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But when I read something about ‘good lard’ (ie homemade), actually being GOOD for you, and ‘bad lard’ (that white brick you can buy on the grocery store shelf) being rather quite bad for you, I decided I needed to investigate this issue further.
Turns out that pigs that have been raised right (no hormones, fed the kind of food pigs should eat, etc) produce lard that has a bunch of healthy, essential fats.
That brick of lard you can get at the store has been hydrogenated and filled with chemicals and preservatives to give it a longer shelf life. Once you actually find ‘good’ pig fat, you’ve conquered the most difficult part of rendering lard yourself.
When buying fat, ask for pork back fat or leaf lard (which is fat from around the kidneys and is the most pure). An important part of the climax of Pixar's wonderful new film Inside Out involves the realization that all of our emotions are important, that feeling sad can be just as crucial as feeling happy, no matter what others might tell you. But the movie also reveals that as we get older, our emotions begin to blend together into newer, more complicated feelings. However, once Riley moves from Minnesota to San Francisco, she discovers that her joyful memories of her old home are now tinged with sadness. But as we see in the last scene, more and more of Riley's memories are colored by two emotions at a time.

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In order to provide our users with a better overall experience, we ask for more information from Facebook when using it to login so that we can learn more about our audience and provide you with the best possible experience. To be honest, until last year sometime, the idea of eating lard totally grossed me out, so I can relate.
You’ll especially want leaf lard if you want to use it to make pie crusts and other delicate foods like that. Throw your cubes-o-fat into a crock pot and add about ? cup of water (to keep the fat from burning until it starts to melt).
Next, you want some way of separating the lard from anything else that might be in there with it.  I stuffed a coffee filter into a funnel and placed it on top of a pint-sized jar to drain. Allow your jars of lard to cool on the counter and then keep them either in the fridge or freezer.
If you’d like to use the cracklings, stick them back in the crock pot by themselves and allow them to get crispy done.
Early in the film, Riley — the 11-year-old girl whose mind serves as Inside Out's primary setting — is largely defined by very primal feelings.

That's an emotion adults know all too well, one called melancholy, and a big portion of Inside Out's final moments is taken up with both the reveal of this "hybrid" feeling and the assurance that experiencing it is a healthy, normal part of growing up.
We do not store specific user data and the sharing of it is not required to login with Facebook. In fact, it’s got less saturated fat and twice as much monounsaturated fat than butter (this is a good thing, in case you’re wondering).
If you don’t have some place like that around you, check farmer’s markets and ask around there to see if you can find any leads (your general local supermarket is going to carry factory farmed meats pumped full of who-knows-what).
Essentially, rendering is just melting the fat by slow cooking it and allowing it to separate from any other residue that might be present in the fat itself. But if the smell grosses you out, you can put the crock pot outside or in the garage or near an open window.

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