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This tutorial is a manual way customizing your ubuntu 12.04 desktop to make it look like Mac os lion.
Its great, But I have one question here , how can I make my desktop tool bar horizontal as like in the screen-shots above. One of the biggest advantage of buying a Apple Mac is the Powerful and beautiful Operating System which is the reason even Windows users would be interested in upgrading their Laptops to the Mac series.
You just have to download the Transformation Pack from here and proceed with the installation procedure. When we tried out this software it actually made the overall performance of the computer bit slower because everytime we accessed some basic sections of the Windows like Desktop, My Computer, Control Panel etc the images had to be loaded and this did take up some time delay on the HP Dv7 with 6Gb RAM, hence its recommended that you try out this transformation package on a computer which has decent configuration. Note : Snow Transformation Pack also changes some system files and system registries that could make any problem to your system. Macbuntu is an open-source program, designed to make Ubuntu’s appearance look like Mac OS X. All you have to do is place docky in your start up list so that it will come up and function like Mac OS X. You can just copy the Macbuntu folder under themes to you .themes folder and choose Macbuntu your theme.
Is your Mac starting to feel messy and sluggish after using iOS 8 on your iPhone every day? Step 3: Edit Desktop View OptionsNow that you've made desktop and app icons in Mac OS X Yosemite look more like iOS 8, it's time to edit existing features and options. Step 4: Add Apps to Your DesktopNow that the desktop view is all set, add some applications (preferably ones with icons you got from Dtafalonso's icon pack) to your desktop by dragging their app icon over on top your iOS 8 background. As I did not find it anywhere to look like exactly same after following above instructions.

Here is a way through which you can make the current Windows 7 or Windows Vista based computer look like MAC OS X Snow Leopard. Snow Transformation Pack will transform your entire user interface to Mac OS X Snow Leopard, including Snow Leopard Welcome Screen, Visual Style, Icons, Wallpapers, Sounds, Dock and much more. You have to decide to use it yourself and it will not be the author’s fault if Snow Transformation Pack cause any problem to the system. Is it just like any other windows installer which can be uninstalled later on if required or we have to live with it once installed? I have written about Macbuntu for previous Ubuntu edition, but Macbuntu package for Ubuntu 11.04 Unity has not come out yet. It crashes on several installation processes, when it crashes your system will not work until you reboot your system. This will turn off the Ubuntu nav bar and revert back to regular Gnome with regular panels. Sorry UBUNTU, staying with Ubuntu 10.10 and MacUbuntu 10.10 Just like having the best of a MacBook AIR!
Even with all of the iOS-friendly features built in to Mac OS X Yosemite, your Mac can still feel kind of "old" in comparison to an iOS device—but it doesn't have to. Since there is no way to get rid of the Finder and Trash icons, I simply added two spaces on both ends of the dock, with four of my most used apps in the middle. Just follow Neil's guide, which provides the download links and everything you need to get the screensaver set up. Download the .zip file, un-zip it onto your Mac, and double click the adorable little red icon to start it up. This is possible using Transformation Packages which are used to Make Windows XP Look like Apple Mac OS X Leopard, or else displaying Mac OS X Snow Leopard Taskbar Dock in Windows PC & Make Windows Look like Windows 8.

I like new Windows operating system because of its customization feature and more applicability. When rebooted it all looks good (for as far as a mac looks good) you got the mac plymouth, login screen, wallpaper and icons. Using the tips and tricks below, you can easily make your Mac desktop or laptop look and feel like iOS 8 in no time.
Share your completed desktop with us below, and definitely let us know if you have any more tips and tricks for getting that iOS look and feel.Follow Apple Hacks on Facebook and Twitter, or Gadget Hacks over on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter, for more Apple news, apps, and tips. There you will see the iOS 8-style icons for Mac applications such as Messages, Maps, iTunes, Photos, etc. And removing the macbuntu theme can be difficult and can result in reinstalling Ubuntu….
Yes, you'll have to do this one by one, but it shouldn't take too long (~5 minutes for me).
Next, click the Use these Icons button, and then the Apply Icons button at the top of the CandyBar window. If you want to speed up the process and do them all at once, there's an app called LiteIcon that can do all the heavy lifting for you.To revert back to your original Mac icons, simply click on the new app icon at the top left in Get Info, then hit Delete on your keyboard. I do not, not, NOT like the new icons.Christopher Breenwhenever i try to do this, it tells me that i have an unqualified system, says if i quit the icons will be lost.

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