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Comprehensive word templates repository to download hundreds of free word templates, including resume templates, calendar templates, invoice templates, etc. Those who deal with diabetes or heart disease should consume medicines which are suggested by the doctors. This Membership Monthly Fee Payment below is a piece of paper created using Microsoft Word that you can use as a proof of recurring membership fees that are being paid by all active members in your club. This is an infant feeding log template that you can use to record and track the feeding time of your baby.
Just keep this log in an easy location, so you can find and type feeding activities easily.
This is a printable food diary log template that you can use for Keeping a record of your daily food intake will help you stay on track when trying to lose or maintain a healthy weight. The Land of Make Believe has been fascinating many families and global travelers for over fifty seven years. The 3 most fascinating water ride at this theme parks is the Blackbeard’s Pirate Fort which is topped with thousand gallons dumping water bucket. If you like water park and you are at New Jersey, remember to visit that fascinating  amusement water park.
The Haunted Mansion is a film based on the attraction of the same name that was released on November 26, 2003.
Jim Evers is a workaholic real estate agent who has little time for his family, wife Sara, teenager daughter Megan, and ten-year-old son Michael who has arachnophobia. An enraged Ramsley summons wraiths to kill the group, but a fiery dragon emerges from the fireplace and drags Ramsley into the mouth of the Burning Hells for his actions. The film ends with the Evers driving off to the lake, accompanied by Madame Leota and four singing busts who end the film with their own rendition of "When the Saints Go Marching In".
The fact that the mansion is located in New Orleans is a reference to the fact that the original Disneyland attraction is located in New Orleans Square.
Image Source: Michael Abrams After a long day of playing tourist, your body is met by those sumptuous Egyptian cotton sheets and fluffy pillows that leave you wondering if the hotel staff would notice if you slipped one in your luggage.
Also point out what work youa€™ll be performing especially distinct from the present services glaring negligence.
While you can formulate your own checklist, I have created one you can use which youa€™ll find on the next page and again in the Template section (without my company name at the bottom). If that’s the case, a medical prescription should be on hand, and perhaps there will be a lot of medication in your medicine chest.
Then start to fill the number, member code, member name, joint date, and their monthly fee. You can customize this infant feeding log template if you need more information to be added in this template or if you feel the layout is not good enough for you.
A 2008 study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine showed that people who took a diet and kept a daily food diary, lost twice as much weight as those who did not keep a food diary log. Print this template (you can modify it before you print it), and start to write down your food daily. This theme park is water park environment that is extraordinarily fun for young adult or for those that like to get wet during the summer. Some of the popular water rides or activities that families love here are the Endless Action River, Wading Pool, Tube Rides and the Water Play Structure. The Cannon Bowl Tube Ride which is the highest ride here featuring a forty-foot tall and construct with the Sidewinder half-pipe tube that is four hundred-foot long. You’ll find exciting Attractions, Water Park, Games, Rides, Shows and Picnic Area cover over thirty acres. It stars Eddie Murphy, Terence Stamp, Jennifer Tilly, Wallace Shawn, Marsha Thomason, and Nathaniel Parker. After missing his own wedding anniversary to seal a business deal, he promises his family to go on a weekend away to a nearby lake. Master Gracey invites the family to stay the night when a rainstorm floods the nearby river.
After briefly being scared away, Jim and his children learn that all of the mansion's residents are actually ghosts, cursed to be trapped in the mansion until Master Gracey and Elizabeth's ghosts are reunited, and Master Gracey believes that Sara is his lover reincarnated. Thankfully, they escape unharmed, Michael rescuing them and overcoming his fear of spiders. Ramsley approaches Sara and blackmails her into marrying Master Gracey for the sake of her children. Ramsley seizes Jim and attempts to pull him down with him to Hell for ruining his plans, but then Master Gracey rescues Jim while Ramsley is dragged into the Burning Hells forever. After the end credits, Madame Leota bids farewell to the audience and invites them to join the dead. In the morning, you awake from a decadent sleep and pad your feet along the lush, thick-pile carpet into the spa bathroom. It is almost entirely carpeted.The occupants in this space can number anywhere from 3 to 8 employees. If youa€™re near a window ledge and theya€™re exceptionally dusty and buggy, assure the manager that theya€™ll certainly be kept clean.
If you are having a treatment which requires you to consume a lot of type of medicines routinely, then probably you need to have a medication tracker. Or, it could be useful if the babies are in childcares where there are different people who fed those babies. It means that if you write your food down, you wouldn’t eat as many calories, because you will always be reminded about what you have and will eat. The Land of Make is full of fun carnival activity and across from it is Pirate’s Cove which is a water park. The Black Hole is an enclosed single or double rider tube slide that runs fast in the dark. The Land of Make Believe and Pirate’s Cove is designed exclusively not just for families but for everyone to find joy and fun at the park. Sara is contacted by the occupants of the Gracey Manor, located in the bayou swamps of New Orleans, Louisiana, and an eager Jim drags them along to do business there.
In order to break the curse, Madame Leota sends the Evers family, minus Sara, into the mansion's cemetery and to a mausoleum to fetch a key.
Madame Leota points the Evers to a trunk in the attic, Jim finding an old letter from Elizabeth to Master Gracey with the promise of marriage, revealing that her suicide was false.
During the wedding ceremony, Ramsley poisons Sara's drink with iocane powder so that she will die and return as a ghost and end the curse. Sara succumbs to the poison, but the ghost ball arrives and possesses her body, revealing itself to be Elizabeth's ghost.
If you see cobwebs, point it out and state that youa€™ll never allow that to happen under your watch.
But its main purpose is to remind you of the scheduled frequency of those services requested by the company your presently working with You can even sit down with your tour guide and have them help you fill out the checklist so that it cana€™t be said the subject never came up, should a problem arise down the road not of your making or responsibility.At the bottom of the checklist a space is provided to enter a quote. And with internet popularity, several websites that offered information and software that help people track calorie consumption, calorie burning, weight loss goals, and nutritional balance have gain significant popularity.

Land of Make Belive is very different from other carnival type of theme parks where you have to buy individual tickets for ride.  Here, you will only required one admission that include all shows and rides.
Michael and Megan encounter a "ghost ball" which leads them to the mansion's attic where they find a portrait of a woman resembling Sara. Ramsley appears and reveals that he murdered Elizabeth to prevent Master Gracey from abandoning his home and heritage. Madame Leota gives Jim the confidence to ram his car into the house, save his children and confront the ghosts. The full body jets in the glass shower awaken your senses, and the hand-milled lavender soap from France certainly smells delicious!This is just a taste of what it’s like to stay in a luxury hotel, and most of us are willing to sink our hard-earned dollars into such an exquisite experience — after all, you are on vacation and you deserve it!So why is it that when the trip is over and you enter the reality of your own home, you are greeted by an unmade bed, a cluttered living room, and a dirty bathroom? The larger office could easily substitute for a conference room or even hold three to four desks for junior members.
The office manager actually wants to see if you notice the current problems in the office areas. Type medicine names, total dose purchased, consumption period and its frequency in this table. And these records can be used as a reference for anyone taking care of the baby in your absence. Combining with physical exercise to lose weight, tracking and controlling your food consumption should maintain a stable body weight and keep healthy.
This theme park located in the foothills of the Jenny Jump Mountains and State Park, the Land of Make Believe is a mark in the historic town of Hope. Sara meets Master Gracey who explains that his ancestor's lover Elizabeth Henshaw seemingly committed suicide via poison, and his ancestor followed suit via hanging.
To hide the truth, he traps the children in a trunk and literally throws Jim out of the mansion.
He gives the letter to Master Gracey, revealing him the truth about Elizabeth's death, and Master Gracey confronts Ramsley for murdering her. In gratitude and seeking redemption, Master Gracey gives the Evers the deed to the house, allowing them to do what they want with it as long as they remain happy.
There is certainly no decadent morsel of chocolate awaiting you on the pillow.Isn’t it worth it to experience even a small version of this luxury in our daily existence? I thank the office manager for having me in and depart to draft a well-though-out proposal at a satisfactory price. This theme parks is only one hour away from the Lincoln Tunnel or George Washington Bridge. No matter the budget, a lavish lifestyle can be achieved at home — it just takes a few small steps. There is one washroom and a kitchenette, both which are probably covered with vinyl tiled flooring.
In the many years that I have been at this, I still like time to reflect, and then hammer-out a price that I feel the account and I can both live with. A kitchenette is a small walk-in space with a counter, sink, some cabinets and a refrigerator. Oftentimes it will be dirty and anything wrong in the washroom is greatly upsetting to employees in the office. The receptionist in this rendering serves as the office secretary, maybe even that of office manager, and could very well be the person that youa€™re dealing with.Upon introducing yourself, the tour begins.
Image Source: Design Discoveries1) A Lavish Bedroom is a Hotel Must-HaveThe bed should take center stage when you are going for a luxe hotel style. Youa€™ll always assure that the window boxes and ledges are clean a€“ that the dusting of furnishings is thorough; that the upholstered furniture is regularly vacuumed and that the base of desk chairs will be dust free.
If theya€™ve never done this before, take the lead and tell them that you are generally given a tour of each facility.
The bedroom always has two side tables and side lamps, a desk, a couple cozy chairs with quaint side tables, a gorgeous armoire for clothing, and usually a television that is well-hidden inside a beautiful armoire or cabinet.Essentially, the bedroom is the one room that you should not skimp on.
The first question to ask is how frequently the facility is to be serviced and if the service is to occur after hours (nights a€“ usually implying key entry). Give yourself the gift of luxury with a bedroom that you deserve to wake up in each morning, and don’t forget that little chocolate on the pillow.Collect this ideaThe bedroom takes center stage in a luxury hotel suite.
If they dona€™t like the idea of revealing the present cost, tell them it helps you understand why the present service is obviously struggling.When you are shown a typical executive office, ask if you are to move the clients papers during cleaning or if you are to clean around the papers.
Image Source: Trilogy Construction2) Replicate a Spa Bathroom in Your HomeMoving from the bedroom into the bathroom, you should enter an equally serene and posh decor. Youa€™ll usually find that you are not to disturb the papers on the desk and that on occasion, usually weekends, the occupant will put his work away so you can thoroughly clean his or her desk. Think of the best hotel that you have ever stayed — what amenities did the bathroom have?You probably found a glass-enclosed walk-in shower with full-body jets and an equally strong shower head.
There was of course a jacuzzi tub, and a double set of deep sinks with large mirrors that were lit by glitzy wall sconces, and there was a lavish offering of soaps and scents galore. Let’s not forget the towels that were plush as puffy clouds, and the bathrobe made of supreme-quality cotton.The best hotels will also have heated towel racks and heated marble or tile flooring. Some of these items may be above your price point, but attaining a lavish hotel-like bathroom can be as simple as a pretty shower curtain, a few plush towels and some scented candles.Dim the lights, run a bath filled with bubbles and pretend that you are in paradise. Image Source: DKor Interiors3) The Entry Way of a Hotel is Always LuxeThink of the last hotel that you walked into.
Of course, you were surrounded by an amazing lobby that was filled with orchids (or some other exotic flower arrangement), glitzy mirrors, well-arranged seating areas, dim lighting, and fabulous artwork.How can you create all this in the small entryway of your own home?
You just need to guide your visitors eyes to a certain niche or centerpiece that will welcome them into your home and speak to the rest of the homes style.It’s best to start with a small entryway table.
Whether it be marble, wood or shiny lacquer, the entryway table can be your starting point. If the table is against the wall, then place a statement mirror or piece of art above the table (a starburst mirror works well here). Now, if there is room, add a plump chair that guests can sit in when taking on and off their shoes.The entryway is the first and last thing that guests see.
Image Source: Archer Buchanan4) Curtains Are Always Well-Designed in a Luxury HotelCurtains, draperies and blinds are something a lot of us homeowners overlook.
We slap on some wooden blinds for privacy and wipe our hands of the nasty job of window coverings (or we resort to buying some cheap pre-made curtains at a local chain store).There is a good reason for this trend— custom draperies are expensive and hard to find.
Unless you are a seamstress, then making gorgeous pinch-pleated drapery panels is not easy. Along with the bedroom, window coverings are another place where you should put your money where your mouth is. It is obvious when draperies are done on a budget, and it can ruin the look of your luxury home.If you don’t know how to sew, then consider hiring someone who is willing to work within your budget.
It’s always best to buy the fabric on your own and then have a seamstress work with that, as they tend to charge an overhead on their fabrics.Pick fabrics that suit your tastes and the rest of your decor. Image Source: Erika Bonnell5) Climate Control is Imperative in Your Hotel-Style HomeA hotel is never too hot or too cold, rather, the temperature is always just right.
Climate control systems are a must-have for the comfort of your home.Achieving this state of perfect temperature can be as simple as installing a programmable thermostat into your home.

There are thermostats that can read your temperature habits and automatically mimic them, thereby giving you a home that is always at the optimal temperature to suit your tastes.There are also many wireless climate control systems that be adjusted from anywhere with a simple tap of a button on your phone. If budget is a problem, then consider adding a ceiling fan to the master bedroom— at least you will get a cooler, more comfortable sleep.If budget is not a concern, then consider installing motorized remote control blinds or shades to the sunniest windows.
Overall, no matter the budget, a climate controlled room is key to achieving a hotel state of mind in your home.Collect this ideaThis living room has high-end shades that block harsh UV light and curtain panels for style and functionality.
Image Source: Jamesthomas, LLC6) Lavish Lighting Adds a Hotel LookA hotel is never dark or dreary. Rather, it is always well-lit with chandeliers, side lamps, wall sconces, art lights, and mood lighting in every nook.Begin with the big overhead lights in your home. Consider changing out-dated overhead lights with modern, sculptural light fixtures that speak to your decor.
Remember, a collected-over-time-look is never ‘matchy-matchy’, but hotels usually have some semblance of matching side lamps on either side of a sofa or bed. Check out these 30 Floor to Ceiling Windows that Let in Natural Light.Collect this ideaThis dining room light fixture has a sleek hotel style feel. Image Source:Gabriele Pizzale7) Space is Always Well-Organized in HotelsSpaces— no matter how big or small— are always well-organized in a hotel. There are book cases, tables and shelves that look as though an interior designer outfitted them with the perfect knick knacks, and that’s because there was a designer who organized them.You may not have a designer to arrange the space in your home, but you can certainly take a cue from them. Skim through design magazines and look at all the wonderful nooks and crannies that they portray. There is no clutter in a hotel or well-organized room.Use baskets and decorative bowls to hide the clutter.
Try adding some of these 15 Fresh Furniture Trends to your room for added luxury!Overall, each and every room is organized into areas with a purpose and use. There are gaming tables for cards, and quaint chairs set beside each other for private tete-a-tete’s. Image Source: Rene Dekker8) Add Flowers and Greenery in Every Room of Your HomeAs touched upon above, flowers and greenery are a key element to add to all of your hotel-like rooms. Elegant, aromatic arrangements can be found in every room of a high-end hotel.Scent is one of our most powerful senses, so when entering a hotel lobby, we smell the lush flowers before we even see them.
However, it can be daunting and expensive to try and always maintain a home full of fresh-cut floral bouquets.On a budget, you can still easily attain this green aesthetic by simply adding some house plants. A large palm plant can make a huge impact when placed in an entryway inside a chinoiserie-syle urn.If your thumb is far from green and the thought of house plants sends you running, then consider adding other natural elements to your home.
Image Source: Green Couch9) Create a Layered Look With Flooring, Trims and PillowsLuxury hotels are always clean. The marble floors shine, the wood is polished and not a fleck can be found on the area rugs and carpets.Aside from its pristine appearance, the room is usually designed in a layered manner. The main flooring is usually one that is hard, resilient and lavish such as marble, travertine, or hardwood. Then layered upon that are plush area rugs that are placed center-stage within seating areas and entryways.You will also notice that decorative pillows and trims are placed expertly within the space. Curtains will be edged in trim, and club chairs will be edged with brass nailhead borders.These are all easy and inexpensive ways to layer luxury into your decor.
If budget is not a concern, then consider adding an in-home sauna, gaming room or lap pool. This would be the ultimate way to unwind at the end of a hard day!If this is not possible, then consider simply creating a home gym. Add a small bar fridge with water and a rack for towels — voila, you have your own hotel-style work out room.You could also create a spa space where you can unwind or do yoga stretches. Whether budget is a concern or not, it is worth the small expense to add a hint of glamour to your home — especially the bedroom and bathroom.A great hotel acts as a relaxing retreat —one that you have spent your hard-earned money on. Why not spend your money creating an escape in your very own home, an escape that you can use every day — not just one week out of the year. It’s not about the amount of money you spend, rather the way you pull all your rooms together.What do you do to add a little luxury hotel-style to your home? These days insects need all the help they can get to survive on our crowded planet and avoid all the man-made pollution…not to mention habitat destruction and the toxic insecticide sprays! Without bees, moths and other insects to pollinate our crops then the planet would soon run out of food.
Small differences all add up, so if you have any kind of outdoor space like a garden, balcony or patio then installing a Bug Hotel is a good choice.Why do Bugs Need Hotels?With natural habitats under threat and pollution ever present insects are having an increasingly hard time to survive in the modern world. In insect hotel provides both nesting places and hibernation opportunities for a wide variety of useful insects. Without insects many of our plants and crops are not pollinated so really need to give them a helping hand. Hunt around your garage for some scrap wood and you can make one just as good in around 30 minutes…completely free!The ToolsYou only need a few simple hand tools and a saw to make a Bug Hotel! I used a solid section of old fence post for the base section so I could drill it with holes. If you are going to mount it on a pole then drill out the base before you do the final assembly. For a deluxe version put some metallic roof tape over the top join of the roof to stop water running right into the hotel…your guests will not appreciate a wet bed!
Never paint the Bug House since preservatives contain chemicals that can harm the insects and will also deter them! Completed Insect HotelDrill some inviting holes in the base and then stuff the remaining spaces with stems and twigs.
I used sunflower stems for the lower section since the pith degrades and leaves nice inviting holes. So this could be a good thing (helps the lizards) but could also be a bad thing since the bugs are eaten when they should have been safe. Other considerations about where to site your hotel include:Put it somewhere you can see it, but not somewhere that is next to where you sit…some people will be bothered by the bees and waspsSun or Shade? Twigs, stones, pine cones and folder cardboard all serve to create a variety of habitats for all kinds of beneficial insects in your garden!This year I decided to build an even bigger DIY insect hotel since the others had been successful. The new one is much larger so is able to create a wider range of habitats to hopefully attract and protect a greater variety of beneficial insects. Everything has been made from recycled materials so there is zero cost involved… just a little bit of time and a lot of fun!
Old plant stems, twigs, small stones, pine cones and folded cardboard have all been used to good effect. On the left I wedged two larger stones and on the right is a knobbly end of a log which has proved too difficult to split for the fire. Required fields are marked *Name * Email * Website Comment Yes, add me to your mailing list.

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