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A simple but highly effective technique in a presentation is to use a graphic of a rubber stamp. The stamps consist of a transparent overlay that is actually a mottled image (a transparent gif).  Simply move the text under the overlay to produce the mottled effect. If you liked this PowerPoint Template we would appreciate you liking it on FaceBook or Tweeting it.
You can browse all of our PowerPoint templates or select them by category or colour or by tag.
I used it to make a TAKEN stamp image for t-shirts for my husband and I for our gift opening the day after our wedding. I found this to be a useful way to rubber-stamp overarching ideas on top of plots in an engineering presentation to a mixed audience, some of whom will not make the desired conclusions from the plots alone. I modified the color and style of the text box layer to make the stamp green (meaning desired outcomes) and to given it a more old-fashioned double-lined rectangular border. I could group the speckled layer with a text box, but even grouped, they wouldn’t stay grouped to resize. You are unable to edit the stamps because first you need to pic up that mottled image from the text. TweetScoop.itSometimes we want to create a PPT template from scratch using our own custom images, for example if you have your company visual identity and the designer provides you the slide designs as a JPG image (for the cover slide, the internal slide and any other custom slide layout). Here we will see how to prepare a simple PowerPoint template using custom background images in a few simple steps.
Then, go to View -> Slide Master and here you will see the Master layout and the other layouts for the presentation. The figure below illustrates what are the key layouts we will change background for the PowerPoint presentation. Having the files in our local file system, first we go to the Master slide layout and configure the default background for the slides.
Now we can duplicate one of the slide layouts and create another variant with the vertical sidebar. We hope this tutorial help you to create custom PowerPoint presentations with custom background images that you or any other designer can create in Photoshop and save as JPG or PNG format. Simply add your own title information, a photo or graphic image on the templates or backgrounds. We offer you PowerPoint templates and backgrounds for free, to help you make the perfect presentation. If you need a copy of the image without a watermark, please contact me for further information.

Open the Inspector, go to the second tab (Slide inspector), then click the Appearance sub tab. Thanksgiving activity arrangement details, events, Thanksgiving prayer, poem and etc can all be displayed in PowerPoint.
As the duration of each slide may different, so ita€™s necessary to set up the time that each slide appears. Convert PowerPoint to video in most popular format [such as AVI, WMV, MPEG, MP4, MOV, FLV, 3GP, HD videos, etc.]. A reader recently asked if he could use one of his pictures as a background for his PowerPoint slide. Picture Background Stretched to Cover Complete SlideBy default, the picture you choose to be the background of your slides will be stretched to fit the slide.
Notice the Transparency section.Move the Transparency slider to the desired transparency percentage, or simply type the percentage amount in the text box. What is a Tiled Picture Background?Tiling a picture is a process where the computer program takes a single picture and repeats that picture many times until it covers the whole background.
When you are presenting a PowerPoint slideshow, graphic images draw attention and add interest to your presentation. In our case, we will use the layout design with a white background and top cloud with bills and money. We will change the background for this layout in PowerPoint and choose the other slide design we have created.
Beyond this post you can do more things for example to insert the company logo in every slide design or you can change the footer and header of the PowerPoint presentations. You also can use them for school projects, or as sermon and music worship background for your church services. On the Design tab, in the Background group, click Background Styles, then click Format Background. To finish it, all you need is just a conversion tool that can help you convert your PowerPoint to DVD or video. After burning PowerPoint presentations to DVD, you can view PowerPoint on TV through DVD player easily. This utility is fit for YouTube, and other video-sharing websites, such as Dailymotion, Metacafe, etc.
In this case, it is best to choose a picture with a higher resolution, which also results in a larger picture.In the two examples above, the picture with the higher resolution is crisp and clear, while the picture with the lower resolution is blurry when it is enlarged and stretched to fit the slide.
As you move the slider, you will see the transparency preview of the photograph.When you have made the transparency percentage choice, click the Close button to apply the change.

This process is often used on webpages when a texture is desired for a background rather than a plain colored background.
Fortunately, there is a simple way that you can make that background transparent and increase the appeal of your PowerPoint presentation. If you are using PowerPoint 2007, insert an  image onto your slide background by clicking on the Insert tab of the ribbon and clicking on the appropriate button, such as Picture for a file located on your computer or Clip Art for a Microsoft clip art image. You can add more slides (with a blank template it will look with white background but now that we have configured the Master layout with a background the slide will be inserted with the pre-configured background).
Moreover, you can insert animations and effects in the master view so your final presentations have an animation. All backgrounds and graphics are optimized for popular digital projectors using PowerPoint, Keynote, EasyWorship, and others. For step-by-step guide about how to do it, you can see this article: How to Add Music to Thanksgiving PowerPoint. The texture is a very small picture file, and when repeated many times, appears to seamlessly cover the background as if it was one large image.
If you do decide to use a tiled background for your PowerPoint slide, then be sure to make it a transparent background as well. If a white or colored background surrounds your image, it will not look professional on your otherwise polished PowerPoint slide.
Find the image you want to use, select it and click Insert to place it on your slide background. You can change the default layout and reset the layout to keep the same styles you have configured in the Slide Master view.
To insert a picture from a file, click File, and double-click the picture that you want to insert. Prayer of Thanksgiving is very important in any and every Christiana€™s relationship with God. After the conversion, you can directly play the output DVD or video at the waiting room or foyer for people to view.
Transparency - Unless the picture is the focal point of the slide, it is a good practice to set a transparency by percentage, for the picture.

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