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In SEO business, keywords are known to be bricks and fundamental units on which the building of your website resides.
Once keywords are selected your content is uploaded and website goes live, keep abreast your site with new and latest SEO trends. Whether it is SEO for eCommerce site or social media marketing site, video marketing site, blogging and affiliate marketing, importance of content is known to be undisputed.
Transforming your ecommerce website into a well-optimised, visible and globalised platform is obligatory if, as an enterprise, you are keen to make your business an international force.
At a base level, most if not all of your static content can easily be translated across all your markets (from content that is originally produced in your primary language). However, with other content, such as country-specific news updates and marketing campaigns, the translation needs to be bespoke and unique to the target audience. Most websites that have them, position language options at the top right of the page and accordingly this has become something of a standard.
At a more technical level, there are further elements to consider, such as the URL structure of your website.
If you’re really going to invest in a multilingual website, you have to go further than translating just the content.
Failure to consider cultural differences between your target markets when designing your website is a huge mistake.
Take onboard the above and your ecommerce website will be in good shape to compete effectively on the global stage. We worked with Illustrated People to produce an online shop that uses current e-commerce best practices to sell more, whilst doing justice to their creative brand.
We Make Websites co-founder Alex is one of our e-commerce experts and speaks regularly on the topic of marketing and e-commerce for design-led retailers and organisations.

We consistently sell twice as much as on our previous website and we noticed the uplift within a couple of weeks of going live. While a person is dealing with an ecommerce site the problems as well as the opportunities are manifold.
On one hand it has to deal with some large number of pages and on the other hand the designs the layout and the navigation of the website.
Think of the process as akin to a refurbishment – the core of what you have stays the same but everything else benefits from a nice revamp. This should be fairly straightforward, as best practice states that such text should be composed in a simple, neutral and easily translatable manner. It can be made visible in multiple ways: through a national flag symbol, the name of a country or through a combination of both. Your main aim here is to successfully geotarget aspects of your website to your markets so that they receive the most relevant content with little effort. The visual element also has to be modified to fit in with the style sensibilities of your target market and the particular features that are unique to a certain language and culture. Beyond getting the foundations of your platform right, the challenge is to maintain quality and consistency across the board.
He teaches the ecommerce course at General Assembly and has spoken at Google, Top Drawer, Digital Shoreditch and London College of Fashion. We find the system intuitive to use and it's making our lives easier whilst increasing our revenues.
Hence you can use following steps which are highly suggested in order to avoid some unfortunate consequences.
Think of all your websites as distinct, as if they are satellites circling your main website.

The qualities of the former are the fact the geotargeting clearly highlights the source of a website, making server location redundant.
Maintain this level of professionalism and you’re sure to reach more people than ever before. WeMakeWebsites build beautiful and effective online stores for creative retail companies, you can view recent examples of our Shopify work here. High number of pages thus increases chances of having some duplicate content which is often branded negatively by Google as well. Above all the owner and team of the ecommerce website has to keep an eye on traffic coming in and going out as well, number of visitors that are changing into customers and amount of profit generated by the ecommerce website. In such an instance, they need to be able to quickly and easily access the version that is in their primary language.
Besides, it also provides us with more options for fresh content development which in turn results in high rankings on many search engines. Along with a film which I think is a really good way of getting things across and promoting. It's a really nice way of talking to your audience without pushing sales in their face and relate to them. It’s also a really good platform to encourage collaboration, we can use it to talk to other people. We wanted to achieve this and the new platform is simplified down.As a studio we are very creative and maybe in the past we have tried to be over creative in every single department, including the old website.

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