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To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. Not every website will need to be updated, and not with every technique available in this post.
I am guilty of not always running tests on my website launches, but whenever possible this is one of my favorite activities. Dynamic web fonts allow designers to build webpages without being restricted to the typical font families. When I’m talking about using shadows to improve your layout I am actually referencing two distinct properties. But it is also worth considering the CSS3 text-shadow property for typography which jumps off the page. Just choose the BG color and amount of noise you want to use, then this app will create a tiled background image dynamically.
While we’re discussing backgrounds I should bring up the ever-popular CSS3 gradients. Twitter’s Bootstrap is quite possibly the greatest frontend UI framework for web developers. But open source developers also utilize Bootstrap when building demo pages for the libraries, plugins, or mini scripts they publish. I feel that Bootstrap has grown to such a massive extent that it may be applied into any website these days. If you have the time and patience I would recommend just giving this library a quick test run. But including the UI library means you can update the easing call for any dynamic page animations. The jQueryUI website has an easing demo page where you can test out the many variations and see if you like any specific animation types.
There are countless websites nowadays which have utilized the fullscreen background image effect.
To draw more attention from visitors it may be worthwhile to include a small icon set in your webpage. I do not actually mean changing your overall color scheme design, but more like appending new colors into it. It is difficult to build a website which is fully supported by all the major legacy browsers. You may find that your old layouts are still utilizing text styles efficiently, but this isn’t always the case. By now I am sure most developers are familiar with the sharing badges used in popular social networking websites. On some blogs or web magazines you’ll notice these badges will follow you scrolling down the page. If you are running a CMS like WordPress or Drupal then you have the ability to include comment forms by default. Using this method you are not constantly dealing with cleaning up spam and junk from the discussion area.
These are commonly seen in startups and big company websites with lots of additional information. I wouldn’t say this is something you should constantly be trying to update in your layouts but it is something that developers and designers do not get right the first time around. Sidebars and content areas will often hold accordion menus since there is enough room vertically. Microformats and the newer Microdata specification are used to extend metadata inside your HTML code. Consider which links you are most interested in, and possibly any links which you’d like to see added. If your website publishes very long pages of content then this is a must-have element in your layout. When first creating a website stylesheet many developers will overlook the typical page elements. Now this task could easily take a while, depending on how many images you would have to go through.
Typically images lacking these attributes will display as a 1×1 px square before loading in full.
This may not seem like a quick bit of code to add, however it really doesn’t take much time at all.
Recently I was reading an article on 24ways which discussed icon fonts and data attributes.
If you want to keep visitors on your page longer then you need to offer some real quality content. Consider all the various media styles you have to include when building a single website layout. If you have a large audience who uses these obscure types of media, I recommend styling your own alternate stylesheets.
Creative designers and especially frontend web developers will hopefully find some useful techniques among this list.
Reevaluating your website layouts and updating with new trends from time-to-time is often a good idea especially with newer releases of CSS3 properties which allow native browser shadows, animations, and rounded corners. Additionally if you have questions or ideas about the article feel free to share with us in the post discussion area.
Comments about these pages should be directed to: Mike Hill, RSCC Learning Center Director. We get into set patterns and quickly find ourselves attached to anything we regularly interact with – whether it is a favourite mug or indeed a website.

These ideas are here to get developers thinking in terms of design and how to make websites look prettier.
You can learn so much about typical user interactions by studying how they play with your website. User experience testing is helpful for web developers to learn which areas of their website are annoying, broken, or could be improved. You can access the application even if you do not have a Google Account, although there are perks to registering.
Apple is one of the first companies to heavily implement text shadows all around their layout. But to have your website really stand out from the crowd you may consider adding textures and repeating tiles into your background. These provide web developers with an enormous benefit keeping them out of Adobe Photoshop for web backgrounds.
This includes buttons, form inputs, links, columns, and tons of other pre-formatted page objects. However developers who find the greatest benefit are using Bootstrap as a quick replacement for rolling out their own UI designs.
This is another frontend UI library which focuses more on nice design aesthetics than common HTML5 layouts.
This is the most common open source JavaScript library for frontend developers, but it also has a companion library jQuery UI.
This means you may customize the jQuery animation type for any dropdown menus, fading items, scrolling slideshows, and everything else dynamic. If you can find a high-resolution photo sample which would look good as a background image, then this technique may be worth adding into your layout. This only requires a single line of code for your new backgrounds to scale properly and responsively using any resolution.
Standard menu links are often enough to function properly and help users navigate between pages. After running the same layout for months after months it is nice to update smaller areas and catch repeat visitors by surprise. Although very few people are running Internet Explorer 6 it still shows up in a few of my Google Analytics reports.
But Internet Explorer 6-8 are also still widely used among businesses and older computer labs. Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, Dzone, and many other external networks provide codes you can embed into your website.
This is an excellent technique since you can often have them hovering just outside the body area where they are not blocking any important content. However when creating static webpages you would need to setup your own database system to mimic this functionality. Users who do not already have a Disqus account may quickly connect using popular social networking profiles, or signup right from your page.
It’s now almost ludicrous to still have your images set at fixed widths, breaking out of the container wrapper as windows are resized.
I feel it is worth looking back at your navigation systems and brainstorming if there are any better ways to implement sub-menu links. These attributes provide extra information about your content and how it relates to other content on the page. Their website provides all the information you will need to go back and edit your HTML content with semantic schema markup. But I have found in some larger business websites or portfolios that certain navigation links are given too much precedence. These may include a brief history of your website, information about the team, contact details, privacy concerns, press releases, etc. You can setup an alert box which offers the user an OK button, just displaying information. Responsive queries can be added into your existing stylesheet or added into a new responsive.css document. Sometimes these may just hide bits of content, such as your elongated sidebar or larger footer. There are very rarely new ideas being created; most of them are offshoots and parodies from existing content. This opens doors for new users to find your website a lot quicker, and to see that you are included within the community of other websites as well. This means you don’t need to rely on a 3rd party service like Typekit for hosting your fonts. This may already be the case for your website, however if your styles are bland then people will look elsewhere.
This would have to look good on desktop monitors, laptops, tablets and possibly even smartphones.
These can be labeled based on the media type such as print.css, or added into your existing stylesheets. Most of these ideas shouldn’t take more than 1-2 hours to implement, while many can be be accomplished in as little as 15-30 minutes. This is an excellent collection of ideas worth a glance if you are in need of some quick updates. She answered all of my questions and knew enough about the products to help me make a great choice. User experience studies may be conducted solely through tools like Google Analytics, or using other 3rd party resources. But consider your target audience, and consider how many of them are not as computer literate as the younger generation.

Including references to 3rd party font stylesheets will no longer produce major lag in your DL speeds.
The full setup process takes only 3 steps and you can have custom Google fonts running on your website within minutes.
Appending this effect onto your container, wrapper, or inner page boxes will provide a slimming 3-D effect to your webpage. You can build a daunting effect by adding text shadows which are opposite the color of your fonts (white shadows for dark text, black shadows for light text). And these gradients can work on more than just the body, applied onto navigation bars and footers and other important areas in your layout.
Consider this frontend library the next time you are launching a webpage with a single concrete purpose: landing page, product demo, mobile app website, etc.
Kickstart is certainly not for every project, but it can be a major time-saver when caught in a bind. Large backgrounds do an excellent job of catching your user’s attention while also implying the genre of your website. But for developers who are against JavaScript methods I recommend the CSS3 fullpage image technique posted on CSS-Tricks. Not to mention it is easier to read and will take up more space on larger screen resolutions. Then visitors may share your link onto these networks without needing to leave your website. I also recommend browsing our post on social media toolbars which can have a similar effect. But with the rise in open source technology developers may now implement better solutions such as Disqus. Even WordPress users who are sick of Akismet may switch using the Disqus Comment System plugin.
Just include this into your page and run the single-line code targeting all images on the page.
As long as your menu links are quick and easy to access, there shouldn’t be any problems among your userbase. And ultimately these results help Google determine your website’s rank for individual keywords, and within other engines such as Image and Video search. This Schema syntax is backed and supported by all the major search engines, and will likely evolve into the future of semantic metadata design. It may also help to gather user feedback and see if there are correlations between their wishes and demand for new or updated pages. Users don’t think to hit the Home key and it can be annoying scrolling all the way back up. Again this won’t be helpful for everybody, but it is worth noting as a quick fixer in some cases. Either way you can quickly setup recurring styles to handle various display sizes from monitors, tablets, and smartphones. You could then display a fully responsive mini footer which is originally hidden in the desktop layout.
Plus gaining backlinks from websites with authority in Google can only help your domain’s credibility. Use our fun and intuitive online design lab to create matching or complimentary t-shirts from the comfort of your home. It takes a creative design to grab the client’s attention long enough for him or her to enjoy sifting through your creative work. Listening to some real human feedback on your website may provide results you couldn’t get through a computer screen. You can choose from sets of predetermined elements like gradient buttons and dropdown menus. You can find tons of free icon sets which would look perfect in your top navigation, sidebar, or footer area. Similarly IE8 has a developers tool mode where you can switch into older rendering engines for debugging. This is an excellent addition to mobile layouts which are still using desktop-based content. The best location for this link is floating alongside your container, or seated right in the footer as we have implemented on Hongkiat. Some websites have no need for these elements, but it is still considered good practice to have them styled just in case.
If you have the extra space in your layout send out a few e-mails to related websites in your niche (search Google) asking to affiliate.
And it honestly doesn’t take a whole lot of time to edit your default website layout for common printers.
There's tens-of-thousands of graphics to choose from and hundreds of fonts to write that perfect message to the person you care about. The aim of this post is to stimulate your creativity and inspire you to create your own online portfolio or re-think your existing design. You’ll see portfolios from a wide range of fields, including Web design, Painting, Drawing, Photography and even 3D Animation. So, we now present to you 25 most beautiful and creative portfolio designs for your inspiration.
And although website owners, including the BBC, often ask for feedback while a new site is in the beta testing phase, rarely does it amount to much change.

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