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If you follow these laws for making citations you will be fine in avoiding plagarism and having a correct paper. Law Four If you asked ten people and only one or two even new what you were talking about then this is not common knowledge, cite it. Law Five If you are not certain whether you should cite something or not, cite it, but remember, this paper is suppose to be your ideas and interpretation of the information so citing everything is very bad.
All of the general bibliographic guides for Russia and those for the Slavic world in general will be important for historical research. This list will provide examples of all of these sources but will emphasize the bibliographic materials, as these are still basic to all historical research.
This is a superbly annotated guide to bibliographies on Russian history published up to 1917.
An index of authors, editors, compilers, and titles of sborniki and periodicals provides easy access to individual works. This scanned copy of the card catalog of the Russian National Library is an invaluable tool for anyone planning a trip to St.
The catalog includes citations to periodicals, dissertations, and maps as well as monographic works.
This catalog lists the holdings of eighteenth century Russian books in the libraries of the Russian Federation, specifically the State Historical Library (GPIB), the Russian National Library, the Russian State Library, the library of the Academy of Sciences (BAN) and the library at Moscow State University. As can be seen from this example, holdings at several institutions are listed, as is full bibliographic information.
This entry gives a good idea of the kind of information one can expect to find in Zaionchkovskii.
A general index of subjects, governmental bodies, organizations, and institutions concludes the book and aids in locating materials on very specific topics. Each volume of this bibliography focuses on a different topic or time period in Russian history, as viewed by Western historians. The second essay is entitled "Alfavitnyi ukazatel naselennykh punktov, opisannykh v izdaniiakh: 'Gorodskie poseleniia v Rossiiskoi imperii', 'Voenno-statisticheskoe obozrenie Rossiiskoi imperii' i 'Materialy dlia geografii i statistiki Rossii, sobrannye ofitserami General'nogo shtaba'". As can be seen from the chapter titles, this is more than an index of a few titles on population or simply a bibliography of publications on that subject. This unique bibliography provides a detailed record of all illegal publications of the 19th century. This extensive work lists the Russian publications of Catherine the Great issued through 1998.
Russkaia istoricheskaia bibliografiia: Ukazatel' knig i statei po russkoi i vseobshchei istorii i vspomogatel'nym naukam za 1800-1854. This is a catalog of the official and departmental publications held in the reference library of the Russian State Historical Archive. Over 3,000 works are included in this source tracing the history of Russia as it was written in other courntries. While this is an excellent source to research Western studies on Russia, it does have some peculiar gaps. Some entries are annotated, and brief biographical information is given for many historians.
This slim volume lists the holdings of the Social Sciences Library of the Academy of Sciences on World War I. This new historical encyclopedia reflects the changes in the study of Russian history since the downfall of the Soviet government.
The compilers note that they hav consulted archival materials and standard sources in the production of this source.
This encyclopedia is suited to a broad audience with its English language entries and extensive bibliographies. There are a number of sites on the world wide web that combine the resources of many encyclopedias, making several resources searchable at the same time. The one flaw in the material here is the lack of any illustrative materials in many of the sources.
With entries on over 450 ethnic groups, this source provides students and researchers with a good basic introduction to the ethnic minorities of the Russian and Soviet empires.
This is an excellent source for anyone interested in the political movements in Russian in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
Entries are quite extensive providing a brief history of each of the parties, its development and liquidation. The first step in setting up an MLA paper is to understand the basic elements of an MLA paper.
There are a number of formatting issues to consider, including font type and size, margins, indent styles and line spacing.
When you use the PERRLA for MLA desktop software to create your MLA formatted paper, it automatically sets up the first page of your paper and sets all of those hard to find settings like margins, fonts, indents and line spacing. When you directly or indirectly quote someone else's research, you have to give them credit so someone reading your paper can look up the information you provided, AND so you can avoid being kicked out of school for plagiarism. Usually a citation will include the author's last name, the year of publication and the page number where you found the information you are using.
When you sync your work cited, it is uploaded to the PERRLA servers and is available to download.
The first thing we need to do, to make our lives easier, is to turn on formatting marks, so we can see where page breaks and carriage returns are located. In Word 2000 – 2003, the button is found on the standard tool bar at the top of the Word window. On the Home tab of Word, click the Align Center button on the Paragraph section of the Home tab. To set the Hanging Indent in Word 2007 or 2010, click the little arrow in the right hand corner of the Paragraph section of the Home tab to open the Paragraph options.
In the Indentation section, choose Hanging from the [Special:] dropdown menu, then click OK. To set the Hanging Indent in Word 2011 for Mac, click the Format menu, then select Paragraph to open the Paragraph options. Now you are ready to copy and paste the reference that was emailed from the PERRLA Mobile for MLA app. In your paper, make sure your cursor is in the correct location on the work cited page, and then use the CTRL+V (Win) CMD+V (Mac) keyboard shortcut to paste the reference.
To confirm that the reference is properly formatted, make sure that the indent is correct and the font is Times New Roman at 12 points. The little arrow at the top (First Line Indent) should be flush with the left margin (represented by gray colored part of the ruler) and the little arrow point up (Hanging Indent) should be at the ? inch mark with the little square (Left Indent). To add additional references, place the cursor at the end of the reference you just added and press the enter key. To add the citations to your paper, copy the citation from the email and paste it into the body of your paper in the correct location. In cases where there are multiple works by the same author, PERRLA Mobile will provide a second citation to use to distinguish the source. Remember, PERRLA will properly format your works cited and citations, but proper usage of the provided information is KEY to getting a good grade. The work is written in Turkish with large naskhi script in black ink on 90 leaves of delicate finished (aharlA±) paper. This work was made for the Treasury of Sultan Murad III, and the quality of its paintings, its binding and its calligraphy make it one of the greatest works of Ottoman art created for a sultan.
A contemporary copy of an illustrated cosmography, and perhaps the earliest to survive of the great geographer Ibn al-Wardi (d.
The work has also been attributed to an earlier author, Zayn al-Din Abu Hafs a€?Umar Ibn al-Muzaffar Ibn al-Wardi, who died in 1348 AD, but according to the 1479 and 1487 copies of the Kharidat, this author would pre-date the original work. Though the identity of the author is still uncertain, at the very least the physical evidence of our copy would indicate either that it is a very early edition of the later Ibn al-Wardi, perhaps copied within a few years of the original, or that it is an edition of the earlier author, completed within less than a century of his death. Islamic sacred geography differs from the Ptolemaic tradition in that it does not employ cartographic grids, or longitude and latitude scales; as a rule, these used Mecca and the Kaa€?ba as the center of the world. Between the 12th and 16th centuries, the study of Islamic geography often extended to include cosmology, cosmogony, astrology and similar subjects, rather than the production of purely geographical works that were characteristic of earlier periods.
In addition to the two dated copies mentioned earlier, further copies of the Kharidat al-`Ajaa€™ib include one in the Vatican Library dating to the 18th century, one of a similar date (1778 AD) in the National Library of the Czech Republic, as well as one in the Library of Congress, which is undated.
The following excerpts are taken out of a work older then 968 when Cairo became the capital. The land of the Zinji lies opposite to that of Sind; between the two intervenes the breadth of the Sea of Persia.
Aden, nice town, where the ships of India and China come, one finds there all the products of the eastern countries, brought there from different places, silk, arms, kaimoukt (kind of leader) , musk, aoud (aloes wood), several aromatics, ivory, ebony, clothes of grass, estimated higher is value then those of silk, lead, pearls, precious stones, the zoubad (civet) and amber. Concerning the lands in the southern hemisphere; they start with the lands of the Sudan or the Blacks, which extends up to the extremity of the Mogreb or Africa, towards the big sea, there are many deserts there where there is nobody. The Zindges; their country is the biggest of the countries the Blacks live in, at one side it touches Abyssinie. The island of Camar or the island of the Moon, very long and very large, one says 4 months walking east to west; there is a town called Han, where the king resides. There you do not see anymore the pole star, or the big bear, and the waves are big as mountains.
He calls the area south of the sources of the Nile: Rub'a al-Kharab, one of the richest regions in the world.
He describes Zanzibar as peopled by idolaters who boasted no code of writing (meaning no revealed religion) but were accustomed to being harangued (meaning they get speeches) by leaders of society in the marked places.
One finds at Sofala a big amount of gold, in very pure nuggets and each nugget (tibra) can be 2 to 3 mithcals.
Oriented with the South at the top, it shows the known world as a sphere surrounded by the Encircling Sea, which is enclosed by mountains. An important cosmography composed for the Mamluk na'ib of Aleppo Shahin, Arabic manuscript on paper, 178ff. A A  The land of the Zinji lies opposite to that of Sind; between the two intervenes the breadth of the Sea of Persia. A A A  The Zinji are extremely numerous, through deficient in the means of carrying on war. A A A  Concerning the lands in the southern hemisphere; they start with the lands of the Sudan or the Blacks, which extends up to the extremity of the Mogreb or Africa, towards the big sea, there are many deserts there where there is nobody. A  The island of Camar or the island of the Moon, very long and very large, one says 4 months walking east to west; there is a town called Han, where the king resides.
A A A  He describes Zanzibar as peopled by idolaters who boasted no code of writing (meaning no revealed religion) but were accustomed to being harangued (meaning they get speeches) by leaders of society in the marked places.
A A A  One finds at Sofala a big amount of gold, in very pure nuggets and each nugget (tibra) can be 2 to 3 mithcals.
Anytime you are referencing another person's work or using a quote from some other person's work you have to create a work cited page for the references and make citations.
The following tutorial gives you the best information about making in- text citations and working with papers that require some sort of quotes or information form sources that have provided you with additional information for your paper.
If you have not consulted them, it is wise to examine them before looking at the guides for specific disciplines.
Many will include information on archives, particularly on guides to the historiographic literature. Frequently, the other sources mentioned above can be identified using a good bibliographic source. This is such a broad subject that it will be discussed in a separate section that is currently under development. However, the compilers frequently supply information on the topic, society or individual that is the subject of the section.
For those looking for information on the membership of a certain organization, academic institution, military unit or government agency, Zaionchkovskii will provide the most complete list of resources.
The first volume, published in 1964 is devoted to general works on Russian history up to the 18th century.
Pechatnye istochniki perioda Rossiiskoi Imperii (1721-1917 gg.) Sbornik bibliograficheskikh materialov. This is followed by "Vidy gorodov i drugikh naselennykh punktov i izdanii 'Zhivopisnaia Rossiia'.
This is a volume that can be used to locate regional maps or illustrations as well as statistical data.
Each entry in annotated in detail and divided into several parts that indicate the chronological period of the publication, its content, supplementary materials. It often seems that the compiler included material judged to have historical significance, as well as those writings that would be called strictly historical in nature.
It is a very thorough compilation of bibliographical materials listing some Western sources that date from the 18th century.
For example, The Modern Encyclopedia of Russian and Soviet History (MERSH) is not included here.
It lists in one source the published Western bibliographical resources on Russian history issued up to 1991. Many emigre figures who would never have been included in a Soviet publication can be found here, discussed in detail. Anyone seeking historical information on religion, economics, culture, diplomacy, military history or biography will find this a rich source. The arrangement is standard alphabetical, with each volume adding a list of abbreviations and maps. The volumes cover a wide range of historical topics from culture to government to the press. This site attempts to accomplish this for a number of encyclopedias and encyclopedic dictionaries. If the user clicks on the name of the encyclopedia, supporting information on the source will appear.
There are a number of useful indexes including a chronological index of societies, a geographical index, an index of names, and an alphabetical index of periodical publications.
The compiler has developed his list of ethnic groups based on linguistic, rather than ethnic or religous distinctions.
There are entries on political parties, their publications, and major figures in political movements. This is the default setting when creating a paper in Microsoft Word, so you shouldn't have to alter it. First is the author byline (your name), followed by your instructor's name on the next line.
When you launch the PERRLA desktop application, it automatically checks for any newly uploaded works cited and downloads them into your reference database. This means that the first sentence of a paragraph is flush with the left margin and all the sentences after it are indented half an inch. You should also compare the formatting, (italics etc.) to the format of the reference on your mobile device, as some email applications send or receive email in plain text and the formatting can be lost.
If the citation is at the end of the sentence, include it inside the period that ends the sentence.
Within are 55 miniatures depicting subjects in the text, some of them one to a page and some two. The type of paper used here, which is a style associated with 14th and 15th century Spain, and the style of calligraphy which points to a 14th century hand, suggest this copy was produced during the 14th or 15th century, and may thus indicate the earlier authorship. The tradition is generally associated with 10th century scholars such as al-Balkhi, al-Istakhri, al-Muqaddasi, Ibn Hawqal, and the ninth century geographer Ibn Khurdadhbeh (d. These cosmological works seem to have been produced for the average lay reader as organized compendia of world knowledge, rather than critical scientific works, and relied heavily on earlier sources. 64r, shows the direction of prayer to qiblah [Mecca] from different countries, seen here in 35 sectors. Several inscriptions on the inside of the front doublure exist in a later maghribi hand; one of these refers to one unidentified individual by the name of Ibn al-Maa€™mun.
There are also several examples in the Chester Beatty Library, dating from the 16th to the 18th centuries; and several examples are cited in C. Others are his stories taken from Masa€™udi (without mentioning his name) in which the Zenj warriors ride on cattle. It is said that their king goes forth to battle with three thousand followers, ridding on oxen.

In the north there is a mountain who goes from one sea to the other, leaving two wholes through which the boats can pass, this town (Aden) is 4 days away from the Zendges.
That island produces nardgil or coconuts, sugarcane, one makes there clothes of grass, as beautiful as from silk, one builds boats of 60 elbows long, that carry 200 men.
Mecca, the focal point of all spatial references, is near the center of the Arabian Peninsula, which is embraced by the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea in the shape of a crescent moon to signify the unity of the celestial and terrestrial worlds, a unity of conjoined sacredness.
While obviously these maps were produced after the European a€?early medievala€? period, they still reflect the medieval world view of the Arab cartographers. The purpose of this section is not to list every historical resource available; the list is by no means comprehensive.
Individual entries for historians often include biographical materials as well as bibliography.
So, for example, in the section on the Russkoe arkheologichesko obshchestvo there is basic information on the founding of the society. Each chapter of the bibliography is devoted to some area of historiography, from the historiography of world history to the historiography of the history of feudal Russia. However, the microfiche edition contains a supplement of periodical titles and holdings for the Russian National Library. It is possible to search not only by title or name, but also by organization, years of publication, place of publication, country of publication and language. The types of sources are quite different from those you will find on the same topic in a source like Istoriia SSSR. The first, entitled "Pechatnye istochniki po istorii naselennykh punktov Rossiiskoi imperii (1721-1917 gg.)", lists all the sources that will be described in detail in the succeeding essays.
The bibliographies were compiled on the basis of the collection of the library of the Russian Imperial Academy of Sciencesin St. Thus the first volume includes references to the publications of the Duma, the State Senate and the Holy Synod.
As with many of its Russian counterparts, this guide includes indexes of journals and biographical materials on Western historians. On the other hand, one of the more useful inclusions in this source is the list of indexes of history periodicals.
New publications can best be identified by checking an online library catalog, or by searching such sources as ABSEES or the Russian National or State Library catalogs. If the reader is aware of how this will affect the interpretation in the encyclopedia, it is still a valuable resource. It is a useful biographical source, again with the scholar alwayskeeping in mind the restrictions imposed by censorship that affect the content and choice of entries. Among the sources that are searched are Dal's Tol'kovyi Slovar', the Bol'shaia Sovetskaia Entsiklopediia, the Brokgauz and Efron encyclopedia, an historical dictionary Istoriia Otechestva, and the encyclopedias of Moscow and St.Peterburg. The Illiustrirovannyi Slovar' contained illustrations and there were maps and some charts for the Istoriia Otechestva. The compiler has included references to publications that did not survive the turbulent years of the Revolution using other indexes to identify this information. Olsen has drawn heavily on Wixman's The people of the USSR: an ethnographic handbook (1984). PERRLA makes this process a breeze because it has hundreds of options to choose from when you create the works cited for the citation. On pages 1ba€“2a two round medallions carry an inscription stating the worka€™s subject and saying that it was prepared for the Treasury of Sultan Murad III (r.
This work sums the geographical knowledge of the Arabic world of the time, referring to climate, terrain, fauna and flora, population, way of living, existing states and their governments in individual regions of the world.
In addition to a compendium of place names, seas and mountains, the author has also included a description of the flora and fauna of the places he describes. 912 AD) who devised the earliest known geographical work using the Kaa€?ba as the center of the world in his Kitab al-Masalik waa€™l-Mamalik. The text and map in the manuscript suggest a medieval precursor; old place names and archaic descriptions occur frequently.
The final page bears a partial reference to the owner or scribe of the manuscript, whose name appears to be al-Qawariqi. They worship idols, are brave, hardy and fight in battle riding oxen, as their country supplies neither horses, mules, nor camels. Turkish Constantinople is a red crescent a€?walla€? or barrier against the a€?people of the crossa€?.
His first chapter is almost entirely based on Yaquta€™s geography.A  As a result, those trying to date his work start from c. A But he promised me on his returnA back to the United States I would be the first media personality to interview him in New York City.A  I never will forget how confident he was that he would return victorious. Biographical and genealogical sources are frequently included in historical bibliographies, as are sources on heraldry and archives. Rather, the goal is to list sources that can act as finding aids for historical research and to make the scholar aware of the range of sources available.
The second part is devoted to the activities of scholarly organizations and historical societies. As with the scanned catalogs of the Jagiellonian University Library or the Czech National Library, access is by "main entry", i.e. The latter seems somewhat peculiar given that this is a database of Russian language publications. The volume closes with "Kartograficheskie istochniki po istorii otdel'nykh mestnostei i naselennykh punktov Rossiiskoi imperii". Thus, while the number of items listed in the bibliography is 4,791, it includes references to a far greater number of publications. It also includes references to some archival sources, such as Grimsted's invaluable guides on the subject.
It not only lists the societies and basic information about them, it serves as an index to the contents of their publications.
The disadvantage of not having examined the works de visu is outweighed by the historical importance of presenting a complete picture of the history of Russia's learned societies. For example, the entries on various divisions of the army end with a list of the commanding officers. The author also speaks about Slavs and their lifestyle and mentions al-Mahdiyya as the residence of the Fatimid dynasty.
Throughout the work, the author refers to various historians and geographers, such as al-Masa€?udi (d. These geographical works neglected to include coordinates or to employ mathematical geography in the maps, and bear great similarity to the simpler-produced maps of medieval Europe. The region between North Africa and Syria is associated with the northwest wall of the Ka`ba, with a qiblah from east to south. At the top, Africa is extended the length of the Indian Ocean, but unlike Ptolemya€™s map, here the continent does not enclose the ocean.
Other sources for historical research include chronologies, historical atlases, dictionaries of terminology, and subject encyclopedias. This guide is the best place to start a search for bibliographies on any historical subject before 1917.
Since entries are well annotated, the scholar will have a clear picture of the scope of each work cited as can be seen in the entries below reproduced from p. Volume four focuses on the Napoleonic wars and volume five, published in 2001 is devoted to the reign of Alexander I. Many of these titles were multivolume sets that until this publication were very difficult to use. Volume eight includes an index of organizations, intellectual circles, illegal publishers and a name index. Its arrangement provides the scholar with a view of the development of the study of this period both before and after the Revolution. History is defined broadly here and there are entries on topics of interest to those researching the history of education, art, law and many other subjects. It is also a helpful tool for the scholar, providing basic information and bibliography on so many subjects. Nevertheless, the abiltiy to search so many sources in one place, by entering one term is very useful.
Each entry includes the name of the society, its charge, activities, and publications, and cites literature about it. The work, which was written by the court panegyrist (Azehnameci) Sayyid Loqman AAYuri, consists of two main sections.
The region between Iraq and Afghanistan is connected with the northeast wall of the Ka`ba and has a qiblah from south to west. The Nile, drawn in red, takes a right-angle turn, possibly reflecting the rivera€™s great bend. Biographies of historians are also to be found in a variety of specialized resources many of which are listed in the section below on Russian historical biography.
This is because they contain the best annotations and clearest listings of historical resources. The compilers of this volume have analyzed the contents of these sets and organized them in the context of their relation to each inhabited place in Russia in the 19th century. Each entry is very thorough providing complete citation information.One of the features of the citations is the inclusion of location information. In those cases where the contents of the publications of a society are listed in a separate publication, the compiler has indicated where the contents can be found.
The first begins with the universe and the signs of the zodiac and continues with stories taken from the Torah, the New Testament, and the Qura€™an which tell of the lives of prophets and those who rendered service to the faith. Its sense of proportion is highly schematic, and the location of certain places is rather unusual, but al-Andalus [Spain], Qustantaniyyah [Constantinople] and the River Nile are all approximately where one might expect. India, Tibet and China are associated with the Black Stone in the eastern corner of the Ka`ba, with a qiblah pointing slightly northwest. Snow is not know among them, nor rain, which is commonly the case with the greater part of the country of the blacks. They have islands in the sea, from which they collect cowries to adorn their persons, and they use them in traffic one with another, at an established rate. Emigre resources are treated in a separate section as are the materials for Russian literature. All items cited are in the Russian National Library and provide a view of how the West viewed Russia. So, for example, the basic publication information on the set Gorodskoe poseleniia v Rossiiskoi Imperii is listed in the first essay under the title. This is a valuable new source for anyone doing research on Imperial Russia and planning research in the Russian Federation. So, for example, Komarova cites the Sbornik Istoriko-filologicheskogo obshchestva pri Kharkovskom universitete, and rather than listing the contents, she notes that they are listed in Sistematicheskii ukazatel' k periodicheskim izdaniam istoriko-filologicheskogo obshchestva pri Kharkovskom universitete (1953).
The original work is said to have been completed around the year 1419 AD, as stated on the earliest known copy which is dated 1479 AD (cited in R.
The world is shown surrounded by water, with an outer boundary of mountains, seen here as the polychrome outer border.
A fourth region, the Yemen, the Hadramawt, Aden and Socotra are linked with the southern corner of the Ka`ba, with a qiblah pointing north. They have no ships, but traders come in vessels from Uman, to buy their children, whom they sell in different countries. Those electronic resources that are included will act as "portals" to other resources on specific historical topics. The result returned will be a list of possible entry points for the catalog, rather like the tabs on index cards. In second essay there is a listing of every town that appears in that volume, with a volume and page reference to the entry.
A list of all the references and a supplement to the other volumes make up the content of volume nine. The first part ends with genealogical trees of the Prophet Muhammad, the Four Orthodox Caliphs, and the sultans and high officials of Muslim dynasties such as the Umayyads, the a€?Abbasids, the early Islamic period, the Ghaznawids, the Ilkhanids, the Seljuqs and the Timurids. Sellheim, Arabische Handschriften: Materialen zur Arabischen Literaturgeschichte, Wiesbaden, 1976-87, Vol. In addition to the extensive chapter on geography, the Kharidat al-`Ajaa€™ib contains a chapter on the types of birds and other animals that exist in the places that the author has described. Those seeking material specific to the fine arts will find them in the section on Russian arts. The entries all include general information on the topic, placing it in historical context. The second part opens with Sultan Osman, the founder of the Ottoman dynasty, and goes up to Sultan Murad III, with 12 portraits of Ottoman sultans. The inclusion of a small section explaining the game of chess, including a detailed drawing, has not been recorded in other copies of Ibn al-Wardia€™s cosmography. The inhabitants are infidels, and the tartars among the blacks, consisting of savage tribes of freebooters, who continually take captive and plunder every thing that falls in their way. In recent works from about 2000 on the Ibn al-Wardi concerned is often called pseudo Ibn al Wardi.
In their country the river divides; one branch going towards Egypt, and the other to the country of the Zinji. Some of the later volumes may be the most interesting as they are to include the publications of all "extra-ministerial, social, scientific, cultural and popular institutions" (p.12). The paper of the present manuscript can be clearly located to Spain no later than the middle of the 15th century. It is an extensive district, and mines of iron are found in it, which the people of the country work and sell to the traders from India, who give a high price for it, on account of it being harder and of better temper than that which they obtain in their own country, and they purify it and make it into steel, which admits to a durable edge. The most remarkable produce of this country is its quantity of native gold that is found, in pieces of two or three Meskalla weight; in spite of which, the natives generally adorn their persons with ornaments of brass. A My second week at the course I got in early and became bored while waiting for my homeboys.
A My teammates and coaches were often challenged by my "Just give me the ball and get the hell out of my way" attitude.
A I was not the best athlete on the field or on the court, but I thought I was.A When the game was on the line I wanted the ball in my hands. A A It was a hot evening and the constant in and out of the woods was not a pleasant undertaking. What I thought would be a nine-hole outing turned into eighteen holes and a White House visit and a Presidential appointment in 1969. General William Rogers, Hattie, President Nixon and HBA Petey and I would become great friends and in 1965 we would meet again.
A The United Planning Organization a self-help community organization was hiring "Neighborhood Workers." A They hired three, me, Petey and H. A Two years later Rap would be named Chairman of the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee.
A I would become a Roving Leader (Youth Gang Task Force) for the DC Recreation Department and Petey would find his new home in radio at WOL.
A Three UPO "Neighborhood Workers" would go on to establish their own independent idenities. A Petey would win 2 Emmy Awards and in 2007 there was a feeble attempt to do his life story on the big screen. He is now in jail serving a life sentence for the murder of a black Deputy Sherrif in Fulton County, Georgia. Brian McIntyre.A  He was sitting almost alone and there was no one waiting in line (compared to today's media circus). A  I looked down and notice that all the white media were seated on one side of half-court and all the blacks were seated on the other side of the half-court line. He stepped in front of me and said "I got it."A It would be the start of the 4th quarter that Mark returned to the press table table and apologize for his unprofessional actions. A There were other mistakes like someone thought a black Judy Holland was VP material---far from it. A It took a minute but in the meantime, he was making an effort to bring about change in his own way. A But according veteran (32 years) sports writer Bill Rhoden of the New York Times, progress in sports media pressrooms around the country are on a slow boat to China.A His recent appearance on the widely acclaimed television news show Meet the Press, he said, "the NBA, NFL and MLB are still dragging their feet.

Media pressrooms at Deadline are still the last plantations.A A Pioneering broadcaster and former NBA CBS basketball analyst Sonny Hill and now a sports talk show host on WIP Radio in Philadelphia said, "I am not surprised by Rhoden's statement, very little has changed in media pressrooms. A One of the problems there is no networking among blacks who have moved it up the ladder." A That is an understatement. A  The copy rights for Inside Sports is own by News Week Magazine and it is own by the Washington Post. A A First, there was a a problem with the PR Men from hell, Brian Sereno and Matt Williams. A A It was brought to my attention that Sereno was disrespecting the ladies of The Roundball Report. A The meeting was set before a Wizard's game in the press louge but Scott Hall was the lead man. A He listened and we disagreed on some points but when we walked away from the table we were on the same page.
A The community and everyone in it was a friend, the old and the young, the black and the white and the healthy and the lame. A I was honored to speak at his retirement held at the arena just before the Bullets moved to Washington and changed their name to the Wizards.A Denny Gordon was in ticket sales and it seem like he knew everyone who brought a ticket. A He was made the scapegoat after being sold out by his assisstant coach Bernie Bickerstaff and others.
A The meeting revolved around a charity all-star game scheduled for the Bahamas, the island home of NBA star Mycal Thompson.
A Magic Johnson was one of All-Stars participating.A Representatives from the NBA included VP Ron Thorne, Legal Counsel Gary Bettman and head of security Horace Balmer.
A A Gary Bettman is the Commissioner of the NHL, Thorne is somewhere lurking in the NBA, Balmer has since retired and Magic is a role model for Black America?
A A The short lived existence of basketball legend Michael Jordan as a Wizard's player and Executive in the front office. A After the story broke he and several teammates made light of it during introductions of a game.
A He was eventually suspended for most of the 2009a€“10 season.A The thing that I find disturbing about this Donald Sterling charade is that folks are acting like they were surprised by his rants against blacks. A A I also notice the same "Old faces and voices" are called on to respond to the racist acts by men like Sterling---when they are a part of the problem .
A He and Sterling were good friends because "Birds of a feather flock together." A  Check Magic's history out and you will discover the two have a lot in common.
A Magic's claim to be a minority owner of the LA Dodgers is another sham (token black face). James Brown (CBS Sports) another mis-guilded brother claiming to be a minority baseball owner and an expert on racism. A He did finally admit on the late George Michael Show (Sports Machine) "I have no say in making baseball decisions as a minority owner." A His role as a minority owner is to be paraded out on Opening Day as the black face to read the starting line-ups.
A A This is the same Michael Wilbon that I had at least two recent conversations about the use of the N word as a term of endearment. A I have to give him credit, he will at least talk to me face to face and not behind my back. A I tried to explain that his rationale that his grandfather's use the word as a term of endearment does not make it right today. A I told him he should not go on national television saying it is okay to use the N word among friends and family. A It gives bigots like Donald Sterling the Green Light to do the same among his friends and family. A Plus, Michael told me he was not going to appear on the ESPN Show Outside the Lines because the white host had no horse in the race!
A A I wish that Magic, James, Michael and the rest of the media experts would defer to black men like Hank Aaron, Dr. A But they wear the battle scars and have been on the front lines of the civil rights movement in real life and in the sports arenas of America.
A In other words, they have been there and done that.A I guess that is wishful thinking, especially when everyone wants to be an expert on television.
A In the meantime, they don't know their asses from a hole in the ground but the beat goes on and on.
A Auerbach would go a step further in the 1966-67 NBA season, when he stepped A down after winning nine titles in 11 years, and made Bill Russell player-coach. A A trailblazers, RED AND DOTIE AUERBACHi»? ON INSIDE SPORTSA Russell would eventually be the first black to win an NBA championship.
A There are far too many crying "Foul" and playing the victims in this charade, to include some NBA owners.A Let me start with my homeboy, the great Elgin Baylor who was the Clippers GM for over 2 decades. His teams were perennial losers on the court and in attendance, but he picked up his check every two weeks and kept his mouth shut. A A In his deposition, Elgin spoke about what he called Sterling's 'plantation mentality,' alleging the owner in the late 1990s rejected a coaching candidate, Jim Brewer, because of race. A Talking about an organization needing a change of name and a face-lift---meet Leon Jenkins.A Jenkins seen above at a press conference trying to explain why the li»?ocal branch was honoring Sterling during the 100th Anniversary of the organization next month. A A He explained the previous award had been approved by the man he replaced and he just went along to get along. A A Sterling won't be the first to sleep black and think white when it comes to sex, politics and money. Slave owners lived by the credo and in modern day history there was the late Senator Strom Thurmond.
A Nike NBA rep John Phillips and I met with VP Rod Thorn, League Counsel Gary Bettman and Head of League Security, Horace Balmer. A The meeting centered around whether Magic Johnson, Mycal Thompson and a group of NBA All-Stars would be allowed to travel to the Bahamas for a charity basketball game without league approval. The game had been played in the Bahamas the previous year without incident or controversy.A It was obvious that there was a power-play being made by the league office to cancel the game.
Thorn open the meeting by asking who was going to be responsible if one of the players was hurt during the game?
A Magic suggested that the topic of conversation just might be centered around an injury to a player.
I tried to explain that playing the game was no different then one of the players participating in a pick-up game on a New York City playground in the off season. A What is this some kind of plantation?"A The room went silent and Horace Balmer the only other black in the room just shook his head and seem to be lost for words. A Thorn called off the discussion and promised to get back to us but he never did.A In the meantime, Magic Johnson disappeared and changed his number. A Mycal was a class act but his hands were tied when Magic decided to do his Houdini act.A Gary Bettman now runs the NHL, Ron Thorn is still in the NBA somewhere calling the shots, Horace Balmer has since retired and Magic is the face (black) in the middle of the Donald Sterling charade. A When all is said and done, the real victim despite all of her baggage is the girlfriend (The Whistle Blower) V.
A NBA Commissioner Adam Silver during his annoucement as it related to the punishment of Donald Sterling apologize to black NBA pioneers Earl Lloyd, Chuck Cooper and Magic Johnson. A He reminds me of the controversial Celebrity Chef Paula Deen who alledgely use The N word to describe her love for black folks. A  How should we expect her to know if she has never walked in our shoes ?A  When it is a part of your DNA it is difficult to rid yourself of the gene.A  A One morning I was watching Ms.
This award was longed overdue and I wonder why it took the NAACP so long to finally recognized Mr. Belafonte in accepting the award asked, "Where are today's black leaders?A  Our children's blood is still running in our streets---there is work still to be done. The coalition stated it will urge President Obama to mention an urban jobs plan in his state of the Union speech on February 12th----Good luck! Ben Carson of John Hopkins University Hospital.A  His prayer and message was centered around health care, the economy, American debt, and tax reform, thus taking dead aim at President Obama's platform for the nation. Carson spend 25 minutes talking about the nation's ills and solutions with the President sitting less than 5 feet from him.A  When all was said and done, President Obama was not looking so Presidential! Carson set the record straight from the very beginning.A  He made it clear he was not taking any wooden nickels.
In 2010, he became that series' youngest driver and the first black driver to win a race at Greenville-Pickens Speedway. A close friend of mine that has been partially paralyzed by strokes, pays for aids to "help".
If they show up, they usually just sit and do nothing, root through her jewelry and personal effects, and some have been caught stealing jewelry. One was there when she collapsed with another stroke, and instead of calling for help, she called her boyfriend and left, leaving her patient to manage on her own. It runs M - F from 10am - Noon and starting on Monday July 22 will repeat from 4pm - 6pm each day. My opinions about Tiger Woods or any other issue are mine and I could give a damn about what Feinstein or anybody else things about them.
In their prime at theA Washington Post, they were among the best sports writers in the country. A I was up close and personal with the sports department.A Kindred and Chad were talented writers but you could not trust them, Cornheiser and Feintstein's talent, they easily blended in with the landscape of the paper. A Feinstein called Wilbon the biggest ass kisser in sports media, if that is true he had great teacher in Cornheiser. A When Solomon tried to kick Cornheiser to the curve (fire him) in the 80s he was able to move to the Style section of the paper. A One black female Washington Post columnist wrote a book titled "Plantation on the Potomac." A She was describing her employer. A Hopefully, they were asked to participate and were of the same mindset as Wilbon not comfortable with Mr. A Goodell makes more than any player in the NFL and he never has to make a tackle or catch a pass.A The owners recent pay out to the players for injuries suffered on their watch was peanuts compared to the billions they make year in and year out. A When he refused a request by his mother to cease using the word and a similar plea by poet Myra Angelo.
Martin Luther Kinga€™s 1963 march on Washington and 46 years since his assassination in Memphis, Tenn.
With the high-scoring Macauley, elite passer Cousy, and new prodigy Sharman, Auerbach had a core that provided high-octane fast-break basketball.
In the next years until 1956, the Celtics would make the playoffs every year, but never won the title. Brown was desperate to turn around his struggling and financially strapped franchise, which was reeling from a 22a€“46 record.[5]A The still young but already seasoned Auerbach was made coach.
A Nike NBA rep John Phillips and I met with VP Rod Thorn, League Counsel Gary Bettman and Head of League Security, Horace Balmer.A The meeting centered around whether Magic Johnson, Mycal Thompson and a group of NBA All-Stars would be allowed to travel to the Bahamas for a charity basketball game without league approval. A He was right on point.A To this day I think Magic had a previous discussion with the league office.
James Gholson, Red Auerbach, Biff Carter, Jessie Chase, Morgan Wooten, Everett Cookie Payne Sr., Frank Bolden, Dr. Leo Hill, Roper McNair, Earl Alfred, Maxwell Honemond, Tilman Sease, William Roundtree, Charlie Baltimore, Jaky Mathews, Ferdinand Day, Nick Turner, Walter Brooks, Ted McIntye, and my saviors, Dave Brown and Bighouse Gaines.A  They knew their Xs and Os, but more important, they were there for our highs and lows.A  Where have all those flowers gone? We never could have made it without them.I have given up on the Pigskin Club, but keeping hope alive for the DC Recreation Department and the Roving Leader Program. BELL 12-25-1940---8-1-2013A A GOOD COP WHO BROKE THE CODE OF SILENCE IN THE WASHINGTON, DC POLICE DEPARTMENT. A The real Serpico is seen leaving the Bronx Courthouse alone after testifying before the Knapp Commission on wide spread police corruption in the department.
A In the old days police A would carry a "drop knife---an inexpensive weapon cops would bring along on patrol to drop onto or next to suspect that they had taken out so that they could say that he had threaten them. A Today you don't even need to do that; all that you have to do is justify the use of deadly force if you are a police officer is to say that you feared for your life, for whatever reason. If the victim dies, that just means there will one less witness around to contradict the test-lie.
A In the case of Officer Michael Slager of the North Charleston police, it appears he was being extra-carefulto cover his tracks. A Probably he could have gotten away with simply declaring, as he did in the radioed report, that Walter Scott "took my taser," and that would have probably have sufficed to exonerate him.
A But Slager having shot Scott eight times in the back--as everyone can see in the now famous video--perhaps felt that he needed a little help explaining what he was up to.
A So apparently dropped his Taser next to Scott's body, which would obviously help to make the case that Scott "Took my taster."A If you think that what happen in North Charleston is a unique case, its not. A Only recently, in another case, a policewoman in Pennsylvania first Tasered a black man then shot him twice in the back as he lay face down in the snow. A Unless honesty is rewarded more often then corruption, the police will lose credibility altogether. A I wrote a letter to President Bill Clinton in 1994 addressing this very issue, saying that honest cops have never been rewarded, and maybe there ought to be a medal for them, he wrote back but nothing change.
A If enough testi-lying is uncovered, then who is going to believe the police even when they are telling the truth? A A Until now the shoot first fear of my life mantra has eliminated any cause for concern in the taking of life by police.
A When a civilian committs a crime, every nuance is looked at, the better to "throw the book at" the suspect. A The other day I got a letter from a journalist in Argentina who was complaining about police and judicial corruption there. A I wrote back to him, there are good cops, even where you live, but if the good cops don't want to be painted with the same broad brush as the bad cops, they need to come forward and expose the guys who are doing bad things. A Take New York City detective who was caught on camera recently abusing an Uber driver with threats and foul language, A This was truly disgusting behavior.
Yet predictably enough the detective union leader, Michael Palladino, was out there making excuses for him, suggesting that, well, it was only one incident, and everyone has a bad day. A Afterward Police Commissioner William Bratton announced he was removing the detective's shield and placing him temporarily on desk duty while an investigation is conducted . A But this man needs to be demoted to uniform at the very least, or "back in the bag" as we use to say. A Imagine what he is capable of doing under the cover of darkness if he can talk to someone like that in broad daylight.
A There are plenty legitimate incidents where police believe, correctly, that their lives are in danger. A I was in a few of those situations myself during the course of my career.A But unless the police forces and society as a whole take action we're not going to be able to distinguish between the legititimate claims and made-up testimony. A A long time ago Norman Rockwell painted a famous picture of a friendly neighborhood cop bending down to help a little boy.
A For example; I could name someone who is a great athlete but a lousy human being or I could name someone who is a great human being but not a great athlete.
A Heading the list is Muhammad Ali (The Greatest), Red Auerbach (NBA), Dave Bing (NBA), Lenny Moore (NFL), Bert R. Sugar (Boxing), Lee Jones (NBA), Roy Jefferson (NFL) and Harold McLinton (NFL), finding pro athletes like them today are far, few and in-between. A And that is a sad commentary when you think about the hundreds of men and women I have interviewed on Inside Sports and worked with as a youth advocate (Kids In Trouble). Moore, LB Dave Robinson (2013 NFL Hall of Fame inductee) and WR Roy Jefferson host KIT toy party.
A Sam Jones (NBA), Lenny Moore (NFL) and Roy Jefferson (NFL) participate in KIT clothing drive for needy children at Union Station. A Bert Sugar (Boxing) receives KIT Life Time Achievement Award and Dave Bing (NBA) pays tribute to KIT Saturday Program All-Stars.I had the opportunity to hear an interview on Sirius A XM Radio (channel 126) on the Maggie Linton Show recently, her guest was NFL Washington Pro football player, wide receiver Peirre Garcon. A I have not been very impressed with todaya€™s pro athletes and their give back commitment to their family, friends and community. A He has three older sisters making him the youngest and the only one born in the United States.His father died when he was 4 years old leaving his mother to raise him and his 3 sisters alone. A My background is similar to Peirrea€™s, my mother had to raise 4 boys alone with an assist from Grandma Bell.

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