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About 300,000 search results later, I was no longer any more confident in my ability to make a paper flower than I was in my cat’s ability to retrieve his stupid mouse instead of staring at my hand after I throw it. There were just too many choices and although I could compare the photos, they didn’t reflect (1) how good each tutorial was, (2) how closely my flower would resemble the picture, or (3) which flowers would look nice together. Then again, I thought, if anyone is supposed to try every single one, it might as well be me. After some consideration, I decided that 300,000 might be a few too many to take on, so I narrowed it down to the six most promising and got to work.
Once I was all finished, I selected the ones that looked the nicest together and made a little arrangement.
Here are the six tutorials I chose and the stunning photographs that originally accompanied them. And here are the finished flowers, so you can compare my clumsy novice versions with the expert originals, along with my notes. The cupcake liner flower tutorial is presented beautifully, with all the details you could need. You can’t ask for anything clearer than a step-by-step video tutorial like the one Etsy gave us for these vellum flowers.
Since the cupcake liner flowers are carnations and the tissue paper carnations are carnations, it’s hard to avoid comparing them.
The paper rose is was the toughest flower of the six, in my opinion, although the tutorial is deceptively glib. Kristina Ackerman is a busy freelance web designer, living and DIYing with her fella and their little fella in a cute old house in Atlanta, GA, USA.
Having seen them in person, I think the Kusudama flower (4) is visually interesting, but the Tissue paper carnation (5) has the greatest potential for realism. I just found your article via StumbleUpon and had to smile since I had the same problem quite a while ago and I would have loved to have read your post before ;).
I just made the Number 3-roses for an Easter decoration (see here on my blog) and I was quite ennoyed at the tutorial, because it didn’t really tell you how to hold anything in place.
I’ve seen this arrangement but usually, there is only one type of flower all in one vase. Omg I had been looking everywhere to find out how to make paper flowers for my wedding placement cards!
After I had done that to all six petals, I had six wires sticking out the back of the flower, so I twisted them together to make one six-ply stem. Do you happen to have another link to flower 3 or happen to still have the directions somewhere?

This is the perfect craft for people who say “Oh I’d love to make that… but I’m not crafty.” Trust me. I shared pictures yesterday in Turtle’s 1st Birthday Party post so today I thought I would share how to make them.
Step 1: Count out 10 sheets of tissue paper and lay them out stacked on top of each other on a flat surface.
Your kids pictures are adorable but please tell me that you didn’t really name them Bean and Turtle!! Learn and share how to make paper flowers like tissue paper flowers, origami flowers, and crepe paper flowers.
The step by step instructions will show you how to make easy paper flowers – origami hyacinth. Use compasses to draw a circle on the cardboard, use the compasses to divide the circle into 6 equal parts, then use the ruler to help draw the equilateral hexagon. Use the cardboard equilateral hexagon as template and cut the craft paper into equilateral hexagon. If you don’t have a pair of compasses, there is another way to cut a equilateral hexagon out of paper. At least I could take notes and share them with the world, perhaps saving some other hapless soul from the same overwh…um, overwhelmption.
The two that I left out are also nice, but look best on their own and with others of their kind.
Their construction is similar, but these tissue paper carnations are slightly more complex to make (since you have to cut out the circles yourself). I used a good deal of hot glue in the end ;) and created a little paper base for the bottom. I was totally thinking about making a twiggy-eggy-Easter arrangement this week for the first time, and now here I am admiring yours! The ones in my photos are rolled loosely and not glued, but a few strategically-placed dabs of glue might help you keep your flowers at the tightness you’re looking for. I also sprayed my cardstock with water, crumpled it an the ironed the crumples in and it looked quite nice and vintage! I hope this little roadmap helps a bit, because I think these links go to some pretty great tutorial authors. You know how each petal of the Kusudama flower is a kind of cone, with the pointy part at the back of the flower?
I’m working on recreating each tutorial, to protect from this kind of future degradation.

That is the one I REALLY wanted to make for my wedding reception and the link doesn’t seem to be working.
Hang them around the room, use as a centerpiece, make a focal wall, or line them up along a pony-wall and around the birthday cake like we did at Turtle’s Birthday party. But I figured it wouldn’t be a big deal because the Internet is a veritable smorgasbord of craft tutorials, and all I had to do was fire up Lappy 5000 and pick one out. For me, the only sticky part was crinkling each layer just right without allowing it to follow the curves of the layer before it, especially once I got to the outer layers. Trouble is, the  tutorial doesn’t explain how to attach the finished flower to a stem. I saw something about blowing out the eggs and hanging them up recently on… Martha Stewart? Or, if you roll them really really tightly, then when you release them they should stay loosely curled. Each of my cones had a tiny pinprick of daylight coming through that pointy part, so for each petal, I took a long piece of wire, folded the end over (so that the tip would be larger than the tiny hole at the back of the petal), and fed the wire through that hole from front to back, so that the little wire-loop could be seen from the front of the flower if you looked way down deep into the back of the petal.
It helped to hold all the finished layers tightly closed in my other hand, so the layer I was working on couldn’t possibly know what the previous layer looked like.
For mine, I made a long, narrow loop with a piece of floral wire, caught the inner petals inside the loop, then used the loose end of the loop to make a little spiral-shaped nest underneath the flower. I had actually already found a couple of these on my own, but the way you tried and reviewed them all and put all the links here is so helpful!
Of course, cupcake liners have a reputation for being among the cleverest of kitchen-related papers, and a couple of times, they figured it out anyway. To make mine in the scale you see in the vase (similar to mini cupcake flowers), I started with 4″ squres.
Try curling them as tightly as you can and releasing them a few times (maybe even starting at the wrong end once, to teach the outside petals to stay curled) and see if they’ll stay curled as tightly as you want them to.
To attach the flower to a stem, I then cut six pieces of floral wire, made a small loop at the end of each one, threaded one through each of the six flower sections, and twisted them together at the bottom.
Rust & Sunshine has a great tutorial with different cuts for different types of flowers.

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