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A work that is heavily dependent on things, situations, or actions that are stereotypically masculine, in order to appeal to a predominantly male audience. Expect to see Perma Stubble, hot blood, improbably muscled males, Carpets Of Virility, lots of fighting, Stuff Blowing Up, large amounts of Rule of Cool, and if you're lucky, Manly Tears. Traditionally, the role of women in such works is often stereotypically feminine, as support characters or Love Interests, sometimes satellite ones, while the men fight and die (often for their sake).
These works also tend to glorify war, although there have been many manly works with the opposite viewpoint. Named after a line in the contrasting segment of the Janus Syndicate parody video Counter-Strike For Kids. Just because a work falls under this trope doesn't mean that it can't have any feminine appeal or a significantly large female audience. When those in charge think that a foreign video game would sell better with this aesthetic than the one it came with, you get the American side of American Kirby Is Hardcore.
Compare with Testosterone Poisoning, where the appeal to masculinity is exaggerated to the point of parody (though expect to pass through here before hitting Testosterone Poisoning levels of manly). Contrast Chick Flick (which is this trope's opposite), Kawaisa and Moe (which are all opposed aesthetics). An advertisement for a casino shows a man playing roulette with a squirrel next to him placing all his nuts on the table as his bet as the voice over goes "You can cash in now and save for a rainy day or you can be a man and bet it all." The ad is basically blasting men that don't play with risky big bets. British chocolate manufacturer Rowntrees made the same error when marketing the Yorkie Bar - a big, chunky, no-nonsense slab of chocolate - with the slogan Yorkie - Not For Girls!. Fist of the North Star, renowned for its manliness, stars a Bruce Lee knockoff who massacres post-apocalyptic biker gangs by making their heads explode ["You don't even know you're already dead."]. And the fun part is that despite all being the epitomes of manly asskicking, there's not a man among them who won't cry out rivers if it's appropriate.
The series itself is considered very manly with all the Titan slaying and the characters involved. Bastard: Naked, buff men fighting in a Heavy Metal Heroic Fantasy setting with naked women in skimpy outfits. Cowboy Bebop, though lacking in the Hotblooded factor, is packed to the brim with references to manly action movies, a soundtrack packed with upbeat jazz and rock music, awesome fight scenes (including non-ironic use of Gun Kata!), and macho plot threads such as a guy trying to find a girl he lost all while battling his pretty-boy arch rival and another guy struggling with his dark past as a cop and still haunted by the girl he loved leaving him. Cromartie High School is an odd case, deconstructing not only the idea of a World of Badass, but badassery in general, but then thoroughly picking apart the concept of manliness itself, to the point it even inverts this trope in a later episode.
Digimon Savers has the main character punching 50-foot monsters to make his partner digivolve, to say nothing of their sheer Hot-Blooded-ness. Dragon Ball Z is about men with muscles so large (and in places where muscles aren't really supposed to exist) as to be an impediment to motion in scenarios even remotely grounded in reality fighting one another in increasingly violent and deadly battles (everybody except the Fake Ultimate Hero dies at least once). Eyeshield 21 has this in spades, though given that it's about American Football, it's a bit of a given.
Many of the characters go straight into Testosterone Poisoning territory, considering most of the cast have some pretty impressive muscles and they're only in high school.

Elfman's usually talking about things that are "Manly", or what a Man should do, and all of his emotions are Manly as well.
Gildarts does some pretty manly things, one notable example was a simply showing his power, not even doing anything with it which left a crater and Natsu in tears of fear.
Fullmetal Alchemist: Profound manliness has been passed down the Armstrong line for generations!! Shining examples are Geki Hyuuma who still shows off his massive biceps while in the vacuum of space and Goldymarg a robot based on him that is so manly ONE WOULD THINK HE WAS PROGRAMMED IN ALL CAPS.
To wit, everyone in this series Exudes Manly Tears, the men, the children, the women, everyone. Almost everything by Go Nagai, Getter Robo being the most over-the-top, but Mazinger Z is the one that started it all.
Kinnikuman has muscular superheroes and supervillains duking it out Professional Wrestling style, typically while wearing nothing but a pair of short shorts. Most, if not all of the main characters are often grade-A Badasses and sometimes Large Hams. A woman may be the Unwitting Instigator of Doom, doing some small and unimportant action early in the movie or in the origin story, which start the chain of events that lead to some great disaster For Want of a Nail, and the real men would have to deal with it (for example, the villain may have turned into a villain in the first place because Love Makes You Crazy). You'll find that many of the examples below have almost as many female fans as they do male fans. The adverts featured (for instance) vigilant shopkeepers realising the nervous-looking guy trying to buy a Yorkie bar was a woman in a false moustache, and responded as you might expect for comedy effect.
First, The Man Your Man Could Smell Like: portrayed by Isaiah Mustafa, he is a suave gentleman who calmly and eloquently described to women what their man could smell like he was capable of doing if he used Old Spice. The sheer amount of testosterone displayed may make you start karate chopping RANDOM OBJECTS!! Man with a sword the size of Kilimanjaro hacks his way through the legions of Hell, with more blood per volume than the entire filmography of Quentin Tarantino.
It's heavily focused on fighting with character development and revelation occurring through the old-fashioned belief that only through fighting can men truly get to know each other and only when facing death can a man's personality truly be revealed. Yes, it's a manga about a card game, but it involves hot-blooded, manly men and well endowed (95% of them, anyway) women fight evil villains in epic battles that include badass dragons, giant motorcycle robots, magical monsters, and more.
Especially notable given that it's a post-Millennium Shonen Jump series that mostly manages to avoid Bishonen Jump Syndrome in an era rife with it. For example, the 15-year-old who's 6'7, eats nothing but meat, looks like a caveman, and smashed a car head on with his bare hands when he was in grade school.
It goes so far that in later episodes in both manga and anime other characters question whether Elfman himself understands what he is saying. It's been described as "the glam version of Fist of the North Star" for a good reason: even though 90% of the characters are well-dressed, sparkly attractive guys, it oozes testosterone, violence, and raw fighting spirit from every page. It's called the Spiritual Successor to Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and for good reason: even though the main characters are female, it oozes testosterone, blood and raw fighting spirit from every episode.

The main character crowns the first chapter by carrying a car through a Yakuza base, and can use his hands to carve a wall into a relief so beautiful as to make a grown otaku weep. The Lupin III (Green Jacket) series, Lupin III: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine movie, and manga could count, being full of Author Appeal for killing and seducing. Conan: To crush your enemies, see them driven before you and hear the lamentations of their women. Nevertheless, badass females are far from uncommon, and they may or may not be masculine in their interests.
This trope simply means that stereotypical masculine behavior is a significant focus of the work at hand. That's right, Mystique, the mutant supervillain who has been going toe to toe with the X-Men and Avengers since the 70's, can't handle Carl's Jr.'s new burger unless she's a guy. The original idea was to target those men who considered diet sodas to be unmasculine, but the end result was to tell half the audience not to buy their product.
The net result was to amuse one half of the viewing public whilst pissing off and alienating the other.
He would be followed up by Terry Crews as a Cloud Cuckoolander with a severe case of Testosterone Poisoning. However, the excessively macho 11th division take the samurai fighting traditions to such excess they're used for both serious storytelling and parody. And along with cards that summon monsters, there's cards that summon weapons such as swords, pistols, and shotguns. Lighter and Softer stories share the same style, just with Defeat by Modesty or Bloodless Carnage. Not directly related to Rated M for Money in any way but the potential for intersection between the two is high.
Ironically, one of the themes of the manga is how much of a strain being this sort of person is on your psyche.
For example, Ikkaku would rather die than leave his captain's side for another division, but he can also pop his dislocated shoulder back into place with nothing more than a Pec Flex. By the time the series ended, the characters could quite literally tear the universe apart by shouting loudly enough, and were probably in danger of destroying the planet they were on if they so much as tripped. Though keep in mind actual sex or womanizing doesn't necessarily mean "manly", as most playboys tend to have physical (and personality) traits opposite to the ones described above.

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