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Adjusting the mouse pointer sizes is a simple way to greatly improve accessibility for individuals with visual impairments. Where to change the size of the pointer in OS X has been relocated since Mountain Lion, but despite reports to the contrary, the feature does still exist on the Mac.
Changing the size of the mouse pointer in OS X 10.8 and beyond looks much more pleasant than before because you no longer end up with a giant pixelated cursor, instead you get a nice and smooth high-DPI rendered version that is appropriate for using larger cursors even on the ultra high resolution Retina displays. A few things to note about this: First, changing the cursor size has no impact on click focus, the point of the cursor remains the same. I am old enough to have used ResEdit to swap out pointers but haven’t a clue how to do it with Mountain Lion.
Why change the location of the pointer control to Display from Mouse & Trackpad has to be a sign of idiots taking over Apple.

You can’t really turn a Linux system to a Mac, but you definitely can make your Ubuntu Hardy looks like a Mac OSX Leopard.
But the most frequent uses though, having a less dramatic difference with just a slightly larger cursor can be a nice way to ease locating the pointer on extra large screens or during presentations. These newer high resolution versions carry across to almost all cursors in OS X, from the normal mouse pointer to the hand cursors that show up when hovering over links.
Second, you can’t capture normal screen shots using traditional methods that display the larger cursor, taking a regular screenshot will continue to show the cursor rendered as the default size. It appears much of the confusion about this option, and the assumption by some that the ability was dropped entirely, comes from the slider moving away from the more obvious Mouse panel. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox!

Apple doesn’t allow users to change the design of the mouse pointers, but you can make them bigger.
This is intended to help those with limited eyesight, but it can be very useful for the rest of us too!You’ll find the setting within the Universal Access pane of System Preferences (Apple menu->System Preferences). The changes will take effect immediately, so choose a size you’re happy with.Alas, it’s not perfect—the existing small mouse cursors are simply magnified to make them larger, leaving them looking a little blurry at larger sizes.

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