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You may not believe this, but Donald Trump may have started his campaign for president with a highly dubious claim. After bounding onstage at his New York City headquarters, Trump Tower, the bombastic billionaire looked up at the crowd that surrounded him in awe. We were there, however, and it seemed as if there were no more than a few hundred supporters lined up to watch Trump speak. A Trump spokeswoman told Business Insider the campaign did not have an "official tally." She did say, however, that it would be "wildly inaccurate" to say fewer than 1,000 people were in attendance. As a result of Trump's past presidential flirtations, many members of the assembled press corps muttered doubts about whether he would actually enter the race as they awaited his speech. Though the song's title was somewhat inauspicious for a campaign launch, it fit the tone of the event a€” epic and loud. Apart from wondering whether Trump would actually launch a campaign, the main question among the media ahead of the event seemed to be whether the people in the crowd were paid. Trump was introduced by his daughter Ivanka, who praised his business acumen and bold personal style. After his daughter spoke, Trump descended one of the gilded escalators and headed to the podium soundtracked by the rollicking guitar riffs of Neil Young's "Rocking In The Free World." Following his questionable boast about the size of the crowd, Trump took a shot at his presidential rivals. Trump's promise to "Make America Great Again" is premised on the idea other politicians, who he said were beholden to lobbyists and special interests, are not capable of taking on America's foreign competitors. In addition to detailing his qualifications, Trump took a few shots at those who questioned the sincerity of his presidential aspirations. For Trump, launching a presidential bid was apparently also an opportunity to show off his personal fortune. His campaign is centered on this slogan and promise to defeat the country's enemies and restore its standing on the world stage. According to materials given out by his team, Trump will hit the campaign trail immediately after his speech. Regardless of what activities your organization pursues, people are the critical element between success and failure. Multi-championship winning basketball coach, Rick Pitino, is convinced that half of his job is done before the season begins. So how do you coach teams to 700+ wins, two national championships, and guide three different teams to the Final Four?
Conversely, Coach Pitino struggled in the NBA where he was saddled with salary caps, long-term contracts, and massive salaries with egos of comparable size. The success of your team is going to depend on your ability to identify incredibly talented people and recruit them before your competitors. Great talent is a great start, but continually growing and cultivating that talent is pivotal to your success.
The average astronaut spends more than a decade on earth preparing for a short trip into space.

This is an oversimplification, however, three factors will make you better at maintaining good communication which has a direct influence on the longevity of an employee’s productivity.
Be Honest – If employees feel that management has ulterior motives, it’s a recipe for disaster.
Recognize Achievement Individually and Collectively – Employees that show improvement, do a good job, and demonstrate dedication should be individually praised. By providing your email you consent to receiving occasional promotional emails & newsletters. She said the campaign was "expecting over 1,000." In addition to the people in the audience area, she said, there were people watching in bars and restaurants within Trump Tower as well as passers-by who viewed the event on televisions set up outside. The physical manifestation of the Trump ethos is his namesake headquarters on Fifth Avenue in Midtown Manhattan. The balconies and escalators surrounding the podium where Trump made his address were ringed with his fans. The three supporters said they were invited to the announcement via email and were not paid. He said some of them had not even been able to provide functional air conditioning at their events and this showed they were not ready to confront America's enemies. These included China, Japan, Mexico (which he said was sending immigrants across the border who were "not the right people"), and Islamic terrorism.
Trump noted that campaign finance laws required presidential candidates to "announce and certify" their net worth to "all sorts of" officials. With his repeated jabs at those who have doubted his wealth and ambition, however, it seems as if Trump's 2016 bid is also a chance for him to attack his enemies and restore his personal reputation. He is scheduled to be in Iowa on Tuesday evening, New Hampshire on Wednesday, and South Carolina on Friday. He knows that a huge part of ultimate success is recruiting well, particularly in college basketball where the entire team turns over every 3-4 years. Pitino learned early that recruiting raw talent was his best opportunity for consistent success. The same great coach, surrounded by immensely talented athletes, struggled when unable to be the final say in the recruitment of players. NASA isn’t able to recruit the best rocket scientists, simply because the best already work for them. They look for specific traits when recruiting, but rather than specific skills, they find people with the mental acuity and ability to learn and teach each other. The success that has brought everything from satellite television, worldwide geolocation, our ability to predict the weather and even things we take for granted such as Velcro, have all become part of our world thanks to a handful of scientists that have spent decades preparing to become inventors, innovators and explorers. In 12 years as a management consultant it became quickly clear to me that the number one reason people call an outside specialist is to fix a breakdown in communication somewhere in the organization. If you conduct a worker safety training to reduce expenses and increase profits, don’t tell the workers that you simply want to look out for their welfare.

As a thank you for joining us, we’re going to give you our PACE starter kit, for free! They clearly weren't turned off by Trump's very public decision not to run last time around.
As he mulled whether to run, Trump said, it occurred to him that this process would be a chance to prove doubters who say he's "not as successful as everybody thinks" are wrong."I said to myself, 'Nobody's ever going to know unless I run,'" Trump said. Subtle differences in education, work ethic, and even health can make massive differences to your business in the long run.
Everything from Air Force pilots to computer scientists and medical doctors will have to work together to accomplish major feats in exploration and innovation. Great companies manage to do both, then keep that talented team extremely happy and driven. Additionally, the most common gap needing bridged is the perception of value between managers and the people who work for them.
Create real value rewards for people who are innovative, productive, profitable and visionary in ways that advance your company. This was the setting for Trump's event Tuesday in which he declared his intention to add the White House to his portfolio of properties.
The best mathematicians in the world have to be able to launch an aircraft millions of miles using virtually no fuel and relying on gravity for propulsion. Tell them job safety is profitable, plus they get the benefit of a better work environment. Company picnics, employee-of-the-month awards, congratulatory rewards for personal or professional growth, and even hand signed birthday cards can be the difference between a short-term and long-term employee. A large hospital system in rural Pennsylvania recognized that attracting top professionals away from the big city hospitals was critical to long-term success. Ultimate business success comes down to three distinct people processes; recruitment, development, and retention. They offered current employees a significant finders fee, $3000 for referring someone new for employment.
Massively complex problems with zero tolerance for error means that every person must be exceptional. They gave the same reward for new employees, whether they were on the surgical team or janitorial staff.

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