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Anyway, I’ve been working for a number of months on one possible feature for Citation Machine that I suspect could greatly improve its functionality. Now, thanks to the conversations of dozens of programmers who are better than me, you just submit the form and CTRL-C for the bibliographic citation. This is what came to mind when I was browsing through my copy of MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers: Seventh Edition.
I found a section with descriptions for formatting parenthetical notes (endnotes or footnotes) about cited sources. If a parenthetical footnote is provided, then the footnotes box will appear here between the bibliographic and the in-text citations. It seems that when we are all overwhelmed by information, much of it from other people like us, it is note merely a courtesy to cite our sources, but it is a practical measure to justify and invite readers to judge our sources’ accuracy, reliability and validity. Comments about these pages should be directed to: Mike Hill, RSCC Learning Center Director. Frequently, Easy Search will lead you directly to an online version of the correct article.
Sometimes this screen will have a direct link to an a€?Article Matcha€? that you can choose.
This will take you to the journala€™s listing within the Online Journals & Databases tool. In-text citation of MLA style is made with the help of effective combining of paranthetical references and signal phrases. This guide presents important advice taken from 7th edition of MLA Handbook for Research papers writers.
Kwon says that the Fourth Amendment does not provide employees with any protections from employers’ “unreasonable seizures and searches” (17).

The system of MLA in-text citation heavily depends on the author’s name and numbers of the page. Fernand Lane reports that it is not obligatory for employers to use monitoring software for controlling employee’s web-usage. Companies are allowed to monitor every keystroke on the employees ‘ monitors without legal penalty, but as the result they may have to face low morality(Lane 563). There is one very popular keystroke logging program that performs its functions invisibly for workers and provide the supervisors with all details about employees’ activities online (“Automatically”). Before you assume that you don’t know the author of the Web source, conduct a piece of detective work. We should make it easy for our readers to check its appropriateness to the message of our writing. A signal phrase is a phrase that introduces the information taken from some source, such as a summary, quotation or fact.
In this case the author’s name can be found in the alphabetical list of cited works at the end of the paper.
Employers can also “use hidden video cameras that are pointed to employee’s monitor” or even place a camera “so that several monitors are seen at the same time” (247). If the author is unknown you may either use the title in a signal phrase or present a short its form in the parentheses. In many cases the author’s name does exist on the web page, it is just not so easy to find. The readers can learn the title of the work and other important information of publication there.
Although a lot of unprinted sources has unclear authorship and doesn’t hace page numbers at all, the rules for their citing are the same.

At the same time the parenthetical citation provides the number of the page in the book where the quoted words may be found. If there is no possibility to name the author in the signal phrase it is better to place the last name of the author together with the page number in the parentheses.
You can provide your citation with the number only in case of using online PDF-files that are numbered. However many instructors will still require page numbering to be sure where to look for the citation. In case if the consultation will be needed the page number will take the reader straight to the cited passage.
The model presented below shows what to do if your source doesn’t have author or page number. In case the source you are going to cite is sponsored by some government agency or corporation you should give their name as the author’s. It obligatory should include the page number of the source, except the cases of using unprinted sources found online. If the quotation has a question mark or exclamation point at the end it is advised to leave this punctuation inside the quotation mark and place the period at the end of the sentence.
If you have a possibility- introduce the cited material with indication of the author’s name in the signal phrase.
It will prepare readers for the source s well as allow the writer to keep the parenthetic citation brief.

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