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It is easy to see where the negative thinking about manufacturing came from: the disastrous, destructive, industrial militancy of the 1960s and '70s, the rapid decline in manufacturing employment in the early 1980s and then, the even bigger retreat in the last decade. Last, but not least, the new industrial Britain challenges our traditional ideas about patriotism.
They think it more likely that the Venetian merchant adventurer picked up second-hand stories of China, Japan and the Mongol Empire from Persian merchants whom he met on the shores of the Black Sea – thousands of miles short of the Orient. Marco Polo’s description of the Mongol fleet is sharply at odds with the remains of ships that the team have excavated in Japan.
Deeply committed to her Jewish roots, culture, and people, Debbie currently devotes 18% of her time and creativity to Jewish Involvement Theatre (JIT). Debbiea€™s spin on JIT is that ita€™s like the a€?little black dressa€? of Jewish theatre: JITa€™s pedagogic paradigm works anywhere, and can take on any topic and make it real, meaningful, joyful, and thought-provoking for all who participate.

Enjoy!A  While a€?a picturea€™s worth a thousand words,a€™ therea€™s no substitute for the actual, real-live experience! After 1997 the shape of manufacturing in the economy shrunk faster than in any other major country and now we look at Germany, Japan, Korea and China and ask how British firms and workers compete.
And after British owners and managers ran the car industry into the ground, it was Japanese and American owner investment, management and technology which turned it around.
Some of our most impressive industrial plants I have visited are Indian (Tata in steel and vehicles), German (Bentley, part of VW and BMW which make the Mini), French (co-owners of Airbus), Japanese (Toyota as well as Honda and Nissan) and Malaysian (Lotus). Hewlett-Packard has recently acquired Autonomy in Cambridge in order to bring their advanced software development into the UK. In his account of the first invasion, he describes the fleet leaving Korea and being hit by a typhoon before it reached the Japanese coast,” said Daniele Petrella of the University of Naples, the leader of an Italian archeological project in Japan. But it is the sector which generates major productivity improvements and it accounts for 55pc of visible exports.

Along with creative industries and business and professional services, advanced manufacturers are crucial to the recovery. One of my priorities has been to ramp up apprenticeship training and within a much bigger programme of support, 10,000 advanced apprenticeships are targeted at small and medium-sized companies like those in the industrial sector - this is open now so I'd encourage companies to apply. We are also trying to change negative perceptions of manufacturing and engineering by persuading companies to open their doors to young people in the "See Inside Manufacturing" initiative.

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