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MLA Research Paper ExampleThis is an example of the front page of a properly formatted MLA research paper.
University professors and school teachers will rightly be very picky when it comes to the in-text citations. I would recommend having a copy of the official MLA handbook to be 100% accurate with the format.  There are step-by-step instructions and more examples.
I'm a college student and my teachers ask me to insert APA bibliographies in all of my works.
Click the name of the App in the answer above to view them in the online Ubuntu Software Centre. Why does it take months, sometimes years, for the BEA and NTSB to complete aviation accident investigations?
Is the use of the term "bugged" to refer to software bugs in English a worldwide or regional use?

Bibliographies are “a section of a written work containing citations, not quotations, to all the books referenced in the work.” (Wikipedia) (Look at that great citation I just did!) Basically, when you write a bibliography, you write a list of all of sources you used to help you write your report. Abra Cadabra – you now have a lovely page with all of the citations you could have ever dreamed of! Copy and paste the style you want into a word document and BAM you have a great, correctly-cited bibliography. The first is a stand alone app, the second is also stand alone but can integrate with Libre Office, and the third is built to integrate with Libre Office.
With it you can organise documents or references, and ultimately generate a BibTeX bibliography file. You can customize the entry information shown in the main window, and sort by any of the standard BibTeX fields. They available on Windows as well, if you ever have to do work on Windows and want the same tools.

You format your bibliography in a special way, which we will get to later in the lesson.Go to THIS website and check out the citation builder that’s listed. It can directly insert citations and format the bibliographic index in an open Writer document.
The first question this citation builder asks us is “What type of information source do you have?” Well, what kind do we have?

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