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While this is an oversimplification of the vastly complex algorithms that search engines use, it’s safe to assume that an increase in quality links will usually lead to an increase in search engine rankings and therefore traffic. As artists, our success depends on growing our fanbase both online and off, so you can see how important growing your website’s link profile is. The concept is simple: put interesting content on your website that people will link to, and do it consistently. An artist interview, even if it’s just conducted via email, is a great way to generate links and social shares. One of the best ways to encourage linking is to build relationships with people who have influence online. Have you ever received a notable award or been referenced by a celebrity or political figure? Create a blog post where you interview a fan on video, feature fan artwork or music, or post audience photos.

Not only will this add some great new content to your website, but it will broaden your network and present linking opportunities for the artist and his or her fans. Instead of uploading that awesome photo to Facebook, sharing your new demo on Soundcloud, or writing that witty post on Tumblr, put your content on your website and then share a link to it.
If you do this regularly and make sure your featured fans know about it, you will get links.
This way you are creating a link to your website and giving everyone in your network a chance to share (and link to) your website.
You’d probably proudly create a post on your favorite social network (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and link to the website that talks about your achievement.
But links do more than just create the structure of The Web; they also allow us to travel through it.
When one of these influencers creates an article or post that resonates with you, write a commentary or response, post it on your blog, and be sure to link back to their site.

Often this will be flattering to the influencer and gain you a link, some social shares, and a thank-you. To who projects, initiatives, activities, information products, and contacts visio icon helicopter.Visio Icon Helicopter Cute smiling girl shows us her large. Over time, links also become an indication of the popularity or success of any given website or webpage. Search engines then use this link data to asses the usefulness or popularity of a given page, and websites with a large quantity of quality links get more traffic from Google and other search engines.
But there are many great techniques for manually building links, and if you create great content you should be able to grow your links naturally.

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