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Print out this cute dog mask for the kids to cut out and wear - perfect for dressing up, parades and fun! Whether you need a bunny mask for Easter or Spring plays or for Chinese New Year, you can print this one, cut it out and be wearing your bunny mask in a flash! Kids will love this tiger mask - just print, cut out and wear using string or elastic to attach!
Here's a second printable snake mask for the kids to cut out and enjoy, perfect for Year of the Snake!
Attach a paint stir stick or tongue depressor to allow your child to hold it up to their face.
Glue the eyes onto the face above the muzzle and under the hair (or cut out holes for eyes in a mask).
You told yourself you wouldn't be one of those lame people who throws on a mask and shows up at costume parties, but here we are a day before Halloween and you still have nothing.
I love the creations of artist Charley Harper, and was so inspired by him I had to create some masks of some of my favorite animals.

Since children love both hamsters and guinea pigs, home-made crafts on these loveable pets are very popular. To make the above hamster mask, print out the following hamster mask template and follow the directions included.
This video tutorial shows you how to make a hamster using the art of folding a piece of paper (origami). Unless you want to endure endless ridicule, you can't skip dressing up altogether, but if you don't want to buy a pre-made costume your options are pretty limited.As long as you've got a printer, all hope isn't lost. Traditional Halloween Creature MasksIf you want to go the easy route and be one of the tried and true cast of characters, Mr.
Minecraft Steve MaskIf you've got a printer, cutting utensil, a cardboard box and some glue, making your own Minecraft Steve costume is simple. Mark Zuckerberg MaskSince his usual attire is just a hoodie and jeans, a Mark Zuckerberg mask makes for one of the easiest costumes ever. These make for a modern accent to hang in your home, can be worn for fun, or are killer photo booth props!

Guinea pigs are mostly described as a stocky and short rodent while hamsters are best described as burrowing rodent. Patrick Sullivan designed three print-and-fold masks for Vulture—one for Batman, Bane, and Catwoman.
Each mask has a downloadable file in both color and black-and-white versions so you can custom color it yourself if you want. Guinea pigs feeds on fresh grass hay and pellets while hamsters primarily feeds on fruits, vegetation, seeds and insects.
Check out our previous guide with over 100 free printable masks of animals, celebrities, political figures, and tons more.

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