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One is made using the double cobra knot, also called the king cobra, the second using the gorilla knot.
When I first heard of the gorilla knot, I was surprised, since I knew all the essential knots used for making dog collars. These charming pictures show an almost impossible cute baby gorilla playing with and being cuddled by his mother in a German zoo.Jengo was born in December and has recently been joined by another baby, which was born during the night between March 10 and 11. The unnamed baby is the second gorilla to be born within four months in its group at Leipzig Zoo in the east of Germany. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

They are high quality, cheap and there is quite a demand for them on the market in case you decide to sell them. Although they are simple and commonly used, I would still rank them as one of the best dog collar designs available. It is supposedly a very popular knot  and I was pretty sure the most common way to make a collar was to use the king cobra knot. Unlike the king cobra, where we make two layers, with the gorilla knot you double the cords used.
We covered making the knot in the king cobra paracord bracelet tutorial, so I will only show the finished product at this point.

Well, after some research I found out that the gorilla knot is indeed a very suitable knot to use for a dog collar.

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