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The Prezi zoom is one of the platform’s most powerful features, and it’s the biggest thing that sets it above the competition.
Antibiotics are powerful too, but if you take half the bottle at once, it’s more bad than good. Here’s a good rule of thumb: the larger the sections are that you’re transitioning between, the larger your zoom can be. This means that about 75% (or more!) of your zooms should be small and subtle, if there is any at all.
If you’re on the same subject between two frames, you want to be sure that any zooming is minimal, and is giving your audience the cues that you intend, rather than implying a change that is different than you actually want. In general, though, you want to spin only to connect the ideas between the previous and following frame. One thing’s for sure: if you want to make your audience sick to their stomachs, mix big zooms and a lot of spins. Independent Prezi ExpertAs an Official, Independent Prezi Exert, you can rest assured the team at wOw Prezi provides design, marketing and training services that are of the highest standard.

It’s so powerful that after coming from the generally boring, static PowerPoint, novice presentation designers often go crazy.
You’ll flush the probiotics out of your intestines and then your guts will be in knots, not to mention that the prescription won’t work for you the way you hoped it would.
There are a lot of bad design mistakes anyone can make, but you can’t zoom in and out on a PowerPoint, so when the tool is finally available, it’s easy to misapply it. It’s a great, intuitive way to signal a transition between points that are related but different. Are you moving in, which will always imply going into more detail than the previous frame, or are you moving out, which will always imply a move away from the previous frame’s subject? It’s useful for making points, arguments, or displaying data which is directly relevant to the slides surrounding it while still giving the impression of motion, so it is a great tool for lists and things of that nature. It says less about movement than a zoom, but it can still be used wrongly, so subtler is better. You want your spins to be powerful and communicative, just like your zooms, but not overwhelming. Don’t ever use any motion tools just to have motion—all movement says something about the story you’re telling.

Whenever you’re not sure if you zoomed too far or spun too much, just assume you did, and go for more subtle movements. You can show a prezi to others on a computer through your prezi account, or you can link to them. If you go deep or far, that power makes its own point, no matter what your story is saying at the time. I mean, after all, good presentations do happen in PowerPoint with no real motion tools, although they just take more work than they should.
If it can be done well with that ancient software, you can’t go wrong by toning it down a touch in a Prezi.

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