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American GiantThe American Giant Premium T-shirt.American Giant is on a mission to bring manufacturing back to the US, one clothing item at a time. The company told Business Insider it is looking to deliver on that promise by using a unique cotton blend that took over a year to develop.
This makes the shirt both durable and heavyweight, but it won't weigh you down while you wear it. As for construction, the company added a seamA on the back of the women's shirt to ensure it keeps its shape and drapes correctly. For its part, American Giant has a guarantee where customers can ask for a refund if the T-shirt"doesn't live up to your highest standard."A The company also sells a $25 classic T-shirt, without theA benefits of construction and material found in the premium version.
Why are you asking me for personal information?We collect personal information including your contact and demographic information for the purposes of identification, account administration and display of personalised content and advertising.
In calling it a premium T-shirt, American Giant is asking customers to expect a lot from it. This makes the shirt both durable and heavyweight, but it won’t weigh you down while you wear it.
As for construction, the company added a seam on the back of the women’s shirt to ensure it keeps its shape and drapes correctly. The shirts are sewn in American Giant’s North Carolina factory, and each are available in a variety of colours for $35.
Advocate staff photo by SHERRI MILLER -- Students from Lusher Charter Hihg School's certificate of artistry media arts program held a film screening for their end-of-year projects at the Prytania Theatre in New Orleans on May 6. Advocate staff photo by SHERRI MILLER -- Students from the Lusher Charter School's certificate of artistry media arts program held a film screening for their end-of-year projects at Prytania Theatre in New Orleans on Friday, May 6, 2016. Advocate staff photo by SHERRI MILLER -- The CAMALS awards presented to the film fest winners were handmade by Lusher students. Advocate staff photo by SHERRI MILLER -- Carin Entrekin and Cecelia Tisserand hurry down the red carpet to have their photo taken with friends.
Advocate staff photo by SHERRI MILLER -- Seniors sported suits and ties and were transported to the film fest by limousine.
In the picture, Princess looks almost doll-like wearing heavy make-up, including lashings of mascara, blusher and pink lipgloss.Some fans were not supportive, taking to the comments section of her Instagram to vent their views. Katie and Princess looked like two peas in a pod as they headed for the theatre wearing loungewear by Jayde L Jeffries. But others stuck up for the glamour model, not seeing what the issue is.A One wrote: 'She is a young girl who wants to put makeup on!!!! A 6-year-old boy was named an honorary Rhode Island state trooper after he called 911 and calmly summoned help for his stricken mother. Michael was able to verify his address for the dispatcher and warn that the family has a dog.
When firefighters arrived, Michael opened the door for them and showed them where to find his mother's medication. His mom, Rebecca Cottle, was taken to the hospital and recovered fully — and Michael was ever the humble hero. Video comment on this news article "Silicon Valley mocks Trump over his tech bubble warning". To open this article in Internet Explorer, Simply copy and paste the url below to Internet Explorer. After opening the article in Internet Explorer, these instructions will no longer appear, instead the LVC interface will load up.
By Heather Somerville SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on Tuesday warned that a dangerous financial bubble has formed in the technology industry - and Silicon Valley responded with a collective eye roll. Thomson ReutersSAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on Tuesday warned that a dangerous financial bubble has formed in the technology industry - and Silicon Valley responded with a collective eye roll.
In a Reuters interview, the New York billionaire said technology start-ups that had never earned a profit were able to sell shares at very high prices, likening the situation to the overheated stock market in 2007. So Trump''s declaration, in the eyes of Silicon Valley''s entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, was nothing new. In the interview, Trump said the high valuations that tech start-ups are able to fetch today remind him of 2007, when an overheated housing market helped drive U.S. Some startup founders rejected Trump''s generalization that all companies are burning cash and overvalued; certainly many of them are, and in the last several months a correction has started to rectify years of exuberant investments. Thiel, an influential investor well-known for his contrarian ideas, is one of the few Silicon Valley leaders to openly support Trump.
Which is ironic, Ginn said, given how much technology - especially Twitter - has helped Trump''s campaign. Napster got shoved out by car service Uber, Google was by itself in the lower left-hand corner and Facebook looked bigger than Oculus.
Here''s how "Silicon Valley" gets the little things right so it can make some big jokes.The thing with HBO''s "Silicon Valley" is that it''s packed to the brim with little, authentic details that make it sometimes feel almost too real.
Right off the bat, "Silicon Valley" nailed the look and feel of the massive campuses of tech titans like Google a€” the fictional Hooli has a very Google-y aesthetic. The result is a TV show that even the most jaded Silicon Valley engineers can admit reflects the wacky tech world more often than it misses. With some financial stability under their feet, here''s how much the main cast of "Silicon Valley" would be making in the real Silicon Valley — and how much they could make if Pied Piper ever goes public or gets bought for millions. In the season three premiere of HBOa€™s Silicon Valley, former Pied Piper CEO Richard Hendricks finds himself courted by a mustache app. Biz Carson: Now that youa€™ve been in the satire world and the real thing for two years, how has your perception of Silicon Valley changed? Carson: So do you have a more positive or a more negative view of startups now that youa€™ve been satirizing them for years now? Woods: I think to me what was most interesting was that the process of making a television show is not dissimilar to a startup in that ita€™s like you make a pilot, then you hope that people like it and it gets picked up.
And once you have success, trying to preserve the parts of the initial endeavor are more meaningful to you. I realized as we were making the first season that the journey that Pied Piper is going on is not that different from the journey that we as actors are going on in the experience of making the show.
Carson: Whata€™s some of the weirdest encounters youa€™ve had with the Silicon Valley types here? Starr: You meet some interesting people who make a point to come up and be at an event thata€™s happening for the show just to like tell you what youa€™re doing wrong or tell you how youa€™re not totally representing this whole business, industry in a way that they see is valuable or accurate. Woods: But I dona€™t think anyone is tuning into the show being like I cana€™t wait to see what theya€™re going to code.

Carson: Now that youa€™ve been in this world, are you more interested in tech on a personal level? Woods: And as an actor, you have a platform that you can advocate for changes in the world that you want to see and you have to take that responsibility really seriously.
Carson: Following up with a real cause, therea€™s a lot of interest in gender problems in tech. Starr: I think we get heat and therea€™s a lot of attention put on the show for somehow encouraging it.
Wea€™re not trying to represent it because we think ita€™s right, but if wea€™re not honest about it, it certainly wouldna€™t give it an opportunity to put it under a microscope and allow the conversation to be opened to a much larger audience. Woods: I think Mike and Alec have been conscious about putting more women because Silicon Valley is not totally bereft of women. Carson: I love that scene with Jared where youa€™re hiring a women coder and youa€™re trying not to point out that shea€™s a woman but ita€™s also important. Starr: I think initially the intention was to have her become a bigger part of the show and then I think their train of thought, ita€™s so fluid and natural the way that their story lines move, it just didna€™t end working out in that scenario. Chinese Internet search giant Baidu is taking a huge step into the self-driving car business.
The so-called "Google of China" has announced plans to create a new Autonomous Driving Unit in Silicon Valley that would employ more than 100 engineers by the end of 2016, according to Venture Beat. Baidu has been working on self-driving cars for a number of years, and it announced last year that it wants to create a self-driving bus for market within the next three years. Establishing a presence in Silicon Valley would immerse Baidu in the innovation that is taking place there with regard to fully autonomous vehicles. John Greenough, senior research analyst for BI Intelligence, Business Insider''s premium research service, has compiled a detailed report on self-driving cars that examines the major strides automakers and tech companies have made to overcome the barriers currently preventing fully autonomous cars from hitting the market.
Technology has been improving as new market entrants find innovative ways to expand on existing fully autonomous car technology.
Subscribe to an ALL-ACCESS Membership with BI Intelligence and gain immediate access to this report AND over 100 other expertly researched deep-dive reports, subscriptions to all of our daily newsletters, and much more. SimplivityThe first time the propmaster for HBO''s "Silicon Valley" talked to Simplivity CMO Marianne Budnik, he was calling from a smoke shop, sourcing bongs and pipes for one of the show''s characters. It seemed like a match made in heaven, and a great way for Simplivity to boost its profile.
If you watched the just-aired third episode of the season, you''ve seen the debut of Pied Piper''s "beautiful box," which takes the company''s famed data compression algorithms and squeezes it into something that can be placed in a server rack. Beyond just making the box, Simplivity worked closely with Richard Toyon, the Emmy-winning production designer of "Silicon Valley," to recreate the feel of their headquarters and their hardware labs for Pied Piper. One Sunday, Toyon and his team came in to snap pictures of the whiteboards, the contents of engineers'' desks, and even the random OmniCube parts they had sitting around in supply closets.
Simplivity engineers also spent much of the last six months flying back and forth from their Masachussetts-based headquarters all the way to Hollywood, to work with the actors and producers on getting the lingo and the phrasing right. The Hollywood Reporter snagged showrunner Mike Judge for a long interview t0 figure out exactly what was going on here, and how it ended up on TV. Horses actually mate very briefly, so the scene repeats itself a bit to fill in all the dialogue. Those handlers you see are actually there to make sure the stallion doesn''t injure the mare in a moment of passion. These horses were actually their second choice, because the first place they went got raided by the FBI for being a drug front a few minutes before they showed up.
If you search "Silicon Valley" or "Silicon Valley HBO" on Google, you''ll find some nuggets about Stanford''s damaged robots, Hooli''s soaring stock price, and an unexpected CEO change at Pied Piper.
The new tool is not for ads, and Google is not currently charging businesses and brands for the privilege of posting, nor forming official partnerships with any of them.
This isn''t the first time the search giant has given a nod to the show though, which makes fun of all things techie. And no confusion is more fun to behold than that of the commenter-who-thinks-something-fake-is-real.
Well the "Silicon Valley" folks have created another online space for people to have absolutely no idea what''s going on. It's a cotton slub blend (a fabric with an intentionally uneven thickness) that is substantialA enough to avoid becoming transparent or twisting from shrinkage in the wash a€” both common drawbacks for many other slub-style shirts.
Her daughter Princess was there too this weekend to support Katie Price backstage before her performance. Their outfits were bright and playful and Katie finished off her look with gorgeous glittery trainers by Tanya Lee. It was plain to see the resemblance between Princess and Katie in their snap of them in costume as the Wicked FairyA Another supportive fan wrote: 'Her choice.
People in San Francisco and the real Silicon Valley often joke that it feels more like a drama than a comedy.
Data for this article was taken from Payscale.Our hero Richard Hendricks starts as the founder and CEO Pied Piper, a small startup. With that title, and Pied Piper enjoying some funding, Payscale data indicates he could be making as much as $150,000. That means it''s his task to help Pied Piper grow, either by finding new sales opportunities or through partnerships. The recruiters from the tech startup a€” which is called Flutterbeam a€” want him for a secret project focused on 3D-holographic facial hair you can don during live-video chats. Then it gets picked up and you hope that people like it and that it gets good reviews and you get to keep doing it. The ones that stand out are like the Russ Hanneman like people because those interactions are just kind of memorable. Most people come up and are like "oh it feels like my work." Ita€™s really validating that the community wea€™re depicting seems to have embraced it, which is really nice. I have trouble keeping my train of thought sometimes, Ia€™m so easily distracted, even in my own head here talking to you.
So the cause I want to put my whatever amount of influence I have and the thing I think thata€™s probably most important right now is to get Waze to stop telling me to make dangerous left turns. You guys have done a phenomenal job, but stop making people make dangerous left turns across four lanes of traffic.
When really, the satire means we have to show it for what it is otherwise wea€™re not doing a good job. There are women who do coding, there are women in positions of power, and I think theya€™ve been conscious especially in the last two seasons about depicting those and including those in the portrait of the world.

And certainly their intention is to represent the world how it is, and there are female coders so no one is trying to say otherwise.
Miller, but the "Stanford students" running out of the forest to protect their robot deer were actually Boston Dynamics technicians. While the kicking was real, the smallest robot in the company''s four-legged line-up is built to withstand such abuse. Alphabet, which had bought the company, recently put it up for sale after deciding it wasn''t likely to generate revenue anytime soon.
Ford, GM, and several other major automakers have built establishments in Silicon Valley to develop self-driving cars, and Google has also been conducting tests there. The state became the first in late 2015 to propose regulations for letting self-driving cars drive legally on its roads. Google and Baidu are both working on fully autonomous cars, and Tesla has integrated Autopilot self-driving car features into many of its vehicles. Further, the report examines global survey results showing where fully autonomous cars are highly desired. However, in the past six months, there have been many advances in overcoming these barriers.
As a result, the price of the components required for fully autonomous cars has been dropping.
California''s regulations stipulate that a fully autonomous car must have a driver behind the wheel at all times, discouraging Google''s and Uber''s idea of a driverless taxi system. But however you decide to acquire this report, you’ve given yourself a powerful advantage in your understanding of the emerging world of self-driving cars. The first prototype of the Pied Piper box was done with spraypaint in a car auto body shop, in fact, Simplivity shares in a press release. In return, those Simplivity engineers are going to be making cameos this season as Pied Piper employees.
There''s a whole website devoted to the baffled Facebook posts of people who don''t know The Onion is satirical. Many different prototypes were created until each of theseA tailored versions emerged, American Giant said. Many different prototypes were created until each of these tailored versions emerged, American Giant said. The star showed off her new kicks on Instagram and we're not surprised with a pair that fabulous. The company announced a giant restructuring in August 2015 making Alphabet its parent company.
Startup founders usually choose what to pay themselves a€” some take no salary, and reinvest that cash into the business. As the not-so-unrealistic show enters its third season, ita€™s embracing the tech industrya€™s absurdity more so than ever before.
Therea€™s a series of tests and moments of self-evaluation and anxiety and teamwork in the face of that. But once in awhile when you meet those guys, it really leaves an impression on you because theya€™re so funny and so weird. But by-and-large, the reaction that Ia€™ve heard from coders who come up to me specifically is that theya€™ve worked with someone who is a lot like Gilfoyle, which makes me feel like Ia€™m doing something right. So in my head, I always think that Jared when he was working at Hooli was Pinocchio and like he met Richard and became a real boy and is just totally enamored with Richard and the other guys. My approach was more in the underlying direction of him as a human being as opposed to coding.
This isna€™t me taking responsibility for [producers] Mike and Aleca€™s job who make these kinds of decisions. But as Martin says, the job of satire is not to, who am I to be proclaiming what the job of satire is, but satire is supposed to draw attention to problems and satirize them as opposed to correct them in a fictional world when youa€™re kind of air-brushing an endemic sexism in the industry. If approved, these regulations would let Baidu and other companies take another step forward by creating business models centered on self-driving vehicles by selling them commercially within the state.
The screenshot above is actually one of the most safe-for-work options possible from the whole scene. Gawker caught a newsmaker in a similar trap with a bot that tweeted fascist Italian dictator Benito Mussolini quotes at Donald Trump until he retweeted one. The pair are the epitome of sports luxe with their practical design but sparkly finish and we are totally on board. So oosh!'Katie also uploaded a cute video of Princess wearing the headdress from her Wicked Fairy costume as she confidently recites her mum's lines. When you meet like an aggro-Silicon Valley person, ita€™s so interesting because most tech people arena€™t that confrontational.
I think of his total devotion and adoration of all of the other people more than I think of his relationship to business. Because Kumail had six months of coding experience, so I knew I could always fall back on him telling me how to do things right. So you start typing and you set a timer for 5, 15, 30 minutes and once you stop typing if you stop for more than five seconds it starts to evaporate. But overall, I think wea€™d be doing a bigger disservice if we represented a culture that was heavier with female influence and there was more female coders because ita€™s inaccurate and people wouldna€™t be able to really analyze this environment for the way it is. So ita€™s tricky because you want to depict the reality, which is sexist and therea€™s certainly exclusion and the lack of encouragement for women to go into coding and have those opportunities.
Whenever we end up as a group somewhere and a coder comes up to us, they always are talking about how much it feels real to them, that this group of guys really could be coders and theya€™ve worked with a lot of people just like us.
So then youa€™re encouraged to keep typing and keep this train of thought going and youa€™re really freeforming ideas and allowing yourself to be as creative as possible without judging yourself or controlling yourself, youa€™re just flowing. So you want to satirize that and depict it, but you also dona€™t want to have a show thata€™s entirely male.
They were its costume for its star turn as "Bambot," apparently a deer-like project of Stanford Robotics in the show''s universe.
I mean, clearly really smart people are coming up with ideas all the time so ita€™s finding something that connects with you.

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