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1.1 Students learn to identify the role of enzymes in metabolism, describe their chemical composition and use a simple model to describe their specificity on substrates. Most people would know that some animals (like frogs, snakes and lizards) are a€?cold-bloodeda€? and that when the weather is cold, these animals are less active than when ita€™s warm. Each enzyme has a unique shape - it is this shape that means it will make just one reaction go. Enzymes are not usually used up in chemical reactions - they can be used over and over, so they can be present in tiny amounts. Enzymes are difficult to study in high school but there is one in saliva that we can study.
Explain why our bodies need to make large amounts of digestive enzymes (like pepsin) but only tiny amounts of other enzymes (like hexokinase, which is present in every cell and catalyses the breakdown of glucose to glucose 6-phosphate). This experiment is important to addressing the skills outcome H11 (a€?A student justifies the appropriateness of a particular investigation plana€?). I hope you have a picture of many chemical reactions occurring in your own body right now, each one occurring because of the presence of tiny amounts of enzymes. So, it is important that the temperature and acidity in your body has to be kept at the right level. Maybe you can think of some changes that occur in your body when the temperature gets too low!
The first step to prevent your death is for your body to recognise the change in your body temperature.
I have only considered what happens when there is a danger of you over-heating but there are many aspects of your body that have to be kept constant - for example, oxygen, sugar and water levels in the blood. Nerve impulses travel very quickly, and travel from one small part of the body to another small part.
Hormones travel relatively slowly in blood, from an endocrine gland to a number of target organs. An example might be the hormone adrenalin, travelling from the adrenal glands above the kidneys to skin (constricting blood vessels), the pacemaker in the brain (increasing heart rate), the liver (increasing the level of glucose in the blood) and many other organs. At the Mid-Atlantic ridge, a€?black smokersa€? raise the temperature of the ocean above 100oC without the water boiling (because of the very high pressure). There are other organisms that thrive in temperatures close to the freezing point of water. The temperatures at which organisms are found and the range over which they can survive is because of the enzymes in their bodies.
A Grylloblattid - (Grylloblatta bifratrilecta) an insect related to crickets and cockroaches that lives in snow. Leta€™s make our ectotherm the impressive but relatively harmless (if left alone) Red-bellied Black Snake (Pseudechis porphyriacus). Comparing our ectoderm (Black Snake) and endoderm (Wombat) it is clear that both have behaviours and bodies that help them to survive extremes.
Your textbook does not give any examples of plants responding to temperature change - only adaptations to temperature extremes -so Eucalypts have drooping leaves which helps them to avoid overheating when the Sun is high; deciduous trees drop their leaves which helps them to avoid frost damage.
Responses of plants to temperature change are not common but there has been great interest from horticulturalists over several hundreds of years in the ability of Rhododendron spp to curl their leaves in response to temperature change. Most people would know that some animals (like frogs, snakes and lizards) are a€?cold-bloodeda€? and that when the weather is cold, these animals are less active than when ita€™s warm.A  Why is this?
Enzymes are not usually used up in chemical reactions - they can be used over and over, so they can be present in tiny amounts.A  But most importantly, they only work under special conditions - a narrow temperature range and a narrow pH (acidity) range.
That usually doesna€™t happen because things happen in your body to cool your body.A  You sweat, surface veins open up so that blood flows closer to the cooling air, and you breathe more often releasing warm our from your lungs. This is a practical investigation involving second-hand research.A  Before you start it, you should read these notes. I have only considered what happens when there is a danger of you over-heating but there are many aspects of your body that have to be kept constant - for example, oxygen, sugar and water levels in the blood.A  For each, there are receptors that detect the changes and a control centre (usually in the brain) that counteracts the change. Nerve impulses travel very quickly, and travel from one small part of the body to another small part.A  An example might be from a fingertip to a very small part of the brain when we touch something. There are other organisms that thrive in temperatures close to the freezing point of water.A  For example, there are bacteria-like cells that grow on snow turning it red (to produce a€?watermelon snowa€?).
On the other hand, individual organisms can generally survive in a fairly narrow range.A  For example, tropical fish die in cold water, yet antarctic fish would die in tropical waters. Choose an ectothermic animal species, an endothermic animal species and a plant species.A  Dona€™t forget the advice about second-hand research, especially to acknowledge your sources.
Your textbook does not give any examples of plants responding to temperature change - only adaptations to temperature extremes -so Eucalypts have drooping leaves which helps them to avoid overheating when the Sun is high;A  deciduous trees drop their leaves which helps them to avoid frost damage.
But since I have been married nearly 20 years to my husband, Michael, I guess I should commit. Kate Michaels has asked me to write a reference for her in support of her internship application and I am delighted to do so. Professor Donaldson if you need any additional information about Kate Michaels please contact me by phone or email. I know the problem was the instructions and not the burrito because I gave it a second try. The new four story condominium development on Bank Street features homes with state of the art appliances and the latest in furnishings. Buyers and their agents should stop by the sales office on Bank Street or request a copy of the four color brochure to learn more about this very special property. The question before the Supreme Court involves states rights, and governors around the country will be watching. Final Event: Race to the Finish As quickly as you can, add hyphens, apostrophes, commas, and semicolons to the passage below.
College professors encourage their students extensive vocabulary and 50 word compound complex sentences.
Much college writing includes perfectly structured paragraphs with an introduction three or more supporting sentences and a conclusion. Did you insert two semicolons, five to seven commas (depending on whether you use the serial comma), three apostrophes, and five hyphens?
Many middle-aged (not middle-age) people plan to work beyond the age of 65 (not age 65).
Our system administrators have identified an issue with one of our mail arrays related to a hardware failure of one storage member in the SAN.
A creative yet pragmatic communicator with award-winning experience in narrative storytelling and news production. Extensive experience in film production, with works featured in regional, national, and international film festivals.
Proficiency in handling sensitive matters and communicating diplomatically with people of differing views. Strong skills and experience in research and in communicating through letters, emails, op-eds, social media, and speeches. Supervised support staff of 14, including legal secretaries, paralegals, and general office support.
Consistently maintained Number 1 or 2 ranking for order fulfillment in a team of 32 order pickers.
Created a system for finance managers that generated and emailed monthly financial reports and spreadsheets for on-time budget planning. Review your older jobs and accomplishments to be sure the language still communicates well.
For instance, if you are more than 10 years out of school, drop your college activities unless they communicate something unique and amazing.
Imagine this situation: That job you held from 1993 to 1996 was once a significant part of your resume, worthy of five bullet points of accomplishments. Just as emptying your closet of old clothes helps you focus on and build a new wardrobe, eliminating old resume details helps you focus on and build a case for the newest phase of your career.
Replace some of the text with concise bullet points if you have chunks of text that are longer than three lines.
Replace typefaces such as Times New Roman and Book Antiqua with a sans serif typeface like Trebuchet, and see if you like the difference.
Experiment with incorporating a strong left alignment rather than centered headings, to communicate energy rather than formality. College instructors sometimes ask me to recommend a text to use in their business writing classes. I'm pleased to announce a complete new communications curriculum for college instructors. One of my many favorite learning activities from the curriculum involves revising relationship-busting statements. If you are a college instructor, you can find about more about the free curriculum and how to receive it. If you are not a college instructor but want to try your hand at revising the statement above, please do! If you are holding back, thinking Well, it depends, you are with The Gregg Reference Manual. The idea is that it should set all properties of an element to initial, removing all custom styling thus far applied.
We got to talking about easing in a recent episode of ShopTalk with Val Head and Sarah Drasner. I put this CSS-based demo together based on the smart things Val and Sarah were talking about as well as recently seeing Googles design spec for this exact movement.

Google is saying dont ease-out on the way out, presumably as it looks like its lagging getting the heck out of your way. During San Francisco’s Stupid Shit No One Needs and Terrible Ideas “Hackathon”, Glen Chiaccheri made a game where you have to literally scream your way through it. Make sure to check it out in Firefox, as Chrome and Safari don’t support the getUserMedia API fully. Bedrock is an open source project made by Roots that you use as base for WordPress projects. If the issues above sound like something you have dealt with in the past, youll like Bedrock. Youll end up with a self-contained WordPress project that installs an explicit version of WordPress and required plugins (composer install) which can be easily configured. Bedrocks README tells you to clone the repository, but in my opinion youre better off downloading it. Keeping Bedrock up to date is certainly a good thing (improvements, security, etc) but it can be tricky.
Now that you have downloaded the repo, you can initialize your own repository for the project.
I keep all my web projects in the Sites folder in my home directory (I develop on OS X) and keep them indexed by their name.
As you can see by the output, Composer will install dependencies listed in the composer.lock file, including WordPress itself2. Composer is a tool written in PHP that lets you manage PHP dependencies (just like Ruby gems, npm modules, CocoaPods, etc).
You declare the packages you need in the composer.json file, then declare them with constraints. Every time you execute composer update Composer will try to update your packages to the latest version allowed, and will write down that version number to the composer.lock file.
Now, when you run composer install (just like you did earlier) itll install THAT SPECIFIC VERSION NO MATTER WHAT, reading from the composer.lock file (This is a reason that using Composer is very safe, just like gem and CocoaPods, and unlike npm, unless you use the shrink-wrap feature). After youve saved the file you can proceed to install WordPress (it needs to create all the tables in the database!). If other developers later join the team, theyll clone the projects repo and start at step 2.
If your plugin is available in the official plugin registry, you can install using Composer and WordPress Packagist, which is a Composer repository that mirrors WordPress official plugin and theme registry.
You can achieve the same if you manually edit the composer.json file and run composer install. This time we dont need the wpackagist-plugin prefix, as WordPress doesnt know about Composer. If plugins need to create files or folders, they should be ignored by git, adding them in the .gitignore file.
It will update the `composer.json` file (and also the lock file, since we upgraded a dependency) and install the dependency. Usually after each WordPress update theres a database schema upgrade to be performed which you can do by visiting the WordPress admin page. Theres also another thing to keep in mind when upgrading the database schema: if you use the web UI to do that, and the operation takes too much time, you may encounter HTTP timeouts. Upgrading plugins is similar to upgrading WordPress: if you used Composer to install them, use Composer to upgrade them. When you composer require something (without specifying a version), Composer will by default use the ^ constraint: running composer update will update the package to the latest version thats not a new major version.
Capistrano is the de-facto tool used for deploys, and you can use it to deploy WordPress sites. There are plenty of guides on the Internet and many conference talks, but to sum it up: Capistrano will connect to your server using SSH and then follow this flow to update _a repository_ on the server and run tasks.
Its designed to work with SSH keys (so you dont have to use passwords) and it should connect to the server as an unprivileged user. In your project youll have a Capfile that requires the tasks to run (see the example from the flow) and a deploy.rb file that contains settings. The only requirement is that you run composer install on the server, so Composer can pull down WordPress, plugins, and any other dependency your site needs.
The Roots team (the team behind Bedrock) created a separate repository to host the Capistrano integration for Bedrock. Capistrano will be installed by Bundler and be treated as a dependency just like we did with WordPress and Composer earlier.
The `.env` file contains application settings and needs to be shared for the site to work, and also because this file isnt under version control. You have to update the server setting, because the production env is likely to be on a different server than the staging one.
Well move the :deploy_to path setting here, as your staging path is probably different from the production one. This is the command that youll need to remember and run every time youll want to deploy your site. You will have to update the `.env` file on the remote server to set the correct database information and, most importantly, the WP_ENV and WP_HOME settings. If you deployed to production that must be WP_ENV=production (I dont know your WP_HOME value). Installing WordPress on the remote server is just a matter of doing the same things you did on your local machine. You can define custom tasks for Capistrano to run, but before doing so, search for an existing solution.
In this tutorial we created a _new_ project, but Bedrock can be used with existing projects. With the Average webpage size now larger than the original DOOM game, you have to start asking where all the bytes are coming from, and how you can do more to toss those things out.
While JPG compression is impressive in its’ own right, how you use it in your application can influence the size of these files significantly. Once youve decided on a format (SVG or icon font?) and designed the set, there are still other considerations, many of which pop up while youre coding. Thankfully, there are a few universal tips we can put to use to ensure our icons always line up beautifully with text. Regardless of your preference (cough, SVG, cough!), the format of your icons will have a lot to do with how you align them to text.
The beauty of something like SVG is that it is scalable by nature and affords you the ability to reply more on CSS to help align things rather than the design process.
The lesson here: choose one format for all icons and use that as the basis for how you will approach aligning them to text. Heres an illustration of the difference between an icon that has been aligned nicely to the size of the content versus one that has not.
The example on the left is much more consistent with the content font size and has better alignment than the right, despite both examples technically being aligned.
That is the difference between icons that look in perfect alignment with text and icons that look slightly off. The example above is great but you may have noticed that the location icon looks so gosh darn narrow and even further from the text labels than the music note.
The answer to this question inly pertained to text but there are other elements where aligning icons comes into play, such as buttons, form fields, navigation and probably many other things.
However, because it can maintain its body temperature within a narrow range, wombats can remain active over a much wider temperature range. And I know that many readers, followers of AP and Chicago, wonder why I am not using the commas.
Kate worked with me from January, 2014 through August, 2015 as a teaching assistant in our marketing program, I was her direct supervisor. She used creative approaches to help students' understand complex concepts in marketing statistics.
Perhaps my carelessly following rather than interpreting the instructions wrecked the meal?
Buyers looking for beautifully appointed two and three bedroom contemporary homes with open floor plans will want to visit this high end development.
Whether they live in New York, New York or Cairo, Egypt, people like to feel included and informed. Professors and teachers admire academic writing however readers needs on the job are different. Although business writing contains elegantly structured chunks of text it also features one sentence paragraphs. If not, you are just in time for our final online punctuation class, Punctuation for Professionals, on May 19 and 26.
Proven ability in written and visual communication, with particular expertise in social media.
Eliminate early jobs such as working in a frozen yogurt shop (unless you are applying for a fast-food management position) and acting as a camp counselor (unless you are still in the counseling field). For example, the SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS shown in Tip 1 above includes this list, which might include links to online samples (indicated by underlining): letters, emails, op-eds, social media, and speeches. Your resume should make you feel pleased, proud, and confident as you move into your future. Both instructors and students can benefit from the tips on completing the assignment--tips about the purpose of the message, its audience, the communication strategy, and content.

Students first recognize why the instructor statements below are relationship busters.
This is for large-scale WordPress sites that need the scaling and high-availability of AWS, all managed by the crack engineers at Media Temple. If you _could_ count on it being consistent, this is a powerful one-liner, alleviating some of motivation behind things like iframes, web components, or css modules. That is, the change happens slowly both at the beginning and end, and speeds up only in the middle somewhere.
This changes the easing function depending on if the element in question is being shown or being hid, as well as the timing. This is the API that allows web developers to request access to the user’s microphone, which you can find more info about on HTML5Rocks. You update a plugin locally because you need some new functionality that the updated plugin provides. You can have a development configuration for working locally and, a staging configuration for tests, and a production configuration for the live site. If its something that you plan to regularly keep up to date, go for the clone route; if its something that you plan to set-and-forget, go for the download route. Having constraints lets you define how Composer will update them when you run composer update. These files cant be accessed from the Internet, because we set nginx to serve files from the web folder.
Its been renamed to better reflect its content (this also matches other frameworks conventions, such as Rails and Symfony). Sensitive information will never be stored in your git repository (the `.env` file is ignored by git) which is a huge benefit. WP-CLI skips the HTTP layer and performs the operations running PHP from the command line, which doesnt have any timeout issues. Originally it was born to deploy Ruby on Rails web applications, but then it grew to deploy any kind of web application, with plugins to run custom tasks or connect to external services.
It can issue sudo commands, but if you need to do that, theres probably something wrong with your setup. You can configure the number of releases to keep, and Capistrano will clean up old releases (defaults to keeping 5 releases).
If Capistrano doesnt compel you, or you prefer to use a different tool, or prefer to use no tool at all, youre free to do so. Otherwise youll have a sort of zombie website with just application code but not the application itself.
This differs a bit from Roots setup, because we grouped these gem in the deployment group and also installed the WP-CLI extension. This is useful because every project can use a different version of Capistrano and will not depend on a globally installed one.
If you recall from earlier, Capistrano will create on the server a shared folder (shared between deploys). At this time, were interested in _having_ the file, not having the _correct_ file) and when youre done check again that everything works.
Capistrano comes with many official plugins, like Bundler, npm and many other community driven plugins. Every time we deploy, Capistrano will run bundle install on the server, after the deploy:updated task. This includes for example: files created by plugins, files installed by a package manager, files uploaded by users, etc — dont add them to git. I encourage you to create a new site on your local machine to have something to experiment with. As such I’ve assembled a handy collection of things that can help you squeeze out those last bits, and make a better experience for your users.
Aligning icons can be a tough task especially if you are not the one charged with designing the icons.
Your code will much more maintainable and your designer (or your inner designer) will thank you. If youre like me, then you will eliminate the white space around an icon to ensure the smallest file size possible. If using SVG, then the icon can be any size, but try to use a consistently sized art board in Illustrator (or your design tool of choice). The icons may differ in how much space they occupy, but it will ensure your icons are always crisp and proportional, regardless of the text next to it. Theyre either used in conjunction with text or in place of it, so setting the size of the icon to the size of the text next to it is important for the same reason we like consistently sized letters: legibility. What it means is being aware of the font size and making sure your icons complement it nicely, whether it is larger, the same size, or smaller than the the text. Carefully remove from oven, peel off plastic film and allow to sit for 1 minute before serving.
In reply, they sent me a coupon for a free frozen entree, and I bought the same burrito.
When new things come to light in your job search or profession, share them with your network. Business writers will use a one sentence paragraph when they want a statement to stand out. Apply these tips to make your resume fresh and representative of who you are today, with an eye to tomorrow. Assignments cover explanations, requests, bad-news messages, inquiries, solicitations, messages saying no, complaint resolutions, a range of job-search messages, and other pieces. Instructors can never be sure where students may go wrong with a writing assignment that requires them to imagine themselves communicating on the job. The course, Business Writing That Builds Relationships, developed out of my long-standing interest in diplomatic, relationship-building messages at work. For instance, you update the plugin and its not backwards-compatible, so it throws errors until the deployment is finished.
You can also define custom configuration, such as backup where you can have a 1:1 copy of the production environment, on a different server. Since it is a starting point, downloading it means you can set it up once and forget about it.
This way, even when working locally, I have a configuration thats almost identical to the live website.
Say that you have the same configuration for development and staging but a different one for production. Google Analytics is available even in development or staging, but these two environments use a different site ID, so its easier to perform tests. Also, if there are multiple developers on the team, a locally installed (and synchronized) version of Capistrano ensures that everything will be as smooth as possible4.
You have to copy the Capfile file and the contents of the config directory from the repository. If you ignore them, theres also an high chance they should end up in the linked_files setting of Capistrano. I have to be honest and say that I thought this would be a simple question to answer and one that could be done in a tweet.
That means the icons are pretty much set at fixed dimensions (unless you start large and use background-size to scale down) and it would be much easier to adjust the size and line-height of your content to match that of your icons.
Regardless of the scenario, I find that the five tips we covered here get me out of the weeds. She took initiative to enhance online outreach to students, showed evidence of a keen understanding of both short term results and long term benefits of various marketing strategies, and consistently delivered professional, high-quality work. My friend Sarah began a job search on September 1, 2007 and ended it three months later, nevertheless, she still networks. If youre taking animation seriously _as part of the brand_ on a project, you should define and consistently use easings. For some projects, you might want to keep the entire site (even WordPress files) under git as well. Imagine if every developer has to generate their Twitter consumer key or has to generate a new one for testing purposes: if the key is stored in a file thats tracked by git you have to remember not to add that file to the staging area.
I use SSH agent forwarding so Capistrano is able to pull from the git host using my local SSH key.
This is the equivalent of running bundle exec cap install and editing Capistranos configuration files.
In case of failure youd update your DNS to point to the different host and nobody will notice anything. Hopefully along the way you learned some new tools and leveled up your understanding of all the different moving parts. We can tell SVG to occupy a fixed amount of space without losing resolution, but non-vector will stretch and distort the image if we are working with inconsistent dimensions.
Although linear can be quite useful, Ive found, when the change is very small, like only moving a few pixels or a color changing shade.

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