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Recent statistics show that one in four women in the US has thinning hair, and some of these cases are permanent and others aren”t.
If you have thinning hair, temporary or permanent, there are some hairstyles that effectively disguise your thinning hair and make the most out of your strands.
If your hair”s thinning, cutting it into a short hairstyle is a good option for a few reasons.
If short hairstyles aren”t your thing you could try a chin length bob hairstyle like the example above.
A way to make medium length hair appear thicker is by changing the hair”s texture from straight and fine to curly. If you really can”t come to terms with cutting your hair shorter, then try a minimum hair cut to your shoulders.
A hair condition like thinning hair is a reality for many women, but there are some things that can be done.
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Thinning hair and hair loss in women is quite common and can be the result of a variety of causes. Causes can be genetic (90% of hair loss for women is apparently genetic) as well as physical and emotional stress. It will eliminate weight (which can drag the hair down and promote increased hair loss), it will give your hair a chance to grow back without any stress from styling, and a short hairstyle will make your hair appear thicker. The important factor here is how the layers are kept all one length because this provides the illusion of thicker hair and creates a hairstyle that falls into a solid shape and will remain looking that way.
Of course, unless your hair”s naturally curly you need to use chemicals- so speak to your stylist and doctor. To make the most out of your thinning hair it should be left all one length and cut straight-across (i.e. Try some of our tips and perhaps one of the hairstyles described above, and most importantly, speak to your doctor and your hairstylist. The example above has top layers that are longer and heavier, making the hair look thicker and allowing it to fall into a more defined shape (that looks blunt, solid and thick).

A bob hairstyle like this also requires very little styling, meaning less hair products that could potentially damage your hair. Curls look good because, by their very nature, they create body and bounce and make your hair appear fuller and thicker. Medication that alters your hormones may be another factor in hair loss, as could lack of iron and protein in your diet and even lack of sleep. This style works well because when the hair is sitting on the shoulders it will keep its shape and not fan out- looking thicker; also, a straight-across line effectively creates the illusion of width.

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