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Tones of GrayThis is a relatively minimalist template set, with a dark gray, stone-textured background. Folded PaperThis template has a folded paper background and brightly-colored typography and accents. NewWayThis template set has a dark gray background with a compass image, and 36 different master slides. Enterprise is a corporate-looking blue template, which includes 32 different slide designs. Sky Blue is a template pack with a partially-rounded rectangle on a textured background perfect for fast-paced industries. Gabardine is reminiscent of men’s suiting, with a sophisticated gray and dark red color scheme. The Elemental template set includes five template designs, based on the four elements (one each for water, wind, and fire, and two for earth). Copenhagen is a modern, light blue template set, with fractal-inspired jagged edges on slide images. This template set has a modern, aggressive style, with tonal stripes in the background and striking graphics.
While there are tons of high quality premium PowerPoint templates out there, there’s a real lack of high-quality, professional free templates.
GrungeThis black and white grunge template comes with four different master slide templates.
AtomsThe stylized molecules on this PowerPoint template make it perfect for companies in the scientific industry.

This dark gray and yellow template set has a subtle grid pattern in the background, and some blue and red accents. The Diagram III template set has a very interesting motif, with a staircase descending from a platform in the clouds.
The BIGIdea template set comes in three different color schemes: off-white and gray with either yellow, blue, or green. The Dots template set consists of a handful of master slide designs in six different colors, all with a half-tone-style dot pattern.
This template set has a beautiful orange, pixelated background, giving it a very modern look perfect for the tech industry.
Next Light has a beautiful blue-green background with a subtle lighting effect that looks like a cross between stardust and bokeh. This template set has a purple and black background, with a stardust-like lighting effect reminiscent of the aurora. This template set has a muted color palette with hills and hot air balloon in the background, suitable for travel and other industries. The crown motif on this template set is suitable for a variety of industries, and the gray and yellow color scheme gives it a young, modern look. This Craft Fair template set has a soft green and blue color scheme with a vintage-looking design. This urban real estate template has cloud and building motifs, along with a muted color scheme, perfect for real estate or any urban business.
Alternative EnergyThis template would be suitable for any eco-friendly company, not just alternative energy brands.

Real EstateThis is a more modern real estate template, with a graphic, pixelated background and upbeat color scheme.
Cameron ChapmanCameron Chapman is a professional Web and graphic designer with many years of experience. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. PowerPoint is more likely to be found in the corporate world, whereas Keynote may be more popular in creative fields (due to the proliferation of Macs in the design field). Many are available for very reasonable prices (as low as $5), though prices definitely climb quite a bit higher. It’s a clean and modern, very professional-looking theme, even if it is a bit whimsical. The good news is that there’s plenty of premium templates available, many for very low cost. And creating your own templates is as easy as creating a slide (just save it as a template file instead of a regular presentation file).

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