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Learn how to make a professional website step-by-step and then build it into a CSS website.
If you are using the CS4 or above version of these software please read the upgraded version of this website design tutorial series - How to Create a Website using Adobe Creative Suite.
This tutorial series teaches you how to make a complete website using Fireworks and Dreamweaver. Adobe Fireworks (Macromedia Fireworks prior to version 8) and Adobe Dreamweaver (Macromedia Dreamweaver prior to version 8). If you are a beginner-to-intermediate level designer we recommend you read our articles on Design Concepts and Design Basics first.

A web designer's ultimate aim for a website's design is to achieve a balance between its attractiveness (targeted look-and-feel with necessary design effects), load time considerations (optimizing design elements for website size) and user friendliness (easy-to-use navigation and well laid-out easily readable content) - without entirely compromising on either of them and without hindering a website's usability (simple and quick access to information, services or products).
The steps we are going to follow to design and build the smart sample website are given below. Fireworks is the software used to design the website's visual interface and Dreamweaver is the HTML editor used to build the website's pages. Knowing how websites work and having some knowledge of XHTML and CSS programming should make your task easier. Between the extremes of making bare designs with cluttered content and hard-to-navigate complex designs, a professional web designer needs to learn to expertly create a web design that is impressive, cohesive, well laid out, fast-loading and easy to use.

Unless you have some clear goals in mind it would be difficult for you to start off on the actual design. A good way to get started on your website is to decide on the structure (layout and navigation), colors and overall theme beforehand.

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