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But even the “best” sites—those that follow all the “rules”—often fail to advance the career of the person they represent in any significant way. They’re approached like a lecture, where the protagonist is a talking head and everyone else is expected sit in awe, listen passively, and somehow be moved.
Sure, you play the violin, teach piano, or compose music (like everyone else, their mother, and their pet turtle). This is great information, and I would love to see an example or two of a really good artist website.
TweetShareNowadays everybody wants to have their own site in order to interact with other people, share their thoughts, ideas, pics,videos etc.
If you’re an independent artist with career aspirations, having a website is non-negotiable.
To reflect that reality, our sites often feature multiple pages highlighting various things we do: performing, teaching, speaking, etc. Which brings us to the glorious news: Even a little innovation and creativity goes a long way. With a huge amount of useful resources you can create your own website without proper knowledge and skills.
Flashbuilder help you to create your own flash site for free that will be SEO friendly, with free hosting.

Freeflashsite if you like programming and customizing when yoy should visit Freeflashsite, download template that you`d love more and make it in your own way. AuroraFlash Free Site Builder – Now you can create cool flash website absolutely free and without special skills. A4desk– In download section you can download free trial version that included 185 templates. Freeflashintros is one of the easiest and professional ways you can create your own flash website in minutes.
Flashmo provides free flash templates, flash photo gallery etc… You can edit and use any free flash template for your commercial or personal websites. If you want to cultivate relationships and build trust, reject this unidirectional approach. But when too many independent avenues compete for attention, it gives off the jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none impression. This is a free flash banner generator, onli in 1 minute you create flash banner using one of available templates.
Provides you with an easy and affordable way to create, edit, and maintain your own Multimedia Web Site. Visitors wonder, “Is this person a serious teacher, or mainly a performer who teaches for extra income (or vice versa)?” One site should have one focus, unless a single theme weaves together various activities.

Since there are a great deal of site builders, you can choose any of them and make your web masterpiece. It’s as if they ask “what pages are typical for an artist site,” and then they do exactly that. If there’s a main service you’re trying to sell, clearly explain what it is and why you are the best choice candidate. Here’s a better question: What content will immediately distinguish my presence from everyone else’s?
Potent words:  you, we, community, collaboration, team, together, clients, eggplant (just because), students, friends, colleagues. We present you set of 30 resources that help you to create your own flash website for free.

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