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I have seen several reports on the Internet that users of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9 have troubles playing Flash videos, Java apples, games and other contents powered by plugins such as Java or Adobe Flash. ActiveX Filtering is disabled by default but can be disabled by clicking on Tools > Safety > ActiveX Filtering. Many websites have suggested to disable ActiveX Filtering completely to be able to play games and watch videos again.
Internet Explorer supports four different zones each with their own distinctive security settings.
Trusted sites use less strict security rules by default while restricted sites highly restricted rules. The idea now is to add the sites that you want to play Flash or Java contents on to the trusted sites. You do that for all sites that you access that make use of Flash, Java or other third party technologies that are added as plugins to Internet Explorer 9. Scroll down until you find the entry Allow ActiveX Filtering under ActiveX controls and plug-ins. All Java, Flash and other third party plugin contents are from that moment on playing as usual on all sites that have been added to the Trusted Sites Zone. One option to change that is to change the custom level of the Trusted sites zone to the default medium-high which can be done in the settings of the zone. Further distinguishing it from its superstore brethren, Target consistently delivers an exceptional retail experience--from store design to merchandise selection to price and customer service. Thanks to easy-to-maneuver layouts and a consistent design, Target's retail outlets are easy and intuitive places to shop, giving customers confidence they will be able to find what they want, even on a vast selling floor.

Target customers also appreciate the brand's ability to design attractive yet affordable merchandise--most notably, an ever-changing array of trendy clothing and home accessories.
Frankel says businesses should recognize that providing a warm, human experience will foster the kind of trust that lets them command higher margins, drive traffic and enjoy better brand perception than their competitors.
Ratchet Innovations - Web designing Alappuzha, Web designing cherthala, Web designing Kochi, Web Designing & Hosting Company website designing,website development,search engine optimization,web hosting services Smarc Technologies India - A complete solution for Web Designing, Hosting, Domain Registration, Email Services, etc. The reports have emerged after the release of the IE9 Release Candidate and it seems that they are linked to the newly introduced ActiveX Filtering option. One of the easiest ways to find out that it is indeed the ActiveX Filtering that is repsonsible for broken contents is to enable ActiveX Filtering and visit Youtube. All websites that are not locally accessible are using the security settings of the Internet zone, unless they have been added to Trusted Sites or Restricted Sites. That alone however is not enough as it is necessary to make one small configuration change.
With its sleek, stylish ad campaigns and collaborations with high-end designers who create limited-edition merchandise that sends fashionistas into a frenzy, Target's public face often belies its mass-merchant status. Youtube will notify the user that it is necessary to upgrade to Adobe Flash Player to watch the video. While it is working it eliminates the added protection of the security module in Internet Explorer.
All you need to do is to change the parameter to disable and click the ok button to save the new setting. But be cautious with the sites that you add there as they are having more rights than standard Internet websites that use the standard Internet zone.

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