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FYI, the browser automatically logs you in because it stores the username and password in a small file called cookie. Hotmail email address password: You need to type in the password twice and keep an eye on the password strength bar that will tell you whether the password is secure enough.
Provide the email address of your present account in the next "Alternate e-mail address" field. I ended up using LDIFDE to dump the attribute with ldapDisplayName=mail – it is called E-mail-Addresses. So, let’s go ahead and complete this by selecting E-mail-addresses [screenshot] instead of ms-Exch-Mail-Nickname.
You would need to make this change to other recipient types – like Group, Public Folder, and Contact. If your Exchange Org includes servers in different locales with different languages, you will need to make the above change(s) in the Display Templates for all of these.
I think the article was great because I have always assumed (and told people) it couldn’t be done. However, one thing that would be even greater would be the option of changing the fileds displayed in the GAL, not only the properties of an item in the GAL.

First, your mail server (also called SMTP server) will receive your email and form a list of all recipients.
First - go to your address book and create a new contact - in this example I'll call it My Friends but you may call it whatever you like. When forwarding an email, in message compose window you need to put My Friends contact in To field and all your friend addresses into the BCC field. Obviously, by doing it this way, you will also receive a copy of the email but at least it will look more stylish. Thus, to create another Hotmail email address you need have the sign up page displayed and this is only possible when the stored browser cookies are removed. By the way, if the form could not be submitted and was returned with error messages, simply follow the instructions; there is a high probability that you would have been unable to enter the wavy text correctly because the rest of the form is pretty simple.
The location of these objects on the actual form that’s displayed to the user is also shown as X and Y co-ordinates. Alternatively, in the templates where you do see extra space, you could perhaps add these as additional fields if you still want to show the Alias. Greek, and click the properties of the User and then Templates tab you get the correct naming of the attributes in greek.

If they were added into the BCC field the server would split the email into a few separate emails (the more recipients in BCC field, the more separate emails it would be split to). If you had checked "Remember my password" when you were logging in before, the browser will take you straight to your account and not show the Hotmail sign in page - refer image below. If you want further assistance and step by step instructions, please read the article corresponding to your browser - Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari.
You shall now be displayed an online form that you need to fill up and submit to create a second Hotmail email address. The Exchange Server 2003 Administration Guide has a little HOW TO procedure documented here. Once you've cleaned up the browser cookies, you can proceed to getting another free Hotmail email address. Now,click ‘Send fake mail’ and will go to compose email web page,fill in the sender and recipient email address,subject and content,then sending out the email.

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