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Friendship bracelets special bracelets that are usually given by friends, as a symbol of their friendship. The Range of Friendship Bracelet Patterns Friendship bracelets work along the same lines as promise rings. If you are keen on getting an understanding on ’How to make friendship bracelets’, go ahead and read this article.
Do you want a choice of cool friendship bracelet patterns to make bracelets for your friends? We were super excited to share the Fishtail Friendship bracelet tutorial with you and we are even more excited to share that we've found an easier way to do it. Fishtail braiding is one of those methods that create pretty, intricate patterned braids and yet, is quite easy to work.
Check out the simple patterns and find out how useful a bunch of rubber bands can be when it comes to jewelry making. Using three pins on a loom allows you to create even more intriguing, three dimensional patterns, where you can use even more colors. The plastic roses stringed in the white rubber bands really make the end result so much more special. Rubber band bracelets are not the only option as you can create stylish wristlets using colorful strings and yarns as well. The tile pattern can be worked quite easily by switching colors at specific intervals while braiding. Here is a really simple and fast fishtail pattern so you can impress all your friends with your neat workmanship. This one is a basic pattern for a fashionable bracelet worked with silk threads, using the fishtail technique.
This one shows another simple way you can end the bracelets, as the threads are tied together in the end creating a large knot that is passed through a hoop, made at the other end. Try these catchy color combinations to make one unique friendship bracelet for each of your friends.
Throw on a chunky cuff or slip on stacks of bangles and you’ve effortlessly made a style statement. Neon Wrap Bracelet: This bright bracelet is made exactly how it sounds by wrapping neon thread tightly around rope. Nautical Rope Bracelet: You should know by now that you don’t have to be a boy scout to tie a great nautical knot. Beaded Leather Bracelet: Loop a piece of leather and thread the beads of your choice through each side.
Spike Bracelet: This fierce metallic bracelet may seem scary on it’s own, but we say embrace the spikes!
Tulle Studded Bracelets: We used multi-colored tulle as the base for this friendship bracelet instead of the usual embroidery floss.
Chain and Rhinestone Bracelet: This lux two-toned bracelet will add some serious glamour to any outfit. Hook and Eye String Bracelets: Sometimes less is more, and these hook and eye bracelets hit that point home.
Studded Leather Wrap Bracelet: This designer-inspired piece took practically no time to make and for a fraction of the cost of the real deal. Name and Bow Wire Bracelet: Can you believe the trick to making this personalized name bracelet is starting with a pen and notebook? Studded Bangles: Give new life to the bangles that hide in the back of your jewelry box into studded showpieces.
Painted Leather Bracelet: Paint your own geometric designs onto strips of leather for this on-trend DIY. Zipper Bracelets: This is definitely one of our favorite unconventional material transformations of all time! Pom-Pom Bracelet: We love that these soft pom poms take the place of clanging charms in this DIY.

Slap Dash Painted Crystals Bracelet: Get ready for the most impactful style hack we’ve seen in a long time.
Fishtail Braid Bracelet: If you’ve perfected the trendy fishtail braid on your own mane, then making these bracelets will be a cinch. Sequin Bracelet: These sequin bracelets are fun, casual, and way faster to make than you may think. Painted Tribal Bracelets: This bracelet’s 21st century take on tribal pattern has us wishing we had more than two arms! Wire Heart Bracelet: If you don’t wear your heart on your sleeve, at least give it a shot on your wrist. Leather Bow Cuff : We’re enamoured by how quickly you can turn a piece of leather scrap into a flirty cuff. Chandelier Charm Bracelet: Skip the thrift store the next time you’re in the market for vintage-inspired costume jewelry and make your own pearl petal charms to adorn your chain. Leather and Fabric Studded Bracelets: Pastel stripes and floral patterns give these studded bracelets a girly twist.
Braided Clay Bracelet: Brace yourself for this bracelet how to: it’s time to tinker with grown-up Play Dough! Rhinestone Vinyl Bead Bracelet: There’s nothing shiny and neon that we can’t get behind, and that goes for these ultra cool bracelets.
It is very common to see friends coming up with various ideas for friendship bracelet designs. On this site, you can find patterns and descriptions on how to make the popular bracelets for yourself or a dear friend. Don't get me wrong, I will still use the original technique to create more intricate designs but, this new tutorial is so quick you will end up wanting to make one in every color combination possible (like we did!) This tutorial is very similar to the other one so I will just share with you the differences. Grab the left group in one hand and the right group in the other and pull outward to tighten the design a little. When we say "Fastest" friendship bracelet ever, we are excluding the regular three strand braid. From braiding your hair to making trendy jewelry, the fishtail technique comes in handy every time. You can try this one in any two-color combination, but keeping white as one of the main colors helps to bring out the pattern.
You can try combinations like dark blue-sky blue and moss-lemon green for similar effect in different colors.
All you need is lots of colorful rubber bands and a transparent plastic clasp to hold the ends together. But the working method differs greatly as here the braiding method is similar to what you do when making fishtail braid in your hair. Once you master the basic method, try creating multicolored tiled patterns by using more colors of thread. You don’t even need a clasp for this one as the ends are simply tied together to prevent the braid from coming undone. The large bead in the end is to be passed through the loop at the other end to hold them together. First decide if you want to go for a rubber band bracelet or a string one, and once you know which one to work on, collect all the supplies and get to work. Making your own bracelets can be just as simple, and we’re smitten with the creative ways these DIYers have sewn, twisted, baked and glued together scraps of materials to turn them into gorgeous works of arm art.
Choose a bold, tri-colored design like the one here or if you’re looking for something more modest create a stark black and white pattern. Newbies could use different colored rope to keep the knot pattern in line, but we love the preppy feel of this navy and white weave. The small blue and gold beads make the materials seem super delicate even though the band is made with a thick leather.
Wear it with leather leggings if you want to totally rock out, or pair it with a graphic anchor Tee like this DIY-er did for a cool style contrast.

Snip a strip of fabric from a chunky cardigan or patterned sweater and sew the ends together around a cuff form. Thread vibrant colored sequins through the chain in long or short segments until you’ve come full circle. Weave the rhinestones in between the gold and silver chains to make yourself a perfect champagne sipping accessory.
If you’ll be working with leather often, investing in the medieval-looking leather punch is your best option. Fit for the wrist of Cleopatra or Joan of Arc, this beaded armor is made from stringing alternating gold and silver beads.
It’s understated elegance and a delicate feel makes it a  true statement piece for minimalist style. Draw a path without retracing any one point and then follow those lines with your materials. Play around with stud placement and even stack two or three thin bangles on top of each other and secure with a group of silver studs for a sleek transformation! Go tribal with a multi-colored chevron pattern or channel your inner mod with bold strokes of black and white.
These colorful zippers only cost about a buck each and can be turned into a handful of drastically different looks with just the snip of some scissors. Line the outside of your bracelet with a strand of these fabric puffs and secure with jump rings to get quirky, cute design. Go monotone with two shades of pink or mix up the braided bracelets with your pick of summery colors. Fasten these clunky compression nuts to a skinny leather belt and wrap around your forearm. You can find this clear material at most hardware stores (see if they’re able to cut it to size for you!). Repurposed address labels act as stencils to keep the negative space intact as you add the acrylic paint design. The heart’s humps are shaped with jewelry pliers and also double as the clasp for the hook. Simply pinch the center of your leather piece, secure with thread, and you’re more than half way to completing this DIY.
These charming leather bands have the perfect mix and match of color and texture: power clashing at it’s most graceful! Knead, braid and bake are the three main actions to transform this lump polymer clay into a gorgeous braid bracelet. Give your plain Jane cuff a far out makeover by hot gluing the large sequins to it in a scalloped pattern. String some clear elastic cord through rhinestone beads and pop vinyl beads on to bookend each side to get this elegant and modern look. There are different styles of bracelets you can make using the braiding method where the material used for the purpose brings the variation. To make just pop in the oven for about five minutes and get ready to act quickly to mold them to shape: the perspex hardens in about 30 seconds.
On the left side you should have one group of each color and you should have one group of each color on the right as well. Repeat steps 4, 5 and 6 over and over again until you get the bracelet as long as it needs to be to go around your wrist. Just push the back end of this spike through the fisherman’s rope weave and screw them in place.

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