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In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to make a website with a visitor stats counter embedded on it. The visitor counter was very easy to add to my website, this is by far the best free website builder there is. When you learn how to create a website with IconoSites, you soon learn that anything is possible. Yes, when you add this tool when you make a website, it’s sort of a way to tell your visitors that your website is indeed popular and worthy of perusing further.
I love the fact that you can choose the design you want for your website, when you start learning how to create a website you feel like you are never going to finish your site but tools like this make life very easy and give your site a very important tool. There are a lot of amazing website tools that you will find in this blog and in our support center, that are all mostly free and that you can embed using our website creator when you make a website. Life is in some cases all about popularity and fame, so when we own a popular site we sure want people to know about it, is interesting that a webpage maker offers this since it has been less used lately,  do you have any idea why? That’s a good point and to be honest Im not sure, but I agree that you rarely see this tool used these days. I see the point, as you say, for the big websites, but with a small business the thing can be very different, having people know your website is visited is very important and if you are really trying to find how to make a website more appealing this is one of the many things that might work. This is an interesting phenomenon, when people see high numbers of visitors they get more interested on a website. How to Make Simple, Easy Automatic JavaScript Web Site Page Image, Basic Text Link or Build a Free Visitor Hit Counter Tutorial, Website Script Lesson. The "s" signifies Secured Server, which should not activate any popup alerts, as there is no information being transferred insecurely to the Internet zone. Here is the list of best Website hit counter for your website to track number of visitor visiting your website or blog . If you are looking for money making in stock market and Forex trading then we would recommend you to try This Website. The Doteasy Web Tools are a suite of handy plug-in tools provided to Doteasy customers that allows the addition of dynamic database-driven website functionality without needing to have account scripting capability. This simple hit counter will provide page hit information to you at-a-glance for simple hit statistics information.

Tip: You can insert your mouse cursor in the text box and press CTRL-A to select all, and CTRL-C to copy. Open the HTML page to which you would like to add the Web Tool in a text editor such as Notepad or Macpad. Line breaks or word-wrapping cannot be introduced into the Web Tools plug-in code which is why it’s important to use a text editor to paste the plug-in code and not a word processor. Tip: The position within the and tags of the HTML code that you paste the Web Tools HTML code to, determines where it will appear on the page. After you have successfully pasted the HTML code into your web page, save the changes and close your text editor software. Let’s open up the page on a browser and over here you can see that there is no way to count how many users have opened this webpage.
You can also categorize your counters and determine if the counter should only count page views all unique visitors coming to your website. Login to your Iconsites free website creator account and go to the Header and Footer section.
Next paste your website counter code into the HTML Source Editor pad then click the UPDATE button. I think that having a counter not only helps you but shows other visitors how many people are interested in your website and this can give you tons of exposure and referals.
Even more importantly, we love that you are complimenting the professional and sophisticated appearance that comes standard with our free website maker. You must at least, however, have a basic knowledge of Input Forms (FORM ACTION and POST) applications. Nevertheless, if you want to record the hits, and desire to let your visitor know that he or she is being redirected, first place the following Script into the head section. Check the server that your domain is on, and make sure you use its default cgi or Perl Form method.
If you're not exactly sure what this is, or if you already have it enabled but don't know it, contact your site's host or tech support for confirmation of either. Count the number of special email messages you receive, and always remember to include an identifying Subject Line in your form's script, which notifies you as to which object in your Web presentation is being clicked.

You might share it with others or someday be advancing to more and higher enterprising levels in the business of Internet scripting. Once you have configured your Web Tool, you will need to publish it by inserting the Web Tool HTML code into your web page HTML.
If you want the Web Tool to appear at a lower position on the page, paste it closer to the tag. If your FTP software asks you if you would like to overwrite the existing version of the page, you may reply us. So to provide this functionality on web pages, we have to add HTML hit counter that will count number of times the page has been visited. There are many websites offering this service so you can use the one which better suits you. You need to make use of these statistics to determine whether your marketing is working or not. Automatically e-mail yourself and track the count and hits of your visitors, hidden (NO MAILING PROGRAMS POPPING UP ) and without having to program advanced HTML, Perl, cgi or any level of Java or Visual Basic (VB). If the viewer does not click "Yes" in Internet Explorer, or "Continue" in a Netscape Browser, he or she might be transferred back to the preveious Website and never actually arrive at yours. Therefore, the best way to test the Script is to let it run for only a day or two, elimiate the mailer, upload the original file, and be satisfied with the knowledge of your current on line status. You should also double-check the text scripting in your hidden tags, with the default tags offered by your Web host. It can create Flash games, Flash videos, interactive animations, text effects, slide shows, etc. So before trading with real money make sure to practise on virtual trading account for free at risk free environment.

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