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The previous pages explained each of PowerPoint modes: Normal (slide and outline), Comments page, Slide sorter.
The task pane opens to the right of the screen and displays a list of templates ready to be used.
The task pane will help you search among it's library, or later on Office Online, for the item you wish a picture for. To keep the proportions of the picture while reducing it, press and hold the left button the mouse. To set the aspect ratio of the presentation to one of the widescreen ratios, first go to the Design tab on top and click 'Page Setup'.
For best results, it is good to make this change before you start working on your presentation, or else some of your text, graphics and other elements might require a bit of shuffling around. Also, remember to make sure you know the aspect ratio of the display you will be presenting this on. Free Family Tree Chart Template to DownloadIf you would like to get right to adding your data to the family tree chart, check the shaded text box on page 10 of this tutorial. Organization Chart for Your Family TreeThe family tree chart is created using PowerPoint's organization chart.
Delete Extra Shapes from the Family Tree Chart Add text in the shapes for members of your family. More Descendants in the Family Tree ChartTo add additional members to your family tree - Click on the border of the shape to which you want to add a descendant or other member.
Assistant - Use this option for a spouse of the selected member.Note - The Organization Chart toolbar will only appear when you have selected the chart or any object within the chart.

Duplicate files: Some of the resource files have duplicates in different Office file formats. You will need Microsoft Word or a similar word processing program for the step-by-step about using outlines. There are however additionnal elements that must be covered to help you greatly improve your presentations.
The color scheme will only change the slides, or elements of a slide, that still have the default color. None of your graphics and other things will appear stretched when forced to become widescreen nor will your presentation have black bars on the left and right of the screen. After you have the dialog popped up, you can make the change as shown in the last part of the previous section. In the Slide Layout task pane on the right side of the screen, scroll to the section titled Content Layouts. I have created a free family tree chart template for you to download and modify to suit your needs. Click on the icon for Diagram or Organization Chart in the group of icons showing on the title and content slide. To delete any shapes that are unnecessary for your family tree, simply click on the border of the shape.
You can download this workplan template for complex timelines in PowerPoint and work flow presentations. For example, you must add a background to your presentation, or a template in PowerPoint's terminology, to have a more pleasant presentation to look at.

You can always change the colors selected in a color scheme to better fit your presentation's requirements. You might then find yourself reverting back to 4:3 on a finished presentation and rearranging your slide elements.
This work plan PowerPoint template for business presentations is compatible with Microsoft 2007 and 2010. Thus, even if a widescreen ratio is available when presenting (say the projector supports the ratio or you are using a TV), the slides still appear the traditional almost-square and banal.
If you are using an older version of Microsoft's presentation software, skip to the bottom of this article. You may also change the presentation by adding pictures of the company's logo or its name.
A very important element that hasn't been covered to date and that draws the attention, when they are used at the right time, is the animation effects. I hope to share mines very soon Munde3:54 am on I love this timeline template, Thanks for sharing.

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