good protectors is that they develop a much stronger bond of loyalty with their owner than other dogs.

Owners of Rottweiler dogs are some of the most devoted dog owners in the world, this happens because once someone becomes acquainted with their Rotti the bond becomes so important to both ends, and it is truly like adding a new family member. Awwww! ?? With that quote on the flower pot, then picture flowers seemed the perfect thing to put in!
All you need is some paper, photos, and large popsicle sticks (these were the already colored ones, though you could easily paint some). For the petals, I actually used my Cricut, but you could definitely cut them out by hand easily enough. Then, find some pictures where you can cut the faces out into a nice-size circle for the center of the flowers.
With that simple addition to the back, grandma can enjoy the flowers but use the flower pot for something else!

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