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I'm trying to move the domain and so far I set the nameservers in godaddy to be the same ones as from Route 53. I purchased the domain through Go daddy and it worked before migrateing to Route 53, which now the website cannot be found. If your domain name is registered with us, use the following instructions to set custom name servers for it. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged amazon-web-services amazon-s3 dns recordset or ask your own question. If we feel it's hotter when humidity increases, then why do we feel it's colder when inside water? Would an encryption scheme that generates an extra key to be securely stored offsite be a safe backdoor?

Where can we store our luggage after checking out so we don't have to book an extra hotel night?
If we had a "perfectly efficient" computer and all the energy in the Milky-way available, what number could it count to?
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Some people say Google Talk is nice because of its minimalistic design, but they coudn't use an Instant Messenger that doesn't have smileys and font customization.
If you have the equivalent setup, then your problem might be at the godaddy end, not the r53 end. Find the "skin_name".xml file, where "skin_name" is the name of the skin, and open it using notepad or wordpad.

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