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Learn to use a free tool called PDFCreator to generate PDFs from many different file formats.A‚  So, why do you need to create PDF files?A‚  PDF has some obvious advantages (and some disadvantages) which has made this document format a universal one across the internet world. PDFCreator is a free download from and is a Windows only (all versions) application.
Simply select Print from the Menu of just about any program.A‚  If you have multiple printer drivers installed, then you might have to select PDFCreator from the other ones.
You have now a few choices to push with the buttons of Wait A?a‚¬a€?Collect (puts it in queue), eMail (creates the PDF as an email attachment) or Save (saves the document as PDF).
Combining documents gives use a way to take two separate documents and merge them into one single PDF file.
PDFcreator also acts like a document to image converter allowing us to output our documents in most of the image formats (PNG, JPEG, BMP, PCX, TIFF, PS, EPS, TEXT, PSD, PCL, RAW, SVG). And if you are flummoxed, the useful Help file gives a good walkthrough of all the features.
So if you are considering adding one, give the free PDFCreator from more than a lingering thought.
Now all that is left is for you to give your document a title and enter or modify a few details like the Date, Author, Subject and Keywords.
With PDFCreator you can also create Postscript and Encapsulated Postscript files, create images from your documents, combine documents, plus much more. A low (40 bit) and high (128 bit) encryption should be enough to soothe some paranoid nerves. As a free application it’s just that much better than the competition.A‚  So take it for a run!
It can be installed on a standalone machine or as a network printer.A‚  PDFCreator installs as a printer driver (called as a virtual printer) which is selected from your print options like any other printer.
Security enhancements also include useful options which disallow the user to print, copy text and images, modify the document, and make or change comments.

Lot of business entrepreneurs and buyers buy domain at low cost and sell after few months or years. Of course you have.The pdf or Portable Document Format is a popular file format that lets you view documents across platforms without disturbing its formatting. PDF files, which often house comics, novels and various bills, aren’t meant to be edited. But it can be very inconvenient when you need to fill a form or add a line to a document which was sent as a pdf.While Adobe Acrobat XI (Rs 30,000) and Nitro PDF Editor (Rs 11,000) are good apps, their cost is prohibitive for most people.
In case you want to try the website first, PDF Buddy lets you use basic features (adding shapes, symbols, text, whiteout and highlight) without creating an account. You will have to create an account if you want to do anything useful like save or download the edited file, add images or signatures to the pdf file. Text editing options are limited to two fonts and you’ll have to manually place text so that it aligns with the rest of the line. However, this may not be a limitation for those who just want to fill out forms without printing the document.
Drag a pdf file into the browser or click the Choose PDF to Edit button on the website and then select the file you want to edit.2. The editing tools are fairly straightforward, since the name of each tool tells you what it does.
Below the tools mentioned above, PDF Buddy has shapes and symbols, which you can add to your file. LibreOffice is a full office suite and you’ll have to download the setup file for the whole suite to use Draw.
Fortunately, during installation the programme lets you select the software you want to install. This means that you can install Draw without installing all the other apps in the office suite.

Note that these steps are for the Windows version of Draw, but the process is similar for Mac and Linux.1. All the tools are laid out at the bottom and should be familiar to anyone who has used MS Word. Draw moved all of these and it took us a lot of time to restore these to their original positions.4. When you finish editing, select the Export as PDF option in the File menu.Using a word processing appAnother way to edit pdf files is to convert them to a more edit-friendly file format. When uploading is complete, the website will show you the document, along with a Download button at the top. This will save the document as an rtf file, which can be opened by most text editors including Microsoft Word.
LibreOffice has a Export as PDF option in the File menu.This method works best when the data on the pdf file is in a format that suits the format you choose to convert it to. It’s free to download and you can try all its tools on a couple of sample pdf files that come with it. The catch is that the app asks you to pay Rs 60 each for Dropbox, SkyDrive or Google Drive support.
If you want to create a new pdf from photos and text on your iOS device, you’ll have to shell out Rs 60 more as a one-time purchase. Then select the export button (a box with an arrow pointing out of it) on the top-right to save or share the edited file.Did you find this guide useful?

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