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As long as there are hundred of thousands of free Facebook timeline covers on the web we tried to choose the best ones and to arrange them in the round-up. Click on Forms Up at the top of the page, and find an unsuspecting form in your account to test out your new logo-clad theme.
You can also use this technique to adjust the position and padding around your logo without fiddling with any code or scripting.
If all the above seem right, it is likely that a firewall is placing our email in a spam folder or blocking the notification entirely.
Additionally, we recommend trying the notifications with another email address not associated with your domain (such as a Gmail or Yahoo account) just to test if the problem is isolated to that particular email address or domain. The Wufoo Form Builder makes it so easy to add fields and customize their options that sometimes many first time form creators go overboard and end up with a form that, even though it was created with the best of intentions, ends up being totally unusable. The first common mistake we see with first time form creators is that they usually get carried away with adding fields for information that believe they need to do their jobs and end up with a form that has way too many fields that no one will fill out.
After you’ve got the form complete, you embed it on your site and wait for the submissions from potential customers to come in. What happened was that potential customers visited your site, got a little bit interested, and were thinking about filling out your More Info form.
What you need to do is really rethink what information you really, really, really need at this point in time and only have those fields on your form. It can be difficult to have the discussion with whomever thinks that that information is crucial so one way to prove it is to test it.
It’s usually a checkbox and a name field and most people kind of gloss over it at the end of the long information providing form. Francesca Gino, a professor at Harvard Business School, recently showed that by putting the signing or truth verification question at the top of the form, you’ll actually increase the truthfulness of the information being provided.
While she tested on forms where people sign at the end, we can apply her learnings on our forms by asking for people’s names and confirm that the information provided is true at the beginning of the form instead of at the end. Now what business owner wouldn’t want to hear that from their customers on a daily basis, right? Based in London, Simon Hamp, trusty web developer extraordinaire at BWB stops by the blog for a quick chat ‘n share.
I built BWB in an afternoon way back in 2011 just after the public launch of Bootstrap (then known as Twitter Bootstrap). Built With Bootstrap is the biggest collection of sites built with the world-famous Bootstrap front-end framework. So our first form was a survey to gauge designers and developers reactions to Bootstrap as a framework. And of course, don’t forget to check out the Guides page for even more tips, tricks and best practices using Wufoo. Our trusty expert screen-caster, Kane, has been building a mini library of visual how-tos all year.
Previously, we’ve shown how you can add coupon code functionality to your Wufoo payment forms, allowing you to run promotional discounts for your customers and boost sales. After following the steps to setup your coupon fields on your Wufoo form, you’ll just do one small thing. In our latest customer spotlight, we have Matt Badenoch of Matt Badenoch Photography, here to talk about how he uses forms to both maximize his customer base and minimize unnecessary communication time and more. As a moment capturing, storytelling wedding photographer, I love the diverse, cultural melting pot that is London.
Here are some of the features and methods that I rely on in Wufoo to accomplish some of my business goals—you can too! This is the first point of communication with the majority of my clients so a really important one.
I’m always educating my couples on the wedding photographer industry as most have no prior experience. There’s a lot of information I need to get from my couples before their wedding day (different addresses, timings, group shots they want, sensitivities I need to know about etc).
Hugely important for any business especially one like mine focused as much it is on excellent customer service. And seriously, with the time saved on my end, I’m able to spend more valuable time on my marketing efforts, figure out other ways to increase my customer base and you know in the evenings, I can hang with my friends and family!
What if in just a few clicks you could have these same people receiving a series of emails educating them about your industry, and positioning yourself as the ultimate solution? What if you could also get notified if they click a link in these emails so that you can call those hot prospects and bring in some sales?

Or maybe you want to get fancy and survey people using a series of multiple choice questions.
Use Wufoo to create beautiful forms that deliver you contacts, and then follow up with them on LeadMachine. Awesome shoutout to the Dan Dobos and the crew at LeadMachine for such a fantastic integration with Wufoo! If you don’t like this holiday you can just ignore it and spend the day like an ordinary one. Here you’ll find pictures of pumpkins, bats, black cats, witches, skeletons, zombies, night landscapes and God knows what else. When the upload is finished, click on Share just to the right of your fresh newly-hosted logo and copy the link that’s provided.
They’ll email you a copy of your direct link that you can use to get your logo up on Wufoo!
Once the preview is looking good, take a sip of water, then click on the big green Save Theme button up in the top-right corner. While Wufoo doesn’t have a built-in way to center your logo, we are smarter than Wufoo gives us credit. When you set up a datagrid on a report, that grid is set by default not to show all of the fields from your form. Without having a link to the form, I have three guesses as to what could be happening here. If you want the email addresses on the notification page to receive all notification emails, then you’ll want to add them to each of the form rules as well.
If that works, you could set up an email forward from that address to the original address on your domain. This post will help highlight a couple of common form design mistakes that most first-time form creators make. After you’ve pared down your 80 input field form down to say, like 11 fields, you decided to make everything required. Well, we feel incredibly lucky to have customers who not only feel that way but tell us too. We got featured on the official Bootstrap docs, leapt up onto the first page of Hacker News and got cemented into the community. Thousands of sites have been submitted and hundreds of designers and developers return every day to check out the latest sites for inspiration and to find new tools and services. This continues to be interesting, but as far as I know, no one has really done much with this data.
In the early days, people were submitting featured posts and I was manually going through our queue and hand-delivering a PayPal money request.
It’s an incredibly powerful feeling for us to be able to provide the tools our customers need to keep their businesses running the way they want.
But one limitation was the fact that the coupons were unlimited and the only way to turn off coupons was to hide the coupon field. Being a part of incredible life stories each week is what makes wedding photography the best job in the world. The customization options available allow me to create engaging and professional looking forms that can be integrated seamlessly into my website.
Be sure to check out Matt’s page here if you’re looking for swell photographer to capture your special moments and let us know if you have any questions below! If you want to create a form in a fraction of the time it takes to cook a Thanksgiving dinner—check out our video if you please.
Of course you know that though since you’re already using Wufoo to make running your business a breeze and save time. And if they don’t click a link in your emails, perhaps you might want to wait a bit and then send them a different series of emails to ensure that they are consuming your content. You can use Wufoo to have people register for the seminar and then automatically send email reminders prior to the seminar to ensure that they show up.
You can automatically create a task in LeadMachine to ensure that every Contact Us enquiry is followed up within, say 2 days, and then see all overdue tasks in LeadMachine.
Then, you send a hyper-personalized email so that each paragraphs of the email varies based on the response to the questions.
But in this case all your friends, neighbors and co-workers will have a day full of jokes and fancy-dress parties and you’ll miss all these delightful events. We bet these 100 free Halloween Facebook covers will warm your hearts and you’ll find the best image for your account cover.

They do have a strict no-robot policy when it comes to hosting logos, so you’ll have to make sure you’re not one of those before you use their service. It appears that while they do not allow illegal content to be uploaded, they’ll allow robots here, which is very kind of them. Themes let you breath life into a stale form by adding all sorts of wonderful patterns and colors.
To get your logo to appear in the center, you’ll need to create an image with a bit of space on each side. For me this year is going to be all about efficiency and making sure that I use my time wisely.
But I bet that even in those 11 fields, you have some fields that aren’t actually required and you could get away with some submissions not requiring that information.
Then after a couple days or weeks, follow up to see if that piece of information wasn’t as important as previously thought. And what better way to celebrate the end of something and the beginning of another than with a—wait for it—video roundup? My business is very relationship based and not only do I strive to provide my clients with amazing photos but I also want to deliver an awesome experience. Which of course meant that sometimes information would fall through the cracks or get missed. Then LeadMachine can store all the purchases for your customers and send appropriate emails that recommend new products based on their purchases.
Don’t stay aside of this Halloween and start decorating your Facebook cover with a new spooky image. The payment settings section lets you set up your form to collect money for anything from a donation form for your next holiday to Dublin, to order forms for your business. With a little practice and the good company of our Newbie series, you should be a pro in no time. This will reveal a beautiful field that was custom made to accept your fresh new direct link. With that in mind, I’ll answer two of our most common customer questions with the hope that you can absorb all that important info here and never have to worry about contacting us and waiting a few tantalizing hours for a response. Now I send them two forms (one at time of booking and the second form one before the wedding date). My customers’ experience filling out my forms is at once smooth, effortless and the interface is clean and elegant. Here’s what’s up: In order to view your logo on a secure form, you’ll need to have that s at the end. Notice the warning above, “Make sure you host your image on SSL to avoid warnings!” As I mentioned earlier, this is serious business, but we’ve done our homework. This means that if you create an image that is 640 pixels wide with your logo right in the center, you will have your logo centered like a pro.
There’s a ton of research out there that shows that removing even one field can make a huge difference in completion and conversion rates.
And, going back to #1 above, if you find out that you can live with the information being optional, you might want to consider removing it altogether, making your form even shorter, and increasing completion rates overall.
This frees up more time to focus on growth—booking additional clients faster and increasing value to my existing clients.
It’s a better user experience for my couples, saves me loads of time and the best bit, when I need to access the information the day before the wedding? Hosting just means you’re uploading that image somewhere that can be viewed by Wufoo whenever it needs it.
Our tickets are already paid for, and they’re waiting for us at the box-office of new logos, so pat that warning on the head, tell it to hush, and let’s press forward. So make sure you only ask for the information that is extremely crucial for the purpose of your form.
We whipped together a form complete with notifications, payments and even a report in under 5 minutes.

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