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Because of our weekly tradition to check out 10 children's books from the library, we have a lot of time each week to really get to know each character, each line and pun.
Its funny because he seems to ask questions he already knows that answer to, but its his way of conversing, and I love it. In a recent article I emphasized why you need to wear makeup if you want to look your best when filming your online video presentations. Careful makeup application is critical, not just to make you look more attractive, but more importantly to correct the distortions caused by the camera lens and lighting. Many people have since written to me asking for my specific “how to apply makeup” technical details. Male news presenters and actors wouldn’t dream of getting in front of a camera without make-up. Apply (with a good quality fluffy make-up brush) a light application of translucent powder. Opt for a base or tint that is a shade darker than your complexion. Go for a professional brand like MAC Make-up (a trusted brand used in the TV and Film industry). Apply a concealer under the eyes to minimize any dark discolorations, redness, blotches or blemishes which will show under lighting if you are being filmed in a close-up. Full coverage foundation helps to create a more defined image of you on screen as well as enhancing the contours of your facial features. To set the foundation so that it does not crease, melt or shine under the lights or during filming, apply a fine layer of translucent powder to set the foundation. With an angle brush, smile and place blush on the apple of your cheeks, gradually blend the color back towards your temples. Ensure that you stick to the same “color” family when it comes to choosing your blush and lipstick color i.e.
Defining helps your features stand out on screen – it’s like putting a frame around a painting. With the end of a makeup brush, point it straight up from the outer edge of your nostril toward your forehead. Tip: In middle age for men and women, sometimes slightly shortening the end of an eyebrow can lift the eye and giving it a fresh look.
There are many ways to apply eye-make to enhance or minimize or create different effects for wide-set, close-set, deep-set eyes as well as prominent, droopy or hooded lids. In this article, WE will focus on a “classic” make-up look which is timeless and suitable for all ages and most eye-shapes.

Bottom heavy lips: line just above the natural lip line of the top lip and line slightly above the natural lip line of the bottom lip then full in with lipstick color.
To define and contour the cheek bones; shade under the cheek bone and stop when your brush is in line with your nostril.
Then from the ear down to the jaw line, then under the jaw line, then from jaw line down the neck.
Have questions about your own video presentations – want us to address them in an upcoming episode of TakeTwo? I have over 8 year’s experience in makeup application, specializing in weddings and special occasions. A virtual consulting service for rising stars & emerging leaders who want to deliver masterful online video presentations. While stocking and reorganizing the freezer, my husband left 5 loaves of Rhodes bread out on the counter overnight. I judged at the Northern Illinois Region 5 IJAS Science Fair held at Northern Illinois University. In this comprehensive article we provide you with a step by step Make Up application process, along with expert tips and techniques to get you camera ready for your web videos. Most of this article will focus on makeup application for you ladies – and we will go into great detail, so we are going to quickly get you men out of the way first. Burt’s Bees lip balm is a (chemical free) quality brand available in most drugstores. Periodically check that your face isn’t overly shiny (by repeating the above Step 3) and that no perspiration is showing through your your clothing (yip it happens and its extremely hard if not impossible to fix in the edit). You may want to buy a second foundation that is slightly darker for contouring under the chin.
As a general rule of thumb; salmon, peach or orange tinted concealers help minimize any bluish tones. It focuses the viewers’ attention to what is within the frame – and prevents the art from blending into the background.
Move outwards; when you hit the outer edge of your pupil that is where your eyebrow arch should be. Let US know in the comment section below if you would like to know more about these applications. If you have cooler color tones on your eyes opt for a warm color tone on your lips and vice-versa.

Avoid using frosts – they tend to make you look washed out on camera, and they don’t define or frame the mouth area well. Shake the brush clean after applying and go over the same places buffing it out to ensure that you have left no lines. Use a medium to dark shadow on the outer corner and crease then slightly extend the shadow line out from the outer edge of your eye.
This is the first student research fair that I judged where I didn't have students competing. I know how much support teachers and parents must provide to get a student this far in the competition.
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Consider having your eyebrows professionally groomed or shaped – most male presenters have had some “subtle” grooming done in this area including ear and nose hair! Start smoothing and blending out from the center of your forehead and work your way down to your nose and chin. The camera and lights can really diminish or washout your features, so it’s vital to have the most expressive features on your face defined and framed properly. Make sure that the pencil or powder color matches your eyebrow color and not your hair color. However, I couldn't help but be nervous for the well-attired students I saw carrying oversized posters as I drove onto the campus. Blend outwards towards your cheeks (keep it light under your eyes) then up to your ears and down to and under your jawline. This will ensure that it won’t alter the color of your foundation when reapplying or touching up during filming. Sign up to get our FREE email updates delivered to your inbox once a month (on a Saturday). Practical “pitch-free” advice, proven techniques, how-tos, tutorials, and Q 'n A's that you can apply right now to your own video presentations.

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