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A fellow CLAYCORDIAN sent these two flyers to me the other day, which he says he tore off of a light pole in an unidentified area of Concord.
Anyway, not only would I not trust my young children with a 12-year-old stranger, but I also wouldn’t let my 12-year-old kid go to a strangers house to babysit their children. Read the flyers, it’s crazy how much personal information is on these pieces of paper.
Although you gotta love the fact that these kids are trying to make money by working for it, and not out robbing people, I can only hope they made these flyers by themselves, and the parents had no knowledge beforehand, because this day in age, this is insane. I can appreciate their entrepreneurial spirit, but this is just plain unsafe on so many levels.
On another note – having that much information out is asking for trouble, I hope they take down those signs very soon.
3) If their parents thought this was a good idea, I question what kind of kids they are raising.
I think the parents of these boys are idiots to let there children go to a strangers house.
My optimistic side hopes that the kids took the initiatives in making these fliers and didn’t think through the implications of sharing so much information. The *realist* in me suspects that well-meaning-but-clueless parents encouraged their kids to advertise babysitting services, without realizing the potential dangers of sharing that much info.
I would not leave a 12 or 13 year old alone with young children but if I had a home project (or work assignment) that needed my attention and the kids to be occupied out of the way, it could be possible. I understand the concern with babysitting, but I’m willing to hire these kids for weeding my front yard.
I used to put up signs and go door to door when I was a kid to rake leaves and do gardening. I agree, at least the kids are seemingly trying make money the honest way but this is dangerous.
Would you let your kid babysit at a stranger’s house, or would you trust your children with a 12-year-old who you don’t know? Also, do you believe the children added too much personal information on the flyers shown above?
It frightens me that, during all the time they would have been brainstorming this idea, of the three 12-year-olds, not a single one of them seemed to see the danger in going into the homes of complete strangers .
I would be okay with using a sitter that age if they lived in my neighborhood and had a chance to get to know them.
Corporal punishment in the hands of a good parent is what kept our citizenry honest and law abiding. I can appreciate what they are trying to do and accomplish but no way would I leave my children with them. It is not the fact that they want to work, it is having the responsibility to watch someone elses child or children. I agree that putting that much information on a poster is dangerous, but there is nothing wrong with a 12 year old babysitting if you know the 12 year old.
Something tells me you are the same people who like to shut down little kids lemonade stands. I don’t think their intent was overly ambitious but their methodology was a bit naive. My niece babysat for my kids when she was 12 BUT I knew her and she had spent enough time with me that I was comfortable having her babysit. I would NEVER leave my kids with anyone I didn’t know no matter what the age of the person is. There are some 12 year olds that are responsible and able to handle babysitting and emergencies, but unless you know them and spend time with them you have no way of knowing this. I don’t think they should have their signs up, if their parents allowed it they could have given it to the neighbors they know and to their parents friends. Or a couple weeks ago, I was stranded on the side of 680 at 9:30pm with a flat tire and dead battery with cars zooming by, not bothering to move over a lane to provide me with more room for safety, and a man pulled over to help. To all of those who think this isn’t really a big deal and Claycord is becoming a paranoid state: THANK YOU FOR POSTING YOUR COMMENTS!!!
Have some faith in your neighbors people, and stop spending your every walking thought contemplating and preparing for the worst that could happen.
There was a little girl in our neighborhood who went around with a bucket, soap, towels, and sponge asking people if she could wash their cars. To Abby: Unfortunately, in the last 20 years, due to the internet and other modern tech, there are a lot more molesters, gang-bangers and everyday thugs acting out on their fantasies.
Any parent who puts up a flyer with any information whatsoever about a child of theirs who is under the age of 18 might as well just print up invitations to have child molesters come over an anally violate their children. Please explain the relation of gang-bangers and everyday thugs acting out their fantasies due to the internet.

Until you can provide evidence for this It’s nothing but paranoid ignorance resulting from you simply NOW HEARING ABOUT THIS STUFF MORE OFTEN THANKS TO THE COMMUNICATION CHANNELS YOU JUST DESCRIBED. The only way I would ever trust someone I didn’t know to babysit is if they were at least 18, licensed in babysitting training as well as CPR, and could give me 3 to 4 professional references.
I’m guessing many of the people complaining about these kids trying to establish work for themselves are not employed.
If you have 5X the population in Concord as you did in the 50’s, statistically you can have 5X more crime and still say crime rates are stable.
If there were 20,000 people in Concord (for math purposes) and there were 1,000 crimes, that would be a 5% crime rate. For 100,000 people today, a 5% crime rate means 5,000 crimes in the same general square area that there was in the 50’s. Thanks to the media, we now know about these crimes and that gives us a good reason to remain vigilant–especially when it comes to our kids. No more, the adults are to immature to raise their own kids, let alone some acne faced California pre-teen. When I was that age (not that long ago) I had business cards made describing my babysitting services. I like Claycord but wonder sometimes about the usefulness of just pointing out others perceived flaws like this. The kids probably put too much info, but just putting your phone number is too much info now-a-days. Feel free to educate yourself using that scary new internet and you’ll see that crime has, indeed, fallen over the past 20 years. In perspective, these bills seem to pose a minor risk of threat, compared to what else most of our kids have already been exposed to, right under our noses. I think it is great that a kid, 12 years old, shows enough ambition to want to go out and earn some money. In Marr's observation of successful people, he has noticed a few mistakes that they tend to avoid. Marr says we often feel like we have to jump at every new development, and try every new "thing." "We sometimes call it 'shiny object syndrome,'" he says. Instead of buying into the latest trends, focus your energy on understanding the root of what you hope to succeed at, and ignore the rest, he says. One of the most critical things successful people do is surround themselves with other successful people, Marr explains. Marr says avoiding these mistakes can help you succeed at work, or a single goal or task a€” but to be truly successful, you also need to be happy.
And to top it off, our tipster says these flyers with all the boys’ personal information are plastered around the neighborhood in dozens of different places. Would you let your kid babysit at a stranger’s house, or would you trust your children with a 12-year-old who you don’t know?
Never in a million years would I allow my 12 year old (almost 13) child, girl or boy, leave this kind of info on a phone pole.
One is a Highway Patrolman the other an Administrator in a Prison System and a Soldier, and the other a very strict Grandmother. The parents suggested that they make up these flyers and distribute them to specific friends and neighbors. Why didn’t the person who found these posters simply call the parents of one of the boys and talk to them about it?
Maybe they could have a garage sale and when their surrounding neighbors come over to look they can tell them about their desire to make some money and ask if they have anything they need help with like mowing the lawn, pulling weeds, walk a dog, paint a sign, wash a car, sweep the porch, or get down cobb webs.
Also we dont know where they placed the ads, it could have been on the same street where they lived and the person who pulled these to put on the claycord was walking by. Maybe his parents should have had these notices posted on their street at the very least while limiting his personal info. My mom usually didn’t know about it but in my mind it was totally rational and reasonable.
After realizing he was running out of time and would not be able to give me a jump himself, he left me with his jumper cables so that I would be able to jump my truck with my friends car. I think we just hear about more with t.v and the Internet, most often it is a family member and 20 years ago alot of families would not call the police because of shame to the family.
While it may be unsafe for them to babysit for strangers, we should still encourage them by finding odd jobs for them to do: wash the car, help organize the garage (while we’re there), pull weeds, mow the lawn, find something for them to paint! We enjoyed washing our own cars, but thought we should invest in the neighborhood child’s being brought up well and industriousness, and not dampen her enthusiasm or cause her to be a worthless, sit-at-home kid who gets in trouble because of nothing better to do. Subway attackers, speeding cars through the neighborhood, hookers, gang turf wars, yeah – they require vigilance. But a fewA things are universal barriers to achieving it, says Bernard Marr, a bestselling business author and global enterprise performance expert, in a recent LinkedIn post.

When things go awry, successful people won't say, "I couldn't succeed because of X," or,A "It's actually John's fault." Instead, they take responsibility and own their mistakes. He received his acting training at the Juilliard School, and began acting on stage in the 1970s. Now a days if you want a baby sitter you are going to get someone you know and they had better have some kind of training (which is actually offered through some cities around here). There’s enough information there for a potential abuser to start ensnaring any of those kids. In this day in age you just can’t post that much personal information especially with all the predators out there. You guys are acting like these kids are going to raped but EVERYONE has a chance of getting raped, killed, or kidnapped. As for the age of the kids, the guideline in our house is all sitters need to be at least in High School and known to us or our friends.
I do think that it would have been safer had the kids just put them into mail boxes of people they know. Any old pervert can see that they have not only the boys age, but a way to get a hold of them.
I am happy to pay them for yardwork around my house, my nephew mows the lawn once in a while, it would be nice to have someone come around regularly. I am sure they are a couple of boys thinking they have a clever idea for making some money this summer. Yes, there are bad people out there, but there always has been, we only just now are so aware of it with all the focus on the bad that the media allows us to see. You should be ashamed of yourself… You set them up and used them for your own hype!!!!
I think its great they want to make money but they can make money by mowing lawns in the neighborhood or do some work around the house. You tear down a kid’s effort at self-sufficiency, but leave up the flyers of corrupt politicians? But no, let’s post it online and dissect the intentions of some kids and their parents and pass judgment in a non-constructive way instead.
Although I didn’t put as much personal information out there and I ended up babysitting mainly for my neighbors that knew me and my family.
I would follow the same guidline for allowing my son to babysit others kids, if he chose to do that. I can not afford to have a landscaper and with my asthma it takes way too lon for me to do it. Just a bit more supervision on the parent’s part is still required when it comes to things like this. Good job to him and good job to his parents, as long as they follow up and know where he is going at all times. It’s much easier to watch a sibling than a child you do not know, especially one who is old enough to talk and think for themselves. You think things are worse because the media is more prevalent and your mind tends to forget negative parts of the past (that’s how nostalgia works). As a result, we found the most wonderful young woman who was our childrens’ respected and beloved sitter for many years.
Kids know how to make up flyers like this, Its what they lern in computer class at that age. I admire a tween with motivation to earn his own money, this child shal go far in life unlike the C.V. I also agree that there are freaks out there and if these guys were wise, they would not go alone.
My friends and I did that many many years ago a that age but our clients were neighbors and family.
Yesterday, as I was leaving a taqueria with my hands full, a fellow customer sitting in a chair waiting for his order got up and opened the door and held it for me so that I could leave. By the time she was in high school and moving away, she wrote thank you notes to all of the neighbors who had let her wash their cars, and delivered them to each neighbor. They’re more likely to tip you if you are just being nice rather than asking them for money. Hell, the kids are probably on Facebook right now – just ask them, get to the bottom of it and move on to something important. Hopefully the parents have discussed some safety tips, I know when I was that young our lemonade stand was awesome, we made some good money!!

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